WRUN 18 Surat is an Initiative to Generate Awareness for Health of Women

The culture of Marathon started in 2012 when the first ever Night marathon was organized in Surat. As per an estimation, in 2018 only Surat has witnessed around 30 marathons. The marathon runs are now been organized with some specific objectives – to save nature or to save Tapi river. The objective of such runs is to increase the awareness among the citizens of the Surat and with such noble message, Surat is going to witness yet another Marathon on 16 December – WRUN 18 Surat.

women run marathon surat
WRun Marathon Surat

WRUN Surat is the joint initiative of Brand Circus Event and Life Cycling Green Association. Amrut – the fashion icon is the Title Sponsor of this noble cause. Along with many other associates, Girl in Neighbour became the community partner for this Women Run 2018.
The idea of organizing this run is to bring awareness to society for the health and well-being of women. Our society gives less importance to Females as against the family and homemaking. So, WRUN has come up with an idea of gathering the women of Surat city through arranging this Run, to provide a platform for making the women aware of their health & well being. Through WRUN, we want every woman of Surat to come together and run for herself.

Girl in Neighbour WRun Surat
Girl in Neighbour is the Associate of WRun Surat

marathon surat
The runner participants will spread a message of dignity for the women – ‘Think for Yourself’ & ‘Run for Yourself’.
So let’s unite on 16th December 2018, 6:00 AM at Decathlon, Piplod to make the efforts behind WRUN’18 successful and cheer up the women who’ll run for themselves.

Techstars Surat Pacific Women Startup Weekend

Techstars Startup Weekend Surat Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

The startup culture in Surat is taking a shape from the last couple of years. People have started understanding lately that ‘startup’ word is not only associated with the male entrepreneurs but females share the same passion and zeal too! Last year when people of Surat observed the first ever Techstars Startup Weekend Surat, they were amazed by the idea and format of the event. Students, professionals and entrepreneurs participated in a huge number and hence the event became the talk of the town. Again in 2018, 2 more Startup Weekend Surat organized and now the fourth one, Techstars Surat Pacific Women Startup Weekend, is going to happen between 12th October and 14th October 2018 at Auro University. Techstars Startup Weekend Surat empowering women entrepreneurship and every girl of the city must grab an opportunity with both the hands!

So what is Techstars Startup Weekend Surat? It is a series of TechStars startup weekends held across cities in the Asia Pacific – during the month of September-October, focused on engaging and celebrating women + diversity + inclusion in local communities. TechStars Startup Weekend is the world’s starting point for entrepreneurship. This 54-hour event is where designers, developers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. Techstars Startup Weekend Surat is the organizer dedicated to fostering local entrepreneurship to strengthen the community.

54 hours at one place? It must be boring!! If you are thinking then the answer is big NO!! Techstars Startup Weekend is not only an event talking about startups and entrepreneurship but it’s a great fun – meeting new people and building a network.

Techstars Surat Startup Weekend India

startup weekend india

Techstars Surat Pacific Women Startup Weekend

If it is about networking and fun, it is also about learning many things from mentors. Participants learn a lot from many mentors who continuously stay with them and guide them to develop a great startup plan.

startup weekend india bhautik sheth

girl in neighbour with techstars startup weekend

The organizing team works 24*7 for these 3 days just to make sure the participants are not left clueless and they are given all kind of help and support. The teams get all the support from organizing team members. Every participant wins exciting gifts from Google and other gift partners and the winning team gets a dream prize too!!

Techstars Startup Weekend Surat

So girls, do not wait for a moment and just grab this opportunity. Let your dreams come out with this world recognized platform and nurture your idea. Make a team with other participants and take the guidance from different mentors. This is a platform only meant for you and you should feel proud by joining this event. You can register Techstars Startup Weekend Surat by clicking here. And yes, don’t go alone, take at least 2 of your best female friends with you to participate. You will also get a chance to meet and interact with the Girl in Neighbour team there!

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international yoga day

11 Yoga Asanas to Get Quick Relief From Back Pain

Back pain is becoming very common these days amongst people of all ages. A lot of it can be related to the kind of lifestyle we lead these days – long hours of work sitting in one place or sitting in a wrong posture while watching TV to name a few. What if you learn some good asanas on International Yoga Day that can heal your body pain!

Back pain must not be neglected or avoided. It must be treated early and also precautions must be taken for the situation not to be aggravated. Yoga helps strengthen your back, relieve your stress and strain from the back and cure back pain. In the hectic routine, Yoga Asanas can prove the great reliever to get rid of back pain!

padmasana - vibha pranaam - Yoga Day
International Yoga Trainer – Vibha Pranaam

Causes for back pain

  • Sitting on a chair for long hours keeping your head down to work with computer or mobile phone
  • Standing for long hours in bad/wrong posture
  • Long car drive or bike ride
  • Bad sitting posture while watching tv, reading
  • Wrong sleeping posture
  • Inappropriate movements while working out in the gym or lifting very heavy weights
  • Carrying heavy backpacks
  • Obesity
  • These are the most common ones

Use yoga as the natural medicine to cure back pain

Yoga is by far the most effective ways to reduce back pain and over a period can cure it. The focused and planned routine of yoga asanas will help you improve your posture. And, when practised regularly helps you strengthen your muscles, spine and the core region.

This blog focuses on the asanas which work on your back to reduce back pain and also improve posture. We are featuring International Yoga Trainer, Vibha Pranaam from England who will guide you step by step about the asanas to follow. To know about the 11 Yoga asanas to get rid of the back pain, click on below link to download the PDF.

Yes, I want to know more about 11 Yoga Asanas to get rid of back pain! Connor McGovern Jersey

rajasthani mojari

Why Rajasthani Mojari is a Must Have in Your Footwear Collection

Rajasthani Mojari (Khussa or Saleem Shahis) is one of the remarkable examples of handicrafts in India. Basically, in the old era, the royal families used to wear Mojari. Their mojaris were well-decorated with gold-silver thread, precious gems and pearls. Mojaris are traditionally made by artisans mostly using tanned leather. As the time passes, artificial decorative things became cheaper and affordable. It was not limited to royal families only and the common people of villages also started to wear. The new generation mojaris are made with the left-right distinction which was not the same before.

Three pieces are still used to make the Mojari, which is an indispensable part of the process of making footwear. Mojaris are available in various types and shapes in the market such as – Round Toe, Small Toe and Pointed Toe. One should avoid wearing it in the monsoon because the genuine mojris are made from animals’ skin.

Not all the modern days mojaris are made from animal’s skin. Some of the modern style mojaris such as loafer shoes for men and women are available in artificial leathers as well. The genuine and traditional mojaris are made from the leather. Thick cotton thread, Bakram Lining (Stiff Lining) or thin goat leather is used in Rajasthani Mojari. There is no doubt that many designers have given new style and new shapes in its traditional design. If you see, these Mojari most of the time goes easily with traditional costume, but the contemporary fashion adopted by the new generation has given this style a new look by wearing with Indo-Western or even Western outfit. The adaptation of mojaris on indo-western dresses has given the new fashion statement.

Mojaris are such footwear that one can include it in routine dressing to match with the formal or casual clothes. Mojaris mostly are paired with Formal Dress, Punjabi suit, Traditional Skirts, Kurtas, Lehenga-choli and Indo-Westerns too! It adds an instant Indian ethnic feel to the look! The certain reasons for wearing the mojari are:

–           It solves the purpose of flip-flops and shoes because of easy to wear and last long strong sole.

–           It is pocket-friendly.

–           It perfectly goes with any occasion or any outfit.

–           These are made by our Indian craftsmen, who keeps our Indian culture alive.

Go fashionable this summer with the bright colored clothes and preserve our Indian tradition by pairing with the variety of mojaris! Enjoy the look and comfort of royal sassy mojari. Phillip Dorsett Authentic Jersey


Accessorize your fashionable look with Pompom

Now a day, Pompom in Indian fashion wear has really caught an eye like a forest fire. A long time ago, Pompoms were used to add grace to the traditional Indian dresses but as time passes people start falling in love with the flare and playfulness of the Pompom sewed on western as well as on indo-western wear. Pompom style fashion is very easy to introduce in every style and dress. The best thing about this fashion is that they are very versatile that they can be used at anywhere and anyhow. They are so adaptable that they can be a part of the dress or even accessories. Anyone can do this all by themselves. They just need to stitch them on their top, kurtis, bags, hair bands, earrings, boots, belts, sandals, gift box or on any other accessories.

These colorful balls are fun, flirty and flowy for all the seasons, functions and festivals. They surely complete wardrobe of any common girl for any affair. Pompoms are designed in such a way that they can make anything more fun and these colorful little balls look so beautiful when they are hanging at the edge of the shirt sleeves, dress and the bottom of shorts or skirt. Girls can even try Pompoms on shoes as it gives so adorable look. Fashion risk taker can also try wearing Pompom colorful foot chain to turn any pair of sandals into multi-colored sandals.
Pompoms are such that they add the peppy look to the clothes and accessories. There is no restriction on wearing Pompom in any particular season but generally, girls are likely to prefer it in summer season as it embellishes the look of the boring and simple outfit so that it gives a trendy and colorful look.

Let’s learn how to create DIY Pompom for any clothes or accessories:

Other than making a PomPom with a fork or just with fingers, cardboard discs are the most traditional method and also easiest method for kids.

Material: A piece of cardboard, Yarn / Wool of the desired color, Pen, Scissor, Blade, A large circle (e.g. Cup utensil)

DIY PomPom:
1. Cut out two large circle discs using a large circular cup utensil.
2. Draw the small circle in the center on both round cardboard and maintain the appropriate distance between inner and outer circle as it determines how big a Pompom will be.
3. Cut out a smaller circle from both the circular disc.
4. Put both cardboard discs together and it will work as Pompom maker tool.
5. Start wrapping yarn on round cardboard. The thicker it is wrapped, the fluffier will be the Pompom.
6. After using a large amount of wool to make Pompom, start cutting the yarn with scissor/blade as shown in the picture.
7. Be careful of short pieces of yarn which do not fall out from the central hole.
8. Carefully wrap a long piece of wool thread between the two cardboard and around your Pompom. Tie it off as tightly as possible.









9. Pull your Pompom out and it is ready to accessorizing and enhancing.









Experiment with the different size of circles will help in making different size of PomPom. Jamie Oleksiak Authentic Jersey

Exclusive Lingerie Showroom Now in Surat

PrettySecrets Now in Surat – Trendy and Sassy Lingerie Showroom

Surat is one of the fastest growing city in India and known as the Textile hub. The fashion trends in Surat city are following the trends of Mumbai and hence people here are choosy about the brands and they know what they want to wear. The selection of branded clothes is not limited to the Indian and Western wears but it beyond that. Females have become more selective for trendy lingerie selection and they have become more brand conscious too!

Lingerie is not more an alien word for them and they travel outside Surat too to buy branded lingerie. While Surti females are choosy about the brands, they also look for comfort, design and varieties in the range of lingerie. Whether it is bras, panties, nightwear or even swimwear, they all look for design and comfort along with the class. The good news is here! Girls of Surat do not need to travel anywhere to buy trendy and sexy lingerie because India’s topmost Lingerie brand PrettySecrets has now opened their showroom in Surat!

PrettySecrets in Surat
PrettySecrets showroom in Surat

PrettySecrets understands that great comfort and fit are essential when it comes to innerwear. This reflects remarkably in the brand’s lingerie & nightwear that not only fit & feel great but also are uncompromising in style. The brand’s portfolio consists of 1200+ products at value for money prices across Bras, Panties, Nightwear, Activewear & Swimwear.

Being India’s fastest growing lingerie brand, PrettySecrets constantly innovates and develops products to upgrade the Indian lingerie market by providing umpteen choices to its customers – Be it lingerie or nightwear, prints or a burst of colours! From everyday cotton lingerie to smoothing seamless to push-ups to pretty lace favourites, there’s something unique in every product. The nightwear range features a perfect mix of remarkably soft cotton for lazy lounge days and dreamy satin because a little indulgence can go a long way!

Bloggers team of GirlinNeighbour at the PrettySecrets showroom
Bloggers team of GirlinNeighbour at the PrettySecrets showroom

Team GirlinNeighbour visited the opening ceremony of the PrettySecrets showroom on 10th October at VR Mall in Surat to check the exclusive range of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwear. Our team had a great fun out there and the in charge of the showroom was too, very excited. According to her – “We believe Surat is the fastest growing city in India and women here have become brand conscious. We are committed to delivering the best fitting and classy range of lingerie to them and hence now they don’t need to go to the city like Mumbai for the shopping of exclusive range of lingerie.”

Girl in Neighbour team at PrettySecrets
GirlinNeighbour team with in charge of Pretty Secrets showroom in Surat

Our team also inquired what expectations the company is having from the fashionistas of Surat? The company believes that Surat girls and women are so sure about their choice and they are brand followers. The showroom is also situated in the most happening mall of Surat – VR Mall which makes it easier for the girls to shop for their choice of lingerie.

GirlinNeighbour Team after their visit to the PrettySecrets Showroom
GirlinNeighbour Team after their visit to the PrettySecrets Showroom

PrettySecrets is offering some great deals on the varieties of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwears which you can buy from the showroom.

#RedefineBasics Everyday

It’s time to give your black, white and nude lingerie a break. Go on, experiment with the vibrant hues currently splashing through our collection, only on

Posted by on Thursday, 12 October 2017

You can take the assistance of the Showroom in charge and her team to select your choice and fitting of lingerie. The staff of the showroom is so helpful and they have the knowledge to fulfil your desire!

Buy trendy lingerie from PrettySecrets website
Buy lingerie from PrettySecrets website

Visit the showroom once and I am sure you will fall in love with the design, comfort and varieties of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwear. The address is:

PrettySecrets, 207, 2nd floor, VR Mall, Dumas Road, Surat.  Robin Yount Jersey

Father's day

Father: Every Daughter’s First and Forever King in Her Life

In the era of globalisation, we are used to celebrating many days which were started to be celebrated in western countries. Father’s day is just one of those days. The day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday in June every year. Though this day has not been celebrated so passionately like mother’s day or may be Valentine’s Day, it is yet again a case with the father who is not known to be celebrated in the family or with his day. A real unsung hero in every family.

You will find many long stories for mothers but it is very rare to find a blog written by fathers. Generally, it is assumed that girls are mostly attached to their father and boys are with mother, the cross-gender phenomena make for bonding stronger between two people. Girls are not only attached to heart with the father but also follow values of their father.

father day surat

The relation between father and daughter is like Tom and Jerry. He keeps his eye on every activity and moves of his daughter. No matter with who she is going out but if she doesn’t return by late evening, the person who will call her on the mobile will be her father. As a teenager, daughter spots him as a Hitler but then as she grows up, she finds the deepest love behind his rigid nature.

Hard work and sacrifices done by fathers are mostly overlooked by the family and every sacrifice of mothers are counted. It does not mean that the importance of the father is lesser than the mother in the family, but we tend to see what mother do and how she has fought all the odds and settled in a new home after her marriage.

father daughter blog

The role of the father is impeccable when it comes to the overall personal development of the daughter. It is correctly said that “Every girl is a Princess or Doll to her dad for a lifetime and he’s her King”. No matter what problems he has faced in his life, but he tries his best to give whatever his daughter ask for and sacrifice his wishes just to fulfil her wishes. Father is the ideal example to learn about Sacrifices. No child can pay off the return to the father for his sacrifices.

There are many things a daughter would like to write about the father but it is not only about writing but to praise the unsung hero of the family. Value his sacrifices and give him due respect which he deserves the most. Bobby McCain Womens Jersey


Denim on Denim for the Sexy Cow Girl Look on Any Occasion

Have you ever observed a girl in printed top on printed bottom? Or same kinda fabric for top and bottom? This combination must be weird for many but there is a choice of fabric material which looks stunning on top and bottom at the same time! The girls like to go all with denim at any occasion and who doesn’t like to show herself in the cowgirl mode? Denim clothing is an evergreen fashion for teenage girl or for those who loves to go out with their fiancée. 

Every common girl knows that adding a denim to her wardrobe is an instant way to make her look trendy. The all-season clothes are not out of fashion and thanks to your pair of jeans and that ripped jeans jacket for that. Nowadays, denims are in for college girls and they are wearing not only at bottom but also as a top wear. It can be one of the most comfortable and versatile apparel which a girl can carry at any occasion. As we know all fashion items have specific time and place to carry but girls can choose denim at any time or anywhere without any hesitation. Even girls can wear it with different combinations of top-bottom colors. Whatever style of denim girl chooses will definitely give signature look to her style.

You find the varieties of denim like jeans, short top, short jacket, long jacket, skirt, gown top, palazzo pants etc. A normal girl might not purchase the jeans top or bottom so frequently due to the limitation of the budget but that is the beauty of denim! Use your denim with different combination to give the old one a new look. It is natural to have at 4-5 denim bottoms in her wardrobe capsule. Life of denim fabric is longer compare to other routine fabric so girls can enjoy the company of denim for a longer time and fashion of denims will never go out of trend. Denims are like wine. The older it gets, the precious it becomes!

Denim combo looks sexy in the winters but not so in the summer. Don’t make a hasty decision to wear it in hot season because of its thicker fabric. Denim pair looks amazing when it is correctly paired, but one silly mistake in choosing perfect combination can mess girl’s overall look.

Few style out of so many, girls can select any for her denim on denim get up:

  • Choose different color combination of denim for bottom and top.
  • Try to select darker shade for bottom and lighter shade for top as it helps her to get perfect body look.
  • If girls like to try something different, then she can select palazzo pant from denim with high heels and short tight crop top.
  • Girls can even choose denim pants with free top and add long jacket on whole apparel.
  • Tuck-in denim shirt on denim for formal appearance.
  • Wear knee length high heel shoes to look hot and wild!
  • The classic blue on blue denim is all time hit for any size girl.

Hey girls, these are not the only tips to follow because we are living in the era where fashion changes every second. You can create your own creative combination of denim top and bottom. If you have more ideas, then we would like to know new paring tip for denim from your side too. Connor Barth Jersey

Cool Sexy Summer Tops For Girls

Fashionable and Sexy Tops to Stay Cool in Hot Summer Season

It’s almost end of the May and it is still getting warmer. As the temperature rises, every girl needs to change her wardrobe according to the season. But sometimes it may not be affordable to every common girl just to make shopping for the special summer season. By looking at her monthly spending out of her pocket money, she cannot even think to buy different clothes for different seasons or different occasions. If she is creative and has li’l knowledge for mismatching her clothes, definitely she could be a trend setter for every common girl in her group. Try some sexy cool tops this summer to stay in trend.

Summer top
Twisha in all summer mood wearing the bright color tops


hot tops in summer - fashion blog


summer wear india fashion blog

By applying her creative mind for clothing, she can save hundreds and thousands of money out of her pocket spending. Creative idea can be-

  • First, only make shopping of 6-7 shorts in this summer and take out all those last year’s short you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Second, go for shopping of some sleeveless top wear in this summer which matches easily with the shorts.
  • Third, if you are smart, do only street shopping (Branded?! No need all the time) of both and of course shopping must be in pre-decided budget only.

blue top summer wear


summer wear for girls - fashion blog of india


summer clothing for girls - fashion blog of india

Tops play most important role in your day to day routine wear. Other girls will laugh at you if you choose to wear the tops which are non-cotton or some jackets on any top. So wise selection of any top will become the most crucial part when it comes to summer season clothing. Girls can also choose cool open top on any designer palazzo so as she will get the comfiest look.

Girls can choose any pattern of the top for her shorts but cannot choose all kinda fabrics.  The selection of the fabric also becomes vital before while choosing the top. Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Silk, Chiffon, Polyester, Jersey, Chambery and Lycra are the best suitable fabric for her summer season clothes.

summer top and shorts - fashion blog india


cool fashion for girls in summer


cool sexy fashion for summer

If we common girls put all things together, I just want to convey a message to you that it is a continuous process of season change. You should prepare a proper checklist and follow the process like – explore your wardrobe, prepare a list on what to buy so that it will cover your two or more seasons, decide the budget and stick to it (as all girls are always tempted for shopping), decide place from where to buy, etc.

fashion in summer for girls in India


cool shades with sexy top in summer - fashion blog india

Girls, if you want to say something on this topic, you are most welcome to comment in the comment box. But make sure you are not leaving this summer just like your last one. Stay fashionable and not to shy away being a next-door-girl. Buy cool and sexy tops to match it with sexy shorts. Clayton Keller Authentic Jersey


Kid Boyfriend Act As A Best Stress Buster For Any Girl

Isn’t it sound weird that every girl must have a kid boyfriend? Is there any sense of making a boyfriend who is just a li’l kid? Is he going to give blushing smile on your face? Is he going to give what she wants (in every sense!!)? Well, this topic is something which you will never find anywhere on internet as we girls in neighbour sharing our experience.

It is obvious that because of handy technology and blessing of internet, many people comes to know about your relationship status, isn’t it?  To be very frank, as a common girl and working in a company I do not find time to do chatting with friends on any social media. Being a mature girl (or tend to be one!), I do not even slip over a flirty and flattery talk of guy so easily. So, sadly I’m single because I do not have the same age guy as a boyfriend who can always stay there when I am wrong and tell me that you’re right even if I’m wrong and with whom I can share my every single thought (but believe me, I am not at all sad!)

But that’s not the awful moment of my life because I have more than having same age guy, a boy who makes me smile. Yes, I can say that physically I’m single but heartily and mentally I’m with cute li’l boy who is just 5 and half years old. I don’t even remember when my heart fell for that boy but luckily I found the cute li’l kid with full of maturity and his ‘maturity’ only is the reason to fall in love with him! Most beautiful thing for me is that even his parents give me the nick name of ‘Bahurani’, ‘Mrs. Sheth’ and ‘Daughter-in-Law’.

Well, below are the reasons that why I could not even imagine breaking up our cute relation even if I am getting married with other guy:

  • As I questioned in starting of the blog that is there any sense of having li’l boyfriend? Here, I can say that just don’t feel ashamed of having company of kid boyfriend. You can shower your love to him without any in-return expectation!
  • Yes, of course I love his notorious talk and funny flirty nature. And believe me, it makes my day!
  • It directly touch to my heart when he is crying. How can you see a cute little boy cry?!
  • Once my mother-in-law told me that your hubby revealing to some relatives that ‘Hu and siddhi didi lagan karwana chhie’ (Me and Siddhi didi are going to get married) Isn’t it cute?
  • He don’t like when I speak in my mother tongue language ‘hindi’ because he is ‘shuddh gujarati’.
  • It really bring cute smile on my face when I am thinking about him and even when I am driving, his single thought leads to get blush on my face.
  • He is so much spontaneous. As he find out anything so easily and as a mature kid in early age, his talk is like beyond imagination for me.
  • What I am wearing really matters to him. Occasionally, he always notice that what I wore and how I look.
  • Sometimes he act like he is my ‘typical’ husband but it makes me more impressed.
  • It make me feel jealous when he is dancing on floor with his classmate girl!

Well, these are the few things which always impresses me about him. But here you must be aggressive to know who that lucky boy is? Even I don’t want to create the suspense. His name is… is… is… ‘Reyansh Sheth’ (Reyu). I am totally lost over his cuteness.

If you also have the kid boyfriend, then you’re welcome to write the name of that lucky boy in the below given comment box. Believe me, every girl must have a boyfriend like him to stay happy in the life. Matt Duchene Authentic Jersey