Harikrushna Village restaurant is coming up with 31st December New Year Bash

The last night of the year brings lots of excitement, hope and more than that, entertainment. In the last couple of years, Surat has started seeing the enthusiasm of the people who are now celebrating the 31st December night in discotheques, party plots, personal parties or on the terrace of the home. Every party comes with a unique theme and varieties of cuisine. It is said that you can take Gujarati out of Gujarat but can never take Gujarat out of the Gujarati! There are people in the city who loves to celebrate the 31st evening in the very own Gujarati way! Keeping the fact in the mind, Harikrushna Village restaurant is coming up with 31st December New Year Bash at their stupendous village theme restaurant. If you have yet not visited this place, here is a glimpse of the restaurant.

So what is unique about 31st December evening at Harikrushna Village restaurant? Well, the entire place is so unique in its own way. The entrance, waiting area, casual sitting area, Kathputli Khel, open party plot, dining huts, etc. gives you the feeling of the village of Gujarat. You must take entry at 6 PM and you will not leave the place before 11 PM if you are going during the normal days. But if you are going to enjoy 31st December, you will definitely get the great mid-night time to enjoy with friends and family.

gujarati hotel in surat

Kathiyawadi restaurant in surat

gujarati restaurant in gujarat

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best gujarati hotel in gujarat

best hotel in surat

Our girls went there to feel the environment and taste the food, and believe me, they were just amazed by seeing the place. The taste of the food was awesome!

food blogger surat

food blog surat
Siddhi at Harikrushna

So girls and boys, if you are still looking for a place to spend 31st eve, you cannot get a better option than this. Just go there and welcome the new year in your very own way! For more details, you can call on 96979 8994. Happy New Year!!

indi-yah surat

Review Club Members Experienced The Taste of India at Indi-Yah!

Surat is the metropolitan city and many people living in this city have migrated from the different parts of the country in the last couple of decades. While there was a notable vacuum of a place where one can find food items representing different parts of the country, the recent addition at Valentine Multiplex is attracting the many eye-balls to visit this place! Indi-Yah is the restaurant that offers a range of India’s favorite traditional food in one magical menu. Review Club Members of Surat were invited to taste the cuisine by the restaurant recently. The renown citizens of Surat city, who are members of Review Club, went there and they had a great time!

review club members

The menu of Indi-Yah is conceptualized by celebrity Chef Ms. Ushma Desai and she is been accompanied by Mr.Tempton Bhathena (well-known as Bawaji). The menu includes local food varieties from different parts of India like – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, South India, Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Sindhi items and Pizzas too!!

Food blog surat

foodie surat

To add on, other than the main cuisine items, the restaurant serves a range of sweet dishes, once again, the signature sweet items from different parts of the country. Panel members of Review Club tasted most of the food items from the menu and have shared their review. To start off with, Ms.Geeta Shroff has written:

Very yummy food in Indi-Yah which is very much in my Surat at Valentine Multiplex. Restaurant me Ghar Ka khana kha rahe the ki Ghar me Restaurant ka? Pata hi chala. Pure Surati mijaj se Ushma Desai( cooking queen of surat) aur Bavaji ( Tenmon Bhathena) team ne Atithi bhav se Review Club team ko healthy n hygienic khana khilaya. Kya khaye aur kya chhode ye samaj nahi aa raha tha per fir sub panelists ne apani apani dish taste karane ke liye pass ki. Fir to jo Maja aaya ki sabne surati mijaj se thahake laga laga ke khana enjoy kiya.
Baked masala Khichadi lajawab,
Bajara utthappa tasty n healthy,
Panipuri with ragada n tastiest FudinaPani,
Litti chokha bihar ki lajawab dish,
Dhanshak ko to chhod hi na sake,
These All are no. 1 items
But you cannot put other items on No.2 also. like,
Ragada patice wow,
Sabudana vada with super Dahi,  
Bedai roti, Rajasthani Alu sabji- Gatthe ki sabji aur shrikhand ka jawab nahi,
Makai roti to lajawab thi per Tadaka palak sabji bhi kam tasty nahi thi.
Sab se upper tha Surti Gotala jo egg ke gotale se bhi jyada tasty tha. Don’t miss it or never you get it anywhere.
Itna Mota pet bhi aaj chhota pad gaya. 24 panelists team hone ke bavajud bhi Bahot sari items skip karni padi, like Handva,Panaki, sevpuri,Val nu shak, puranpoli and many more items. Last me garma garam Mohanthal & Sukhadi ko to koi compete nahi kar sakta ,very balanced sweet. Surat me out city ya out state ya out country koi aaye to jarur yaha actual Surati -typical-special Indian khana Khane le ja sakte hai. Ab aap sochenge ki kon Si item skip kar sakte hai ? As per my view, Misal Pav ko. Kami kiski rahi ? Toh mukhwas me Pan ki. Bahot kuchh add kar sakate hai like State-wise decoration/ presentation,
The fragrant atmosphere, Indian music/ culture etc. Thanks to Mr Nishant Jaiswal and also Yogesh Gupta. But at last, don’t miss the food of Indi…yah. NRI ko bhi vaha jarur le ja sakte hai jisse ek saath bahot varieties kha sakte hai. Keep it up Indi…yah!!

geeta shroff surat

Here is what other panelists had to say about their experience at Indi-Yah!

Geeta Modi Surat

dharmendra sheth surat

rupal shah surat

dr bharat naik surat

Nimisha Doctor surat

chetan shah surat

shailesh trivedi surat

Prashant KariyaKushal ChorariaOverall, the experience of panel members of Review Club was excellent! It was altogether an unique experience. The panelists were thankful to the restaurant owner for overwhelming hospitality and serving delicious food, cooked with love and concern! Do not miss visiting with your family and friends to Indi-Yah at Valentine Multiplex, Dumas Road, Surat.

winning trust in company

How to Become Backbone of the Company Within First Year of Your Job

Imagine the first 6 months of your job. No matter if that is your first job or 10th job, the anxiety, and nervousness remain the same during the probation period. Everyone wants to stay cool and calm during the initial period of the job and wants to get the eyeballs of the management. While it is very challenging to get the attention of the top management on you being the newcomer in the company, it is not so difficult too! To become backbone of the company must be an agenda of a newly joined employee in the company not only to survive but to sustain and grow professionally!

professional career for girls

How to become an important part of the company in the very first year of your job? Is that anything one needs to do special? Is it more challenging for the female employee than the male to get the confidence of the top management? The fact is, irrespective of the gender biases if a person makes everyone his/her presence felt in the company,  the people of the company start involving that person as a core team member.

Being a female if you are feeling nervous, insecure, anxious and skeptical about your job during the first year, there is nothing new and you are just like other female professionals who also feel the same. But then, you have to come out as a winner by winning the heart of the team members and management of the organization. To that, here are some important tips:

1. Focus on your strength instead of involving everywhere: One mistake most of the newcomers do is poking their nose into many things during their early days. You must be knowing your strengths and must focus on utilizing it. Nurturing your strength will help you in coming out with better outputs.

2. Try to maintain a good and healthy relationship at the workplace: Make sure you are not becoming the part of the groupism or politics in the office. Keeping yourself away from all these things will help you build a good bonding with everyone in the office.

3. Keep the tendency of learning from your senior: Working under the senior will give you the opportunity to learn new things. Try to understand the nature of your senior and cope up with his/her ups and down. The more you will understand his/her working style, the easier you can give the desired result.

Become Backbone of the Company

4. Spread the aura or positivity at the workplace: No one likes to work with negative people. Your positivity will attract even your haters. Your charming personality will definitely win many hearts.

5. Show hunger to learn and grow: There is no end to learn. Develop the nature to learn new things and implement in your routine work. Every leader looks after the people who are willingly ready to take new challenges. If you are learning new things, you can accept the challenges.

career opportunity for girls

6. Use Social Media very smartly: Social Media is a great tool for career and to engage people. You must be using it for personal reason but make sure you are not using it heavily during your working hours. To make a better utilization of it, use your social media platform to promote the content of your company. Engaging in promoting the content will always fetch the eyeballs of your management.

7. Show your subtle character: You have to make certain changes in yourself to adjust in the different situation. Starting from the first day of the job until the 365th day, you can not remain the same. Your character must adjust the situation and you have to adjust to the difficult people too!

There will be many other challenges for girls in the new company but with your self-commitment, courage, and concern for career development, you have to come out as an ultimate winner. Go, girls!

digital girl campaign y ivipanan

An Initiative to Empower Girls for Internet Security By #DigitalGirl Campaign

The global scenario of distribution of the internet users very much balanced compare to India. Globally, the percentage of male internet users is 56% and female users is 44% as per December 2017 data (source: UNICEF). But the Indian condition of internet users is very disturbing. For the same time period, there are 71% male internet users in India whereas only 29% female internet users. This data is thought-provoking. India has registered the highest number of internet users in last year or so globally and hence it becomes important to understand the reason for the imbalance between two internet using genders in India. The #DigitalGirl campaign is an initiative to empower girls for internet security and social media privacy taken by iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services.

The agenda is to sensitize young girls, who are at a critical stage of accepting and being empowered by the internet, to the threats they may face online, and equip them with the tools they need to protect themselves online. The program takes the form of discussions and seminar, where students hear from an expert team of girls and also share their experiences. Girls of Girl in Neighbour leaves the program with more awareness of the threats and how to keep themselves safe online and also spark the dialogue of #DigitalGirl with their peer groups and cohorts.

This is an honest attempt to ensure the online safety of women and girls who are most prone to the hazards of an open platform. Another idea is to encourage girls to take their career perspective very seriously with the help of Social media. We launched this campaign on 11th September 2018 by conducting the first session at SDJ International College where more than 250 female students remained present. With the cooperation of HODs of BBA, BCA and BCom streams, the first attempt to encourage the girls was quite satisfactory.

digital girl empowerment
SDJ International College (BBA, BCA, BCom.)

In a week time period only, our team reached out to the other two colleges in Surat, Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (MBA) and S R Luthra Institute of Management (MBA). Along with female students, the female faculties remained present to attend the session.

empower girls for internet security
Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (MBA)

woman empowerment surat gujarat

The enthusiasm and participation of the girls were superb and overwhelming. Students kept asking the questions and the problems they normally face like cyberbullying and trolling.

s r luthra college mba
S R Luthra Institute of Management

We are going to visit many more college before Diwali and our objective is to reach out to the maximum number of colleges across Gujarat. This is the mammoth task and our team of girls is committed to spreading the awareness and knowledge of internet security and social media privacy to the females. Interested colleges can contact us at 98794 56211 to organize a seminar in their college. Let’s grow digitally together! Mike Nugent Womens Jersey


How a Girl Can Plan for The Perfect Career During The College Days

One of the biggest challenges for the students today is the selection of the career. With the penetration of technology in all the industries, students are getting more confused and not able to decide about career selection. The perfect career becomes the dream for many when they follow the footstep of their friends to chose the career. While career selection is challenging for male students, it is rather more challenging for the female students. With the constant pressure of getting married just after finishing the college, girls cannot even think of the possibilities of choosing their liking of career.

So how can the girls even think to build their career if not able to chose what they always wanted to do? At least it is better to do something instead of not doing anything!

To plan the perfect career during the college days, girls can follow their instinct and make sure to keep the passion intact. Here are some tips girls can consider to chose the perfect career during the college days.

1. Talk to your parents: Most of the girls don’t share their dreams and interest with the parents during the initial period. They prefer to discuss with the friends, cousins or siblings but not with the parents. Every girl must discuss her career interest and passion with her parents. Be open about your dreams and how do you want to achieve it. Ask for the time you deserve before they can decide for your marriage. Convey your message about focusing on the career even after the marriage.

2. Don’t follow the dreams of your friends: It is so easy to get carried away when you are just coming out of the school and starting the college life. You might find some new friends who can mesmerize you with their interest and craziness to do something in their life. What they want to do is their choice and not yours. Focus on your instinct and skills rather than of your friends.

digital marketing girl surat

3. Fall in love, but not at the cost of your dreams: It is not a crime to fall in love in the college. You can have a crush, an affair or serious love with your classmate or anybody! There is always a better chance to chose your life partner after the completion of the college years. If you are damn serious for the boy you have chosen during the college days, you both can wait for few more years before you both can select your career path and start walking on it.


4. Find the Inspiration: It is good to become self-centric. It is good to love your self only. But it is a blessing to find an inspiration in someone. The person can be anyone other than your parents. A teacher, a mentor, a professional, an entrepreneur, anyone! Idealizing someone is the best thing can happen to you. That person can be your role model or just a reference person but at least, idealize someone who can keep inspiring you to not to move away from your desired dream career.

5. Social Media is the blessing and not the curse: The most common reason girls have for not using social media is the security and harassment concerns. Social media is actually a blessing for you! It has its own shortcomings but social media is the beautiful platform to reach out to the industry giants. Connect with industry leaders and learn about their life. Interact with them on regular basis to get some more insights from their professional life. You can adopt social media itself as a career selection! If you love the technology, this might be your dream career! The career in the digital media marketing is proving to be one the best decision for many girls as you can continue doing your work even after the marriage from your home only.


There are many other tips one can follow during the graduation days in the college but the most important point to consider is nurturing the passion. Skill can obsolete but passion will stay forever. Focus on your career as it is your right to do what you want to do in your life. Marriage is the second side of the coin but you must find the life partner who can become the partner in seeing your dreams too! Dreaming about the career is not just the monopoly of the boys and in the society of 21st century, every girl has the equal right to work towards creating a perfect career! Corey Linsley Authentic Jersey

yoga asanas for summer

9 Yoga Aasanas You Must Try This Summer Season

Summer is hitting boundaries and sixes and it’s time to take care of your health and feel energetic. Summer is the time to put your woolens away and put your cotton on for dressing up in lighter shades of yellow, white and blue. It also means you keep yourself well hydrated and protected from the heat. Summer is also the best time of the year to practice yoga. Our muscles are comparatively warm in this season so they are easier to stretch and relax during the summer. Also, as we practice yoga during summer, we perspire more which is good to get rid of the toxins from the body and open the filled pores of our skin. A girl must keep her lifestyle good and healthy during the summer season. The yoga during the summer makes the skin bright and radiant with a long-lasting glow. International Yoga trainer Vibha Pranaam who is the founder of  Trance Yog Fitness in London, United Kingdom suggests us the 9 Yoga Aasanas all the girls must do this summer to keep oneself fit and healthy are:

1. Padmasana:

Place your right leg over your left thigh and left leg over your right thigh. Bring your feet close to your groins. Straighten your spine. Keep a mudra (Gyan Mudra: the first fingertip touching the tip of your thumb) and both the hands resting on the respective knees. Keep your spine straight. Stay steady with focus on the even breath. Practice it with closed eyes for better benefits of the asana. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.

padmasana - vibha pranaam - fashion blog india

2. Janu Sirsasana:

Sit in the position of Dandasana (extended legs in front). Bend your right leg, press the sole of your right foot against the inner thigh of left leg. Exhale stretch and fold forward, grasp your left foot. Rest your fore-head, chin on your knees or you can use a cushion to support your fore-head to rest on. Stay steady with normal focused breathing. To come out of the asana, inhale and gently roll up. Repeat on the other side, by alternating your legs. Duration: 1 to 3 minutes, on each side.

Janu Sirsasana - Vibha Pranaam - Yoga for girls india

Janu Sirsasana - Vibha Pranaam - girl blog india


3. Paschimotanasana:

Sit in Dandasana. Inhale and raise your hands upwards and lengthen your spine. Exhale and stretch forward and hold your feet or big toe. Loosen your shoulder, rest your chest on your thighs and your head on your knees. Close your eyes and just relax. Stay steady with focused breathing. To come out of the asana, inhale and gently roll up. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.




4. Vajrasana:

From dandasana, bend both your legs and come to kneeling position, sit on the heels with the calves beneath the thighs. Stretch your lower legs backward and keep them together. Your big toes should cross each other. Let your buttocks rest on your heels and your thighs on your calf muscles. Spine erect, place your palms on your knees and gaze forward, eyes closed. Stay steady with normal focused breathing. Duration: 1 to 8 minutes.


5. Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose):

Adjust yourself into table-top position (Come on the floor on your hands and knees), palms in a line of your shoulder, knees in a line of your hips, feet flat on the ground. Gently, walk with your hands out as you drop your chest down towards the floor, rest your forehead or chin on the floor. Keep hips in a line with the knees and arms shoulder-width apart. Stay steady with normal focused breathing. Duration: 1 to 3 minutes.


6. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog):

Adjust yourself into table-top position (Come onto the floor on your hands and knees), exhale and lift your knees away from the floor. Keep the knees slightly bent and the heels lifted from the floor. Lengthen your tailbone. Lift the sitting bones up towards the ceiling. Palms grounded onto the floor with figures spread. Gently push chest in towards the thighs. Stay steady with slow focused breathing. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.



7. Shashankasana:

Sit in Vajarasana (sit on your knees with the legs stretched backward). The big toes will cross each other while heels parted from each other. Lower your buttocks in such a way that your heels touch the hips. Place your hands on the thigh, keep the arms straight and Inhale, raise them parallel to the thighs and further, above the head. While you exhale stretch and fold forward from the trunk, straighten the spine and rest your forehead onto the floor. Close your eyes, stay steady with slow focused breathing. To come out of the asana, Inhale slowly raise the arm above the head, while exhale bring the arms down. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.



8. Viparita Karni or (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose): 

Come in supine sleeping position, hands by the side of your hips, palms facing the floor, inhale slowly raise both the legs to a 90-degree angle from the floor. Raise your waist and hips from the floor and take the legs back over the head. Place both the hands below the waistline to support and straighten the legs. Toe pointed to the ceiling. The trunk of your body should be at 45-degree angle from the floor. Steady gaze your toes and stay the asana. Stay steady with slow focused breathing.


9. savasana (Relaxation):

Lie down on your back and relax your body and mind to gain the benefits of this asana. During this pose, close your eyes, breathe naturally, and practice eliminating tension from the body. Experience your inner self with closed eyes and focus. Ideally, this posture lasts for 10 to 25 minutes. However, even a few minutes of Savasana is said to have powerful benefits.

Yoga Aasanas

Yoga is good for health but it is good for health even in summer! Go ahead with the above-mentioned yoga asanas to beat the heat. For any query related to yoga, feel free to contact Vibha on her website Trans Yoga Fitness or send her email at vibhapranaam@gmail.comJaleel Scott Jersey

girl in neighbour team saves water in surat

This Summer Enjoy CuttingPaani to Save Half A Glass of Water for Others

World Water Day on 22 March this year proved to be the most effective water day we have seen in last many years. With the power of social media, people have literally spread the message to save water. Many states in India are already facing a scarcity of water in the very starting season of Summer. The message of ‘Save water’ is not limited to one day only and we all must become serious to save water till the monsoon season arrives in India. The recent campaign by Livpure is spreading the message of ‘Save water’ by promoting the campaign CuttingPaani.

The campaign is spreading the message on the social media to drink water as per the need. The hashtag #cuttingpaani is also getting popular on Twitter. This initiative is making all of us think about saving at least half a glass of water when we go feel thirsty. The bottom line is not to waste the water if our thirst is half.

save water by girl in neighbour

cutting paani campaign by girl in neighbour

Our team of Girl in neighbour decided to support this campaign and started using a half glass of water only if they are not so thirsty. At our office, we have started serving the half glass water to the clients and guests. If they want more then only we are offering more water. The point is not that we don’t want to offer more water but we believe if the person needs more water to drink, he can definitely ask for more.

Committed to save water in surat
Team Girl in Neighbour enjoys Cutting Paani
The cuttingpaani party
The cutting paani party by team Girl in Neighbour

The campaign by Livepure has some beautiful videos too which are shared on Youtube channel. These videos make us thinking about how can we save the water at home, office and at restaurants.

We all have taken a pledge to save water at our office and at our homes too. We are already facing water issue in our city Surat, Gujarat and hence this campaign automatically comes near to our hearts. The concept of Cutting Paani must reach out to the maximum people and we all must save the water in any possible sense. Let us all enjoy “Cutting Paani” this summer! Cheers!!

 Theo Riddick Jersey

women's day

InfluenceHer Season-1 Inspired Many Women on Women’s Day To Chase Their Dreams

The celebration of Women’s Day in 2018 was happening everywhere in Surat. The day was dedicated to felicitate women working in some organization or doing something on her own. Many NGOs took an initiative to appreciate the work done by women in their respective fields. Our team just did not want to celebrate women’s day for the sake of it but we wanted to spread the power of feminism everywhere. We wanted to highlight the work done by few women in their respective fields which can inspire thousands of other women. It was not a good idea to speak or write on their behalf so our team along with Digital Marketing Experts of South Gujarat – iVIPANAN decided to go ahead with an interview series. The idea was unique and it was about to happen for the very first time in the city of Surat. The idea was to launch the first season of ‘InflluenceHer’ digital interview series which was all about the story of a woman influencing other women.

We just didn’t want to conduct an interview with those women who are already quite famous in their fields and already getting many platforms to spread their inspiring stories. We wanted to bring the untold stories on the floor which can motivate the common girl living next door. We wanted to inspire every girl of Surat and rest of India to chase their dreams. So we selected 4 successful females of Surat who are doing the exceptionally good job in their respective fields and already have inspired many females to do big things in their lives.

1) Gunjan Mistry: National Rifle Shooter who has won many medals at state and national levels. She is preparing for National Games and her goal is to find the place in the commonwealth games.
2) Dr.Meghna Dangi: Educationist. She is Asst.Professor at AURO University, Surat from last 7 years. She is Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant her areas of interest are Finance and Accounting. She has presented many research papers at IITs and IIMs.
3) Siddhi Mehta: Fashion Blogger. With the background of financial education, she runs her own fashion blog from the last couple of years.
4) Dr.Hemlata Agarwal: Educationist. She is a Professor at S.R.Luthra Institute Of Management-SRLIM, having 18 years of experience in academics and 5 years in the industry. She is MBA and PhD in Management and Diploma in International trade.

We were lucky enough to associate with the La Pino’z Pizza Pal-Adajan as a venue partner with us. The management was so supportive and our invited guests had great time conducting the interview session there!



Dr.Hemlata Agarwal with La Pino’z Pizza Pal-Adajan Management team and Girl In Neighbour team

Our team was accompanied by two perfect anchors who are MBA students of S.R.Luthra Institute of Management in Surat. Both of them – Ravina Soni and Sneha Singh played an instrumental role in making the interviews great fun!

Ravina-soni-girl-neighbour-suratRavina Soni was felicitated for her excellent performance as an anchor

Sneha Singh was felicitated for her excellent performance as an anchor 

Gunjan’s story was very inspiring for budding female sportswomen in this country. She came out from the problems like lack of infrastructure and nurtured her dream to become the National Rifle Shooter.

Dr.Meghna Dangi and Dr.Hemlata Agarwal are in the field of education from last more than a decade. They have already inspired many female students to chase their dreams. Their stories were quite motivating and there are many things to learn from them.

Siddhi Mehta is a young girl who is following her passion of fashion blogging. Her passion is surely an inspiration to many girls of her age.

The first season was very exciting for our team too! Next year in 2019, we will surely come back with some more inspirational women power stories in the form of the interview and will keep sparking the dreams of every common girl!

Pizza fastfood restuarant in pal adajan

World Class Taste of La Pino’z Pizza at Pal Adajan Girls Can not Resist

Girls and food have become true lovers these days. Though the urban girls of today are diet conscious, every now and then they go out with friends for hangouts at various food joints. Having a food is not just the objective but food which tickles the taste buds of girls excites them the most, isn’t it?! When it comes to quick bytes of Pizza, girls are normally very choosy and they prefer the perfect taste and texture of Pizza. Recently our gang of Girls went to La Pino’z Pizza at Pal Adajan in Surat to taste the varieties of Pizza the restaurant is offering and guess what happened? They had a great time with Heart Shaped Pizza which was on the offer for Valentine’s Day only at La Pino’z Pizza Pal Adajan. The offer of 1 +1 Pizza was irresistible and our girls-gang could not stop eating the last piece of Pizza on the plat.

La Pino'z Pizza at pal Adajan

Pizza restaurant in adajan surat

Italian authentic pizza in pal adajan surat

The heart shaped Pizza was treating to watch for eyes. The Pizza smelled so good that it was difficult to decide to gaze or to eat! The variety of Pizza makes you confuse what to order. The unique thing we found at this place was the giant pizza of 24″ which serves to 12 people. So if you are going with your friends, you need to order single pizza only!

La Pino'z Pizza Pal Adajan

La Pino’s Pizza offers ‘Cheezy7″ Pizzas which comes with 7 varieties of cheese toppings. The Indian taste buds of yours will be taken care by Indian style Pizzas like Tandoori Special, Paneer Tikka Butter Masala and Schezwan Sauce in Indian style. Pizza can be accompanied with Italian style baked Pastas, Quesadillas, Varieties of Garlic bread, Cheezo Garlic breadsticks, Stuffed garlic bread sticks, Twisties, Tacos, Salads and beverages. The restaurant owners are so genuine and when our girls asked them “How do you rate your Pizza?” He genuinely replied that don’t rely on our ratings, instead you check the ratings on our Facebook page @Lapinozadajan. The ratings are given by our customers and we believe they just loved the Pizzas!

La Pino'z Pizza Pal Adajan

pizza in surat

Best pizza in surat

The outlet is also giving offers on Wednesday and Friday for 1 pizza free on buying 1 pizza. The offer is valid on Premium, exotic and speciality category pizzas for Medium and Large pizzas. If you have missed the heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s day then you should not feel bad and you can enjoy free pizza on Wednesday and Friday too! So go and grab the offer now! And girls, you can give the treat to your friends any weekend! You must be the style icon for your friends and now you can become the pizza-icon too!

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How To Make Your Colleague A Good Friend At Your Workplace

You spend most of your life in the office and still, you are not developing the relations which are very important in your life. If spending 9 hours a day at the office doesn’t give you a smile on your face than imagine you are wasting most of the time in a day! You must know how to make your colleague a good friend at your office so that you can really enjoy your work in lighter and happy mood. Here are some tips to convert your next desk colleague in a good friend.


1) Show your witty side: If you work seriously whole day even she must be doing the same. You need some space for your self where you can show your witty side to her. Find some moments in a day where you can crack easy-to-digest jokes on other office members or may be to the situation in which you are dealing with the clients! Believe me, your neighbour colleague will notice it and laugh at it!

2) Become her helping hand: You never know when will you need a help from your colleague at work. Putting aside the professional help, you can come to a rescue if she needs personal help. Offer your lunch if she has come without her own or give her a lift at the end of the day to drop her at her home. This can be the first step towards friendship.

3) Go out for lunch or dinner: Going out for lunch or dinner is a great idea to know her choice and taste. You can also go for a shopping if she wishes to buy something which you understand better than her. Help her in choosing the right product for her. You can also share your lifestyle with her so that she also can know about your choices.


4) Share your good memories with her: You always want some one to listen to your old memories, don’t you? If you can find a good person in her then you must share your old memories with her. Remember, don’t share your heartbreaking story until you are not sure about her nature and you have not so much trust on her.


5) Connect with her on social media: This thing you must do at first. Social Media will help you to clear your hesitation. This will create an environment to know her well. Go through her activities on Facebook and Instagram and try to know her likings and dislikings. You can write some comments on her posts and like the posts as well. Discuss the same with her next day to initiate the first talk.


Your workplace should not a boring place for you to work and that’s why you must have your friends. This will be a great morale booster for you and when you are feeling down at the office. So go girls, make your new friends and make your workplace the most happening place for you!

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