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Detox and Weight Loss – The Bitter Truth

What Is Detox?

De-tox refers to removing toxins. This has been a FAD for long in today’s world where we are introduced to various toxins through smoke, alcohol, highly processed food & heavy medications. The idea to go on a detox is to get rid of all these from our system. People try to achieve clean body via

  • Detox teas
  • Detox juices
  • Detox smoothies
  • Detox diets (that last for days)

Is it necessary?

Our body has an in-built system to convert toxic substances into useful forms & get rid of toxic residue in various ways. Organs that play a major role in keeping our body least affected by toxins are-

  • Skin
  • Kidney
  • Liver

In short, it is not necessary to do such detoxes with the purpose of body cleanse. The only people getting benefit from detox FAD are food & health industry who do million dollar turnover around this concept.

Detox for weight loss

All who go on detox claim to lose weight when on it. And inspired by this, people who want to lose weight go on detox diets.

But the truth is, as soon as you get back to regular eating, you are going to regain the lost weight (or even more!!!) It is because detox drinks & foods are low in calorie (basically low in carb content). Since carbs tend to hold water in the body, when carb intake gets restricted, you lose the excess water body has been holding. (That is the reason you need too many loo breaks when doing detox)

So, Yes, weight loss is achieved. But it isn’t a fat loss. Only the water weight is lost and if you continue it for a longer time, it can take a toll on your muscle mass too

Who & why should do a detox?

Detox is like fasting. It gives your body rest from processing regular nutritionally dense food. So, if you are just back from ravishing holiday or grand wedding feast, detox will put your body on lighter work.

Also, Me being a Dietitian incorporate detox in various ways in my clients’ routines when needed (mind you, in don’t misuse it to make people lose weight instantly). The results are always amazing.

How to keep the body detoxified?

  • Take good care of your skin.
  • Don’t overload liver with alcohol
  • Try to stay away from pollution & smoke(rs)
  • Use mask while commuting through city traffic
  • Drink plenty of water (not more than 3-3.5 l / day
  • Workout regularly
  • Pamper yourself to saunas and steam baths


A detox diet is a very misunderstood concept in today’s world. Thanks to internet & unqualified influencers who feed it to brains of people who desperately want to lose weight.

As a qualified practitioner, it is my request to all readers, don’t feed your body anything other than regular meals without the advice of professionals. It can take a toll on your health & leave a lasting impact.

You can reach me via my Social media accounts so I can guide you better.


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Stomach Health

The Secret To Keep Your Stomach Healthy

The stomach is also called “second brain” of the body. Also called the enteric nervous system in the scientific language. Our stomach is home to 300-500 different kinds of bacteria referred to as microbiomeThe stomach microbiome plays various important roles in our body. It affects our Mood, metabolism, immune system and lot more.

Diet is responsible for what kind of bacteria flourish in our stomach. So it is up to you if you want HAPPY MEAL FOR TUMMY OR MEAL THAT MAKES YOUR TUMMY HAPPY, So be precise while selecting your Diet or hiring a dietician can be advantageous for your Healthy Lifestyle.

Stomachache Solution


  1. Immunity– Good bacteria act as a physical barrier to intestines.
  2. Nutrition– Good bacteria play a direct role in the synthesis of vitamin B & K. They also help in the absorption of calcium & iron.
  3. Metabolism– Metabolic action of gut flora allows the body to utilise food that would otherwise not be digested.


  1. Obesity– Gut bacteria of obese people vary significantly from normal people.
  2. Inflammation– Shortage of good bacteria leads to the development of Irritable Bowel Diseases & colitis.
  3. Autism– Decrease in gut bacteria diversity has been linked to Autism.


Keep Stomach Healthy

Proper consumption of the right types of food decides your stomach health. The two food groups playing an important role in our gut health are Prebiotics & Probiotics.

Imagine your stomach is a garden. Probiotics are like SEEDS that flourish the microflora in the Stomach, and Prebiotics do the work of FERTILISER that helps stomach microflora nourish and grow.

PREBIOTICS They are special kind of dietary fibre that are favoured by the gut bacteria. Some of the best naturally available prebiotics are-  beans, garlic, bone broth, turmeric, banana, apple cider  vinegar

PROBIOTICS They are live bacteria naturally created by fermentation of foods like- Yoghurt, Idli, Cheese, Paneer, Kimchi, Pickles, Kefir.

Optimum consumption of Prebiotice and Probiotics will help you maintain perfect stomach health.

Quick Tips :

  1. Do not go hard on prebiotics all of sudden if you are aiming to improve stomach health. As a sudden increase in prebiotic fibres can cause pretty intense fermentation leading to bloating and gases.
  2. As explained in my last blog, start eating mindfully. Avoid overeating, too spicy food, harsh medication, or anything that irritates the stomach and cause acidity, bloating, constipation, burping, etc.
  3. There are many who get wrongly inspired by commercial ads and think it is mandatory to have antacid tablets or sodas to digest heavy, oily, spicy meal they have. But using too many antacids (in powder or liquid form) is very harmful for the stomach because it contains salts of magnesium & aluminium which cause a laxative effect (wash off good bacteria).
mindful eating habits

Easy Tips to Create Mindful Eating Habits in Busy Life

Firstly, what is mindfulness? It is the state of being conscious or aware of something. Similarly, mindful eating refers to eating your food consciously, with 100% attention.

It is a completely different concept from dieting. When you are on a diet, you just blindly follow what your dietitian says. When you start practising mindful eating, you realise it is a self- exploration journey. Let me help you by briefing about what EXACTLY is mindful eating about.

Nowadays we have stopped doing anything mindfully because of hectic schedule & fast life.

Like, when we work, we think about food, but when we are having food, we are worrying about work. The result- Work performance graph goes down & weight gain graph goes up!!!

Think, if we make a slight change in above routine, i.e. eat mindfully, you won’t get distracted by the thought of food while working and your health & work graphs will shoot up in right directions.

Pay Attention:

  • What caused the thought of eating (emotions/hunger)
  • Is it required & healthy?
  • Are you sensing the food? i.e. smell, taste, texture of food
  • How are you feeling during & after having it?
  • How satisfied are you pre, during & post that meal?
  • What is the origin and how is food processed?


  • You start feeding your Body & not Emotions!!
  • You start enjoying the food thoroughly
  • You realise if the food you are planning to have is healthy or not
  • You prevent yourself from overeating in social events, late nights, movies, etc.
  • You learn the impact of different foods on your mind & emotions
  • You learn the impact of different foods during workouts & relaxation


  • Its old school theory but you Need to chew your food well.
  • Wait a moment before having next bite.
  • Close your eyes for a moment and relish the first bite you have
  • Try to identify ingredients in the food
  • Take modest portion (do not worry about starving, you can always have second helping if not satisfied)
  • Do not sit with big portions in plate
  • GRATITUDE is important! Be grateful for the food that fuels your body

This all sounds common & easy. But trust me, once you develop a mindful relationship with food, your life will change drastically in every aspect for better. Keep the above points in mind and give a try to Mindful Eating. Let me know your experience in person.

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Common myths

Common Myths Related to Diet & Weight Loss

  1. Jaggery is a good substitute to sugar: Both come from the same source i.e., Sugarcane. Jaggery is made traditionally whereas table sugar is bleached & refined which is why it is crystal clear. But both are SUGARS!!! 1 gm of glucose (be it sugar/jaggery) has 4kcals. So, don’t swap jaggery for sugar to lose weight/control sugar levels.
  2. Slimming belts & creams burn the body fat & make you fit: Slimming belts generate heat on skin surface leading to sweating. The body gets dehydrated because of water loss in form of sweat. Slimming creams are messaged on target areas like tummy, thighs, arms for “Spot Reduction”. They work on the same mechanism as slimming belts. They dehydrate the skin and “InchLoss” is seen after water under the skin is lost.
  3. More sweat = More calories burnt: Not at all!! Sweating is the body’s mechanism to maintain right body temperature. It has got nothing to do with burning fat/calories. So, STAY AWAY from products like “Slimming Belts and Creams” which promise you a healthy and fit body.
  4. Warm lemon water is the best thing to have an empty stomach in the morning: The warm lemon water has nothing to do with burning up the fat. It has negative effects on the body instead!! The molecular composition of lemon water at warm temperature pulls out the calcium from the bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Also, people drinking warm lemon water in the morning are diagnosed with lower serum calcium levels.
  5. Brisk walk post meal aids digestion & weight loss: NO!! It doesn’t After meal our stomach starts digestion (breakdown & absorption) of food for which it needs a maximum blood supply. When you rush for a walk hoping to digest all that you had in the meal, you are actually obstructing the process of digestion by diverting the blood supply to your arms & legs. Just do some light roaming within the house (not more than 100 steps) to feel easy after a heavy meal if you feel.
  6. Cutting carb intake is the best way to lose weight: All carbohydrates are not responsible for making you overweight. The carbohydrates are categorised in 2 types:

a. Bad Carbs (Simple Carbohydrates)

  • They lack fibre & low in nutrients
  • They have empty calories. Which, if in excess, get stored as fat in the body

Example: Cane Sugar, Refined Bread, White Rice/Pasta, Bottled Sauces, Cakes, Biscuits, Sodas, etc.

b. Good Carbs (Complex Carbohydrates)

  • They are high in fibre and nutrients.
  • They are calorie dense (i.e. the feeling of fullness in less calories)
  • They naturally stimulate

Example: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Whole Grains, Quinoa, Beans, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds.

SO, DON’T ELIMINATE WHOLE CARBOHYDRATE GROUP FROM YOUR DIET. Just stop having simple carbs & feel the difference.

Get all your myths cleared which might hinder your fitness journey.

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8 Dos and Don’ts of Eating Habits to Follow This Diwali

Diwali is the time we can’t contain our excitement. be it for shopping, new clothes, crackers but the main thing that tops our Diwali excitement is food. All the Diwali delicacies are amazing. Especially, homemade. But nowadays we avoid having them like we used to have a decade ago.
The craze has gone down because of two reasons:

1) No time to make at home
2) The items are mostly sweet or deep fried

But is it really right to do so?
Is avoiding Diwali delicacies going to help you stay slim? The answer is NO!!!


1. Make food items at home: Making them at home is going to give you a good workout the process of grinding crushing and skillfully making the items really requires a lot of calorie burn so the ball is in your court if you think about workouts

2. Follow Grand mother’s recipe: It is true that old people were quite wiser. All the exclusive ingredients that are used in food during Diwali have special nutritional value they are high in micronutrients and act like special treat do your otherwise “micronutrient depleted” body.

3. Most of the sweets are made by adding ghee in it. So the diabetic people don’t need to completely stay away from it, they can enjoy a small portion for satisfying the taste buds. But mind you, the sweet has to be homemade & in pure ghee.

4. Same applies to namkeen items. There is no harm in having these. Don’t count calories in terms of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Look at how rich is the food in nutritional value.

5. Eat nuts and dry fruits. They are going to help you stay strong during the winters.


1. Don’t have chocolates: Forgetting the laddoos and Barfi, we have started this chocolate exchange trend on Diwali. But it is the worst thing you can feed your body under the name of Diwali gifts. Our traditional sweets stand on the top in terms of “health benefits”!!!

2. Avoid ready-made items: Because you never know how they are fried or in which ghee or oil they are made. We don’t reuse the oil for frying at home. But outside items don’t come with that guarantee. And it is very harmful to our health.

3. The thing that makes us put on Diwali weight is not Food but Lifestyle. So, stop blaming the traditions.

  • Alcohol: It has become a trend under the name of Diwali party to consume alcohol, which is one of the reason that liver metabolism slows down & you don’t burn fat efficiently.
  • Late Nights: Sleep pattern is completely disturbed because of late Nights we spend drinking and playing cards. Also, we end up eating more in the time period we were supposed to sleep.
  • Going for a fat-free and sugar-free substitute: These only suppress our guilt and increase the body’s craving for REAL food. Better have a piece of the sweet or fried item rather than a big portion of fat-free or sugar-free replacement.

So, in short, celebrate your Diwali in the way you have been celebrating since childhood. Forget the calorie count because our body needs nutrition food rich more than lower calorie food.

If you still worry about whatever you have consumed during Diwali and the holidays after Diwali, it is always a good idea to go on a light food or Detox diet for a day or two before resuming healthy routine.

But go for any diet only under the supervision of a dietitian. You can connect to me (Dt. Srushti Bothra) for the same.

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Diwali Habit

Navratri, Food and Fast – A challenge for every girl

The season of festivals is here all lined up and a big challenge for all beauties out there is to look perfect while munching on the feast and delicacies. Navratri, food and fast are what bothers most of the girls. While playing garba is a priority, following the rituals of keeping fast is also on the mind and it is also difficult to resist festive food dishes!

Is it challenging? Well, not so when you have your diet routine smartly planned with my help!! Believe me, I can guide you to keep yourself fit even while enjoying food during Navratri and then in Diwali.

Most of us would be fasting during Navratri and mostly end up gaining weight, unfortunately, even though food eaten during fast is Saatvik and faraali. So I’ll be discussing the foods we should and should not have during fast.


1. CARBONATED DRINKS / FRUIT JUICES: Just because they contain natural fruit extract does not label them healthy. Either packaged or fresh, fruit juices do no good to you besides increasing your sugar levels. All the vital nutrients & fibres are out of it when your fruit is liquid.

2. FRIED FOOD: Only potato fries are not the culprits. We have many types of puris, pakodas and chips of what not faraali ingredients. Even if the source of food is healthy, if you are frying it, that food is not good for your body.

3. SHAKES & SMOOTHIES: Yes!!! They are a quick fix and comes in “healthy” trend nowadays. Just add up all the ingredients and blend. You are ready to go! But it’s always better to avoid it (unless you are super busy). Because just like fruit juices, the shake/smoothie is going to lose its nutritional density during processing.


1. WHOLE FRUITS: Bananas are not going to make you fat if you are physically active during fast. Instead, it is going to provide you with a lot of energy to dance your feet off on garba numbers.

2. SAMA: Even though it looks like broken rice, Sama is something everyone must have while fasting considering the satiety it provides during “no grain” days (because it’s not a grain but seed). There is no starch in it like rice, hence your risk of gaining weight due to having sama is just a myth. Enjoy it to fullest in different forms of dishes.

3. VARIETY OF FLOURS: Most commonly used are,

  • Kuttu (Buckwheat)
  • Singhara (Chestnut)
  • Rajgira (Amaranth)

These flours are made to use the variety of items like uttapams, dosas, upma & puris. If you avoid puris (keeping calorie count in mind), these foods are a real treat to your body. These pseudo grains are high in protein and many micronutrients which we miss out in the daily diet.

4. POTATOES, SWEET POTATOES & SAGO: These are considered “fattening foods”. They are not high in fats but in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are going to make you fat only if you have them in excess, the wrong way, wrong time. Potatoes & sweet potatoes (of course boiled, roasted or baked) are going to provide you energy and keep you full for longer. Sago does the same if you are having Sabudana khichadi instead of Sabudana vadaa. (Again calorie count!!!)

5. NUTS & DRY FRUITS: Many people might have been calling Cashews & Almonds dry fruits until you read it here; almonds, cashews, pistachios are nuts. Dates, anjeer, raisins are dehydrated/dried fruits. And yes, if you are looking for weight loss/ maintenance, NEVER have dry fruits because they are concentrated form of fructose sugar basically. Whereas, nuts are high in protein and completely fine to have in advised quantity.

6. DAIRY: Have milk, curd, paneer every day because that is the only form of complete protein you can consume in fasting.

So start your festive season in a healthy way so you are in shape to flaunt your slim waist in garba outfits!!!

Connect to me for personalized diet plans for the roll of upcoming events like Navratri, Diwali , New year.

Navratri, food and fast

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Why You Must Consult a Dietitian To Live Healthy Life

“Just as everyone is different, everyone’s diets have to be different too…!!! That may be the reason you are not getting results.. as you are following someone else’s regime.”

Well, that is my belief. I am Srushti Bothra and I am Surat based dietitian, consulting many patients successfully from last many years. Many times people ask me ‘What is the need for a dietician? We are healthy and we eat home cooked food only!” One needs to understand the role of a dietician in the life to live a healthy and long life. There are many factors that play a vital role to keep our self-healthy and fit.  I provide personalized diets based on many factors such as:

1. BODY TYPE:  A person’s body can be classified into three type –

a. ECTOMORPH – The body is lean and long. People with ectomorphic body find it difficult to build muscles.

b. ENDOMORPH – The body is big and broad (pear-shaped in women). People with endomorphic body have a high tendency to store fat.

c. MESOMORPH – The body is muscular and well built. People with mesomorphic body have a high metabolic rate.

2. BLOOD GROUP:  Blood group plays a major role in the way our body treats different types of food groups like fats, proteins, carbohydrates. So, a diet rich in one nutrient may be best for one type of blood group and worst for others.

3. LIFESTYLE: Our lifestyle impacts the functioning of the body. Some of the factors affecting our lifestyle are:

a. Sleep

b. Water intake

c. Frequent outings

d. Food habits

e. The time interval between two meals

And many more things.

4. METABOLISM-  If our metabolism is slow (obviously because of poor lifestyle habits!!), our body won’t burn the fat no matter what!! This is called hypometabolism and this can cause metabolic syndromes like Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, etc. if not taken care of in long run.

5. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Some people get thin just by doing brisk walking and others can’t lose some grams even after a hardcore workout. (Unfair, I know!!). But this again depends on the factors mentioned above.

6. FAMILY HISTORY-  It’s very IMPORTANT!!! Always tell your dietitian if any metabolic syndrome like diabetes / CVD (cardiovascular diseases) run in your family; both maternal and paternal side. It will help you take precaution before its too late.

7. DIETARY HABITS- If you are Punjabi & following Japanese Sushi Diet (after googling its amazing effects on the internet), you may lose some pounds but may turn crazy after following it for some time. You’ll crave delicious chhole-kulcha and the craving hormone leptin will hinder your weight loss journey.

NOTE: The FAD diets are not sustainable to lose weight.

“As a dietitian, it is very important for me to check these all factors and then plot a personalized diet plan which my client can follow happily without disturbing their mind and body in an extreme way. And this is going to give them 100% result in getting the perfectly sculpted body.”

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