List of Activities Which Make a Weekend Beautiful For a Working Woman

Who says that a working woman should have a plan only for the weekday work? If the working ladies have to stay tuned to life, they have to literally prepare an agenda for the weekend too! The life of the working women is not so easy and the continuous challenge she faces is to maintain the work-life balance. While most of the young girls are becoming career-centric, they need to learn how to make a balance between work and personal life from their early age. Let’s have a look at a quick list of the activities which make a weekend worthwhile for a working woman.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: Plan a movie/lunch date, meet an old friend/family (if you’re staying away from home), go to a live concert, learn some skill, explore nearby places or visit an art gallery. Do whatever it takes to get over the stress of your office work. The book lovers can get hooked on all their unread stuff (except work related material) on weekend. In short, take time to do anything you enjoy; it will surely give you a refreshing break from your routine. Plus stealing such ‘me-time’ will surely prove to be your productivity booster.

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Self Care: More than anything, a weekend is the ‘pampering time’ for working ladies. As the working women have to take special care of grooming; a regular visit to the beauty salon is a must for them. Generally weekend gives them enough time to schedule an appointment for their hair – skin treatments. Isn’t it a great idea to relax and rejuvenate too? Alternatively, sparing time for practicing Yoga will help you to do away with your mental mess.

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Shopping: Be it a grocery shopping or shopping of matching accessories with your new dress, nothing works better than the shopping therapy for ladies. Keep your buying list ready, check out the deals/Discounts during weekdays and let weekend shopping work as a ‘mood enhancer’ for you.

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Pending work: It’s important to have fun during the weekend but it’s equally essential to set aside some time to do your pending work (no matter how simple or meager it is) because it will keep you get going for the whole week ahead. i.e. get your laundry done, arrange the cluttered cupboard, plan your work wear for the week, cleaning your room etc.

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Though working women can always plan their weekend in such a way that they can make the most out of it, they should keep a room for the unplanned/ non-scheduled things for the weekend – like helping your child with his school project.

We’re approaching a weekend in two days with a special day for the mothers. So this weekend, celebrate it with your momma the great. Happy Weekend! Derek Watt Authentic Jersey

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Easy to Cook & Good to Eat Recipes for The Girls Staying Alone

Ready to cook noodles and other packaged instant meals are considered as a boon by those who stay away from home. But believe me, these are not the only food options, if you’re looking for something healthy to eat. There’re quick recipes, which you can try on your own with a li’l practice, modest efforts and basic cooking lessons from your mumma’s kitchen.

So here we’ve listed out such ‘Easy to Cook & good to eat recipes’ for the people who staying alone but haven’t even tried a hand at cooking.

1. A variety of Rice Recipes: Chopped vegetables, rice and some spices are all you need to quickly prepare a healthy rice recipe. It takes around 20 minutes to make this and you can have a variety of rice items with curd or buttermilk. Khichdi is also a great option and is quicker than the vegetable rice.

2. Flour magic: Indian bread (roti, paratha, rotlo etc.) are any day healthier than eating ready-made bread and believe me it doesn’t take that long to make normal masala paratha. If you know how to make the dough, just mix our basic spices (i.e. turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and cumin seeds) you can relish it with pickle, curd or ketchup.


3. Besan – Chilla: Besan Chilla is one of the easiest options for pure veg girls, as it tastes as good as an egg omelette without using eggs. This mouthwatering recipe can be made with gram flour/besan, some chopped vegetables (i.e. onion, tomatoes and green chilli), oil and regular spices as per the taste. To make it healthier & tastier, you can even add some grated paneer and mint leaves/pudina to it. Salsa sauce, tomato ketchup or curd can be great savour with besan chilla.

4. Protein rich Pulses: From Moong- Motth beans (i.e. Green gram, Turkish gram) to variety of dal like Chana dal, Tur, Masoor etc. are not just instant prepare but are also healthy food options. Such dried food items need to be rinsed and soaked properly (approx. 6 hours before cooking) before cooking so as to shorten the cooking time. With boiling these well-soaked pulses/beans in a cooker, half of the job is done. Then you only need to fry it with oil while adding turmeric, salt, desired garam masala and red chilli powder. Plus point with pulses and dried beans is that they go great with plain rice as well as roti or paratha.

Get quick recipes of these items from your mum and let us know how you started relishing any of these food items in your routine. Colin Kaepernick Womens Jersey

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Top Most Career Opportunities on Social Media for Girls

Gone are the days where ‘Social Media’ is merely seen as a medium to stay connected. With the evolution of social media as a potential marketing platform, businesses today can’t miss on including ‘Social Media Marketing’ from their overall marketing strategy. And obviously, this fast-paced emergence of Social Media Marketing has generated abundant career opportunities for the digitally savvy & social media lover Gen Y.

Social Media Jobs in Surat

If we think of the career opportunities on Social Media for girls, the Social Media has, in fact, more to offer to the females; because a woman of any age with different circumstances can choose a career in Social Media. Right from the college going teenage girl to a married homemaker, a myriad of social media jobs has career opportunities for them all.

So on this World Social Media Day  (i.e. 30 June), we attempt to show you how Social Media can shape the future of girl next door by offering her exceptional career opportunities on Social Media.

  • If Writing and/or Designing is your forte, Career in Social Media is waiting for you:

If you’re having a knack for writing, social media has enormous opportunities for you as ‘Content Marketer/Social Media Copywriter’. However, the content writing work for social media also needs a fundamental knowledge of ‘Digital Marketing’, especially to understand what kind of content works for which social media tool. For creating content which drives traffic and engagement, social media content and Blogging require you to have clarity of thought process, research-oriented approach and understanding of target’s social behavior besides having a flair for writing. Plus the growth opportunities soar high for the girls having knowledge of graphic designing because Social Media Marketing can succeed with a perfect combo of appealing design and compelling content.

  • For the girls who’re Social Media Savvy, Good Communicator, and Multitasker:

In order to maintain the company’s social media presence effectively, Digital Marketing Managers need Social Media Executives/Coordinators.  As the girls are known to have inborn qualities of multitasking and organizational skills; girls with good communication skills, who also like to stay connected to the world (through various social media tools) can think of a career as a ‘Social Media Marketing Executive/Coordinator’. The responsibilities for which mainly includes overseeing and managing the company’s social media presence on various social media platforms, support social media strategies for the promotion of company’s brands & projects, creating awareness about company’s events/initiatives/campaigns etc.  However, with the formal training of Social Media Marketing and experience, one can also advance in the career as Social Media Manager, Social Media Planners and Social Media Strategist.

  • Creative, Spontaneous and the girls who’re Number Lovers:

Social Media has a lucrative career of ‘Social Media Analyst’ for the girls equipped with research capabilities and out of the box thinking ability. Social Media has a plethora of raw data in the form of charts and metrics, but informed decisions can only be taken by generating insights through Research & analysis carried out from these raw data. So, girls! If you love to work with numbers, think of no other option but ‘Social Media Marketing Analyst’. Such Analytics specialists; who can ‘read’ and analyze the qualitative –quantitative performance of a firm can undoubtedly stand out in the crowd.

Besides the above career opportunities in social media field for girls, the brands relying on areas like feminine lifestyle, fashion and fantasy prefer girls in their 20 something; who can gauge the women’s voices & choices across various demographics. And accordingly, come up with fresh ideas for increasing engagement with prospective women customers and influence their actions.

We’re keen to get your views in the comment section about ‘The future pathways and employment opportunities created by Social Media for girls’. Eric Weddle Jersey

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Challenges Faced by a Girl in The First Year of Job After College

One of the most crucial, memorable and challenging phases of a girl’s career is when she starts working after completing her college. Because besides handling her work skillfully, there are lots of hidden challenges (pertaining to the work & workplace) which she has to deal with during the initial year of her first job.

So let us see some of such issues that a girl has to tackle and how she can handle them.

1. Dealing with Challenges faced with respect to the practical application: Learning the theories at college and scoring high is much easier but ironically it can’t guarantee you success in corporate life. Because one has to jump into the water to actually start swimming, no matter how aware one is about the techniques of swimming. That’s how it is for the newly recruited person. Even if you get hired based on your academic excellence, the practical application of things can only be learnt as you actually start working. To manage this issue, one has to be ready to do the ground work also. Your superior/reporting authorities will make you do the basic work. It is not to make you feel down, but to teach you how important it is to learn little things before you assume bigger responsibilities. As a newly recruited person, you shouldn’t deny doing any work which gives you an opportunity to learn & grow.

2. Breaking the ice and making a repo: As a newcomer, you have to take initiative to break the ice with your team members and colleagues. Maintaining a good repo should not be restricted to your superior/boss or your department, you should have good terms with everyone in the organisation. It is more important for the newcomer because she doesn’t have a fair idea of whom will she have to deal with in future. The key is to greet everyone you come across in your office. However, it is advisable for the girls to avoid being over-friendly with anyone in the office.

3. Change Management: The biggest change that comes to your life as you start working after completing your college is the change of your daily routine. While it is ok to be liberal with your timing in college, working in office requires you to be strictly disciplined with your timing, performance & mannerisms. As you start your job, you’ve to get used to working for the prescribed working hours. End moment project submissions may be possible in college, but you’ve to be on your toes to meet the office work deadlines. Working out on how & where you can multitask also helps a lot. Being a girl, you may also have to manage the household work; that’s where you need to learn ‘Work life balance’.

4. Keep your eyes & ears open: Taking up any job after completing studies requires you to be attentive at every moment. It’s necessary during your working hours in the office. But if your observation power is sharp enough to keep a track of the happenings in your industry (outside the office); it definitely earns you extra points in your career. Besides observing things & churning out important corporate lessons from it; you also need to memorise the things/people/terms etc. directly connected to your work domain.

5. Indulging in Office Politics! – a strict no-no for the fresher:  Though ‘Office Politicking’ is a fact of almost every office; participating in gossiping or involving into office politics is dangerous for the newly recruited females. The simplest way of dealing with office politics is to be away from it and be neutral.

6. Managing the journey from Probation to Confirmation:  On accepting the Offer Letter, you’re hired for the probation period. This is a ‘not-to-miss’ opportunity if you seriously wish to continue the job. Because you’re recruited as a confirmed/permanent employee by the organisation only if you satisfactorily perform during the probation. Hence, managing with all the resistances is more than important during your probation. The trick is to make a mark by going the extra mile in your work.

So if you know any girl who’s about to make her way to her first job after college, share with her these tips. So that she can have a good start of her career. Kris Versteeg Authentic Jersey

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Budget Sets No Bar to Get You a Stylish Look

‘I am running out of new clothes, I badly need to go for shopping’ – is a feeling majority of the girls have every now & then. And sometimes this feeling is also backed by the myth that one needs to spend heavily to look classy. However applying some simple styling tactics can help you break such stereotype because budget can’t really set any criteria to look fashionable.

While there are countless ways of proving that budget isn’t quite a barrier to your getting an eye-catching, stylish look; here are few handy & pocket-friendly tips to get a stylish look.

Revise your old clothes: Bringing out a new look with the old dress, which is otherwise lying idle, is possible with a li’l bit of redecorating & revising it creatively. For example, you can reuse your old long layered skirt to make a chic short dress out of it with a simple trick. All you need to do is to cut the uppermost part of the skirt which has elastic and replace it with a lace. The same lace can be used to stitch the shoulder straps of revised dress. To add more detailing to it, you can also add another horizontal layer of same lace at the waist. And you’re ready to flaunt your cute short dress!

Must have Classic outfits for your wardrobe: You need to properly spend only once to get a worthy plain white shirt (ideally in the quality cotton material) and a plain black top/t-shirt (preferably thick & durable fabric). Both these versatile outfits can work at formal as well as informal events. For instance, a white shirt with formal blazer gets you perfect elegant office wear. The same white shirt, when paired with a denim jacket gets you cool look for the outings. If you still need to make your plain white shirt more versatile, it can be worn with a handcrafted embroidered jackets/koti (ex. Choli Jacket with Kutch embroidery) as well. The same way you can stylishly match a plain black top/ t-shirt with jackets/overcoat/shrug or any such suitable outfit. Know how ‘Mix & Match’ matters: Trying mix & match fashion ideas are all about knowing how you can make the most of the stuff already owned by you, to set diverse themes as per your mood & occasion. Simplest trick is to choose a branded piece of cloth with the routine/not so costly outfits – such as branded jeans with street side tee/top. The Same trick can be applied to the accessories as well. If you have an eye for good design (i.e. not very common) and if you spot it with a street side vendor or roadside shop; it is advisable not to miss it. Because such piece of accessories can also be clubbed smartly with a variety of outfits. Likewise, you can brainstorm & work out such fun mix & match ideas. Lastly, don’t miss to share these styling tips with your college peeps. Evgeny Svechnikov Authentic Jersey