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9 Body Posture Types Speak About Your Thought Process And Behaviour

How often have you felt that people are not giving you due importance which normally you deserve to get? How many times have you felt that being a girl people are not listening to your opinions while discussing on some topic in a group? Well, not always you can blame the lack of knowledge for the negligence. There can be another reason which might be not encouraging people to look towards you! Have you ever thought about your body posture or your body language? Do you know your body speaks more than your words?! What will you do if you follow the good fashion trends for girls but with wrong body language?

Body language is a non-verbal communication which includes pitch, tone and volume of voice, gestures and facial expressions, body posture, eye movements, dress and appearance. Most of the time the non- verbal communication speaks more than verbal communication. What you need to learn is how your body is going to adopt the posture as per the demand of the situation. Here you can learn 9 sitting postures which indicate your thoughts and behaviour.

Sit Erect: Sitting up straight with your shoulders back, and feet firmly planted on the floor sends a strong message that you’re confident. If you use your hands to gestures, it seems you are asking: Who runs the world?

sitting posture for girl
Twisha showing different postures

body posture for girl

Cross Legs: When you cross your leg over another leg, it seems you are feeling insecure and not confident. Because confident people never shrink like that. They spread out like they have owned the place.¬†That said, like most rules of body language, there are situational exceptions: Crossing your legs toward someone can be a bold statement that says you’re into the person you’re cosying up to. Crossing away from someone, however, can send the message that you’re checked out.

cross legged sitting

cross legged sitting girl

Sitting Cross-legged: Sitting cross-legged on the floor shows your openness. It indicates that you are very loose, casual and easy going person.

Cross your ankles: When you cross your ankles, it shows that you are secure. When the feet touch firmly to the floor that indicates that you are very much sure about yourself.

cross ankle sitting

Sit in the centre of the Bench: When you sit exactly in the middle of the bench, it shows you are very much confident about yourself. Take the centre seat whenever you are sitting on a sofa. It shows you are confident enough to stay in the centre and you are ready to face the challenges.

Sitting in the middle

Use Armrest: If you regularly rely on armrests, you are the shaky type who needs to steady herself, and you are likely insecure. In contrast, girl bosses don’t need to steady themselves, they’re naturally at ease and in control.

using armrest while sitting

Clasp Hands: You are people-pleaser i.e. a person who tries to please or amuse others. And clasp hands also indicates a tendency to be dishonest.

clasp hands

Cross arms: It shows your detachment towards someone. It also indicates you are angry or you are in the defensive mode from the beginning.

cross arm girl

Cross Wrists on the lap: Crossing your wrists in your lap doesn’t mean you’re angry, but it suggests you’re insecure and trying to hide your vulnerabilities by covering the inner wrists.

cross wrist on lap

Still hands on your lap:  Still hands indicate rigidity. It shows that a person is not open-minded who is not ready to welcome new ideas. She is close minded.

girl sitting with still hands

Connect with any of above-mentioned body posture and try to think about your body language. You will surely want to improve on some postures! Austin Hooper Jersey


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