valentine day

Making the Valentine’s Day Valuable for ‘You’

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of love. On this day we give beautiful gifts to our special ones. So this Valentine’s Day, give a precious gift to “You” by fulfilling your unfulfilled Dreams.
Performing household duties is the basic work of any “Homemaker”. Apart from that, every lady has her own dreams, that she forgets. While performing her household duties. Let’s buy to doing something productive that gives you satisfaction. Working does not mean only learning but it’s a matter of creating your own identity so let’s create it.

Valentine Day

1. Boost your Confidence: In the beginning of your career, there may happen that people will not support you or they may discourage you, at that time be your own motivation and get depressed by negativity around you and concentrate on your job.

2. Go ahead with Trust: If God has given you the idea of doing something, he will definitely help you to reach your Goal. Have faith in God as well as in your abilities and move ahead.

3. Do not Hesitate: No work is small when done with “Good Intentions”. There is no specific age of learning. If you have to learn something for your career at this age. Start learning for your betterment.

4. Don’t afraid of Failure: In the beginning, your success rate may be low or you may fail. But your experience will never fail. Try to learn from the failure and fulfil your unfulfilled dreams.

5. Be Positive: Never allow negativity to enter in you. If you have limited time from your household job. Don’t give rather try to manage it at that time. Everything is possible if properly managed.

Boost Your Confidence

6. Don’t think “Log Kya Kahenge”: If what will people think if “I do this or go for studies at this age”. Ignore such things that come to your mind. Do what your heart says, ultimately you are your “Own Boss”. Do what gives you peace and happened.

7. Never Expect: After marriage whole life of a girl will change. There are many families who never stop their daughter in law or wife to do something, at the same time they will not encourage them also. At that time never expert appreciation from them and discourage yourself. Today or tomorrow your work will be appreciated. So, what are you waiting for? Move ahead to fulfil your dreams.

winning trust in company

How to Become Backbone of the Company Within First Year of Your Job

Imagine the first 6 months of your job. No matter if that is your first job or 10th job, the anxiety, and nervousness remain the same during the probation period. Everyone wants to stay cool and calm during the initial period of the job and wants to get the eyeballs of the management. While it is very challenging to get the attention of the top management on you being the newcomer in the company, it is not so difficult too! To become backbone of the company must be an agenda of a newly joined employee in the company not only to survive but to sustain and grow professionally!

professional career for girls

How to become an important part of the company in the very first year of your job? Is that anything one needs to do special? Is it more challenging for the female employee than the male to get the confidence of the top management? The fact is, irrespective of the gender biases if a person makes everyone his/her presence felt in the company,  the people of the company start involving that person as a core team member.

Being a female if you are feeling nervous, insecure, anxious and skeptical about your job during the first year, there is nothing new and you are just like other female professionals who also feel the same. But then, you have to come out as a winner by winning the heart of the team members and management of the organization. To that, here are some important tips:

1. Focus on your strength instead of involving everywhere: One mistake most of the newcomers do is poking their nose into many things during their early days. You must be knowing your strengths and must focus on utilizing it. Nurturing your strength will help you in coming out with better outputs.

2. Try to maintain a good and healthy relationship at the workplace: Make sure you are not becoming the part of the groupism or politics in the office. Keeping yourself away from all these things will help you build a good bonding with everyone in the office.

3. Keep the tendency of learning from your senior: Working under the senior will give you the opportunity to learn new things. Try to understand the nature of your senior and cope up with his/her ups and down. The more you will understand his/her working style, the easier you can give the desired result.

Become Backbone of the Company

4. Spread the aura or positivity at the workplace: No one likes to work with negative people. Your positivity will attract even your haters. Your charming personality will definitely win many hearts.

5. Show hunger to learn and grow: There is no end to learn. Develop the nature to learn new things and implement in your routine work. Every leader looks after the people who are willingly ready to take new challenges. If you are learning new things, you can accept the challenges.

career opportunity for girls

6. Use Social Media very smartly: Social Media is a great tool for career and to engage people. You must be using it for personal reason but make sure you are not using it heavily during your working hours. To make a better utilization of it, use your social media platform to promote the content of your company. Engaging in promoting the content will always fetch the eyeballs of your management.

7. Show your subtle character: You have to make certain changes in yourself to adjust in the different situation. Starting from the first day of the job until the 365th day, you can not remain the same. Your character must adjust the situation and you have to adjust to the difficult people too!

There will be many other challenges for girls in the new company but with your self-commitment, courage, and concern for career development, you have to come out as an ultimate winner. Go, girls!


Why a Girl Should Not Compromise With The Career Goal

Although we are living in the 21st century where males and females are performing at their best to touch the peak in their career, still we have one class of society who believes that girls are not meant for making a career. According to them, girls are meant only for marriage and house-keeping and making a career goal is only the right of boys. If educated girls are not allowed to make their career then how will the society get quality generation? Giving education to her is not enough if she is not allowed to work for her own better future!

For overcoming such barriers GIRLS you should take the initiative. After studying hard for all these years, you can not let your life go in the vein. It is necessary to get married, starting a new family but not at the cost of your aspirations. Gender discrimination is still the major problem of Indian society and you can not become the victim of this mentality. You have to find your own way to nurture your professional career and here are some tips for you to follow:

Be confident: For making your career you should first believe in your capabilities. Don’t divert yourself if someone puts pressure on you to leave your profession. If you are confident, you can easily convince your family and relatives.


Respect your work: No work is small. Don’t work only for the sake of working. Give 100% to what you do then only you will be able to achieve your goals. Once you achieve any milestone in your career, your family may at least start thinking to support you.

Patients is the key: Creating a scene at home for such issues will definitely bring tensions in the family. Better, talk to them and share your thoughts about why you want to work and also explain to them the importance of earning in your life.

Be Social: When you give importance only to your career and office matters, family members will definitely annoy you. Being a social creature you have the responsibilities towards your family and that has to be taken care of. Apart from that spent some quality time with them so that they feel secure.

marriage and career goal for girl

Speak out your heart to your future life partner: It’s good if you have yet no one in your life. Arrange marriage gives you the opportunity to speak out your heart to the person you are meeting. Don’t hesitate to talk about your future plans and career goals. Not all the boys are the same and you may find a one who can support you in your career.

Compromising the career dreams just to get married is the injustice to yourself. You have all the rights to make your career and live your dream life but not at the cost of the family too. Learn to balance between personal and family’s requirement and patiently achieve your dreams. Remember, there are many career options that can help you balancing the family life after marriage. Just don’t let anyone ruin your dreams! Marcus Davenport Womens Jersey


How a Girl Can Plan for The Perfect Career During The College Days

One of the biggest challenges for the students today is the selection of the career. With the penetration of technology in all the industries, students are getting more confused and not able to decide about career selection. The perfect career becomes the dream for many when they follow the footstep of their friends to chose the career. While career selection is challenging for male students, it is rather more challenging for the female students. With the constant pressure of getting married just after finishing the college, girls cannot even think of the possibilities of choosing their liking of career.

So how can the girls even think to build their career if not able to chose what they always wanted to do? At least it is better to do something instead of not doing anything!

To plan the perfect career during the college days, girls can follow their instinct and make sure to keep the passion intact. Here are some tips girls can consider to chose the perfect career during the college days.

1. Talk to your parents: Most of the girls don’t share their dreams and interest with the parents during the initial period. They prefer to discuss with the friends, cousins or siblings but not with the parents. Every girl must discuss her career interest and passion with her parents. Be open about your dreams and how do you want to achieve it. Ask for the time you deserve before they can decide for your marriage. Convey your message about focusing on the career even after the marriage.

2. Don’t follow the dreams of your friends: It is so easy to get carried away when you are just coming out of the school and starting the college life. You might find some new friends who can mesmerize you with their interest and craziness to do something in their life. What they want to do is their choice and not yours. Focus on your instinct and skills rather than of your friends.

digital marketing girl surat

3. Fall in love, but not at the cost of your dreams: It is not a crime to fall in love in the college. You can have a crush, an affair or serious love with your classmate or anybody! There is always a better chance to chose your life partner after the completion of the college years. If you are damn serious for the boy you have chosen during the college days, you both can wait for few more years before you both can select your career path and start walking on it.


4. Find the Inspiration: It is good to become self-centric. It is good to love your self only. But it is a blessing to find an inspiration in someone. The person can be anyone other than your parents. A teacher, a mentor, a professional, an entrepreneur, anyone! Idealizing someone is the best thing can happen to you. That person can be your role model or just a reference person but at least, idealize someone who can keep inspiring you to not to move away from your desired dream career.

5. Social Media is the blessing and not the curse: The most common reason girls have for not using social media is the security and harassment concerns. Social media is actually a blessing for you! It has its own shortcomings but social media is the beautiful platform to reach out to the industry giants. Connect with industry leaders and learn about their life. Interact with them on regular basis to get some more insights from their professional life. You can adopt social media itself as a career selection! If you love the technology, this might be your dream career! The career in the digital media marketing is proving to be one the best decision for many girls as you can continue doing your work even after the marriage from your home only.


There are many other tips one can follow during the graduation days in the college but the most important point to consider is nurturing the passion. Skill can obsolete but passion will stay forever. Focus on your career as it is your right to do what you want to do in your life. Marriage is the second side of the coin but you must find the life partner who can become the partner in seeing your dreams too! Dreaming about the career is not just the monopoly of the boys and in the society of 21st century, every girl has the equal right to work towards creating a perfect career! Corey Linsley Authentic Jersey

Overcome male dominance

Freedom from Male Dominance at Your Workplace

Although we are living in the 21st century, mentally of some portion of the community is still traditional. Even today many women professionals are facing challenges at their workplace in this male dominance world.

Five Steps to acquire Equality

1. Value Yourself: Unless and until you don’t value yourself, nobody will value your existence. If you want to work on a particular project speak up and show your confidence to handle that project. No one will appreciate your contributions until you appreciate them yourself.

2. Let your voice be heard: Many times it is seen that women speak less than men in the meeting and when they speak, they allow themselves to be irrupted repeatedly by their male colleagues. Sometimes females apologise to their opinions without any reason. If you don’t present your point with confidence, how people will believe you? Recognise the value of your opinion and believe that what you have to share is worth listening to.


3. Don’t be a Pleaser: Many times women take on the role of pleaser to attempt to be noticed. Serving coffee to someone is not your job; let it be done by the one who is in that appropriate role. Remember by doing such work you are lowering your own dignity. People will start taking you for granted.


4. Enhance your strength: Play to your strengths. If you can identify what’s unique in you try to apply in your profession. If you find that you have to upgrade yourself, start it immediately by taking the class, reading books, surfing, etc.

5. Networking: Networking is the most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any organization. Try to connect with the people of your industry through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. It is the most powerful tool if you do it the right way and with the right people in your industry.

So GIRLS what are you waiting for? Make your own way that leads you to Success! Teemu Selanne Authentic Jersey

women's day

InfluenceHer Season-1 Inspired Many Women on Women’s Day To Chase Their Dreams

The celebration of Women’s Day in 2018 was happening everywhere in Surat. The day was dedicated to felicitate women working in some organization or doing something on her own. Many NGOs took an initiative to appreciate the work done by women in their respective fields. Our team just did not want to celebrate women’s day for the sake of it but we wanted to spread the power of feminism everywhere. We wanted to highlight the work done by few women in their respective fields which can inspire thousands of other women. It was not a good idea to speak or write on their behalf so our team along with Digital Marketing Experts of South Gujarat – iVIPANAN decided to go ahead with an interview series. The idea was unique and it was about to happen for the very first time in the city of Surat. The idea was to launch the first season of ‘InflluenceHer’ digital interview series which was all about the story of a woman influencing other women.

We just didn’t want to conduct an interview with those women who are already quite famous in their fields and already getting many platforms to spread their inspiring stories. We wanted to bring the untold stories on the floor which can motivate the common girl living next door. We wanted to inspire every girl of Surat and rest of India to chase their dreams. So we selected 4 successful females of Surat who are doing the exceptionally good job in their respective fields and already have inspired many females to do big things in their lives.

1) Gunjan Mistry: National Rifle Shooter who has won many medals at state and national levels. She is preparing for National Games and her goal is to find the place in the commonwealth games.
2) Dr.Meghna Dangi: Educationist. She is Asst.Professor at AURO University, Surat from last 7 years. She is Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant her areas of interest are Finance and Accounting. She has presented many research papers at IITs and IIMs.
3) Siddhi Mehta: Fashion Blogger. With the background of financial education, she runs her own fashion blog from the last couple of years.
4) Dr.Hemlata Agarwal: Educationist. She is a Professor at S.R.Luthra Institute Of Management-SRLIM, having 18 years of experience in academics and 5 years in the industry. She is MBA and PhD in Management and Diploma in International trade.

We were lucky enough to associate with the La Pino’z Pizza Pal-Adajan as a venue partner with us. The management was so supportive and our invited guests had great time conducting the interview session there!



Dr.Hemlata Agarwal with La Pino’z Pizza Pal-Adajan Management team and Girl In Neighbour team

Our team was accompanied by two perfect anchors who are MBA students of S.R.Luthra Institute of Management in Surat. Both of them – Ravina Soni and Sneha Singh played an instrumental role in making the interviews great fun!

Ravina-soni-girl-neighbour-suratRavina Soni was felicitated for her excellent performance as an anchor

Sneha Singh was felicitated for her excellent performance as an anchor 

Gunjan’s story was very inspiring for budding female sportswomen in this country. She came out from the problems like lack of infrastructure and nurtured her dream to become the National Rifle Shooter.

Dr.Meghna Dangi and Dr.Hemlata Agarwal are in the field of education from last more than a decade. They have already inspired many female students to chase their dreams. Their stories were quite motivating and there are many things to learn from them.

Siddhi Mehta is a young girl who is following her passion of fashion blogging. Her passion is surely an inspiration to many girls of her age.

The first season was very exciting for our team too! Next year in 2019, we will surely come back with some more inspirational women power stories in the form of the interview and will keep sparking the dreams of every common girl! Brett Kern Jersey

Courtship period

10 Things for Every Girl to do in Courtship Period

Engagement is the word which gives the goosebumps to most of the girls. Like many of your friends, do you belong to the engaged people club? If yes, then you might be waiting to be with your ‘to be spouse’, as the distance between  must be killing you and so you want him to be with you every moment, right? But don’t allow your over excitement and over expectation to spoil your lovely courtship period. Invest this time wisely as you will cherish this memories forever after your marriage. Confused on what to do with him except chatting on mobile and wandering around the city with him in the car? Are you not able to get the privacy you want because you are always accompanied with cousins or relatives? Then this list of things you have to do anyhow to make the most of this “PHELA NASHA” period and not regret later by seeing your friends enjoy.

1.Know each other IN n OUT:  When you are meant to be with each other it doesn’t matter what was the universe’s plan. It could be attraction caused due to photos you saw of each other, it could be the courtesy or politeness you felt while meeting him and many such moments. Because love struck us at the most unexpected time. Thus utilize this time to the most and know each other’s fears, strengths, weaknesses, expectations, what makes them happy the most, his favorites in everything like movies, fruits, vegetables. Be silly sometimes and be smart at times to fetch the exact behavior of your soul mate so that you could be a little predictive and not upset him.

Talk to understand each other
Know each other deeply

2. Plan the gifts:  Gifts, cards and anything special you do during this period will be appreciated for life and showed off as well. What to gift? This question gets very annoying sometimes and you fail in thinking something good. Remember an expensive gift doesn’t work every time. Try something simple yet creative for him which wins his heart and builds the trust between you. For an idea you can write few of your positive observations about him on different papers, fonts readable enough from some distance and surprise him at an odd time with them so that your words speaks for you the most.

Plan the gift from heart
Gifts are difficult to decide

3. Plan your Weekends:  Do not let any of your weekends go waste and plan something different every time. Surat has much to offer this days, thus explore the city according to your preferences and conveniences and make memories the way you like. It could be the desi style or the elite way to accompany each other for the city tour which has street food to specific cuisines from the world to offer.

Plan your weekends
Weekends should be pre-planned

4. Know the past: Talk about each other’s past and past relationships to avoid any kind of misunderstandings later after marriage. Be crystal clear with your past related confessions so that it doesn’t hinder your future.

Talk about each other's past
Talk about past

5.Talk about future:  It is important to talk about future a lot. Discuss your expectations from each other, what are your career goals, how you wish to live after marriage, family planning and more. It is important to have a clear perspective about each other’s mentality about marriage and life after marriage.

Planning the future with spouse
Plan your future

6.Control your sexual desires: You have to control your sexual desires till marriage to enjoy your first night and honeymoon period. Be clear with your fiancé about not crossing physical intimacy limits before marriage so that you don’t feel pressurized when the guy loses his control on the desires. Controlling this desires is important to have a good 1st experience.

7.Have a Photo-shoot:  Plan a photo-shoot with your love of life and capture some natural moments in those clicks.

Photo-shoots are fun
Go for fun photoshoot

  8. Go for shopping together:  When you go for shopping together you understand his choices in clothes and thus you can opt such kind of clothes for your honeymoon and daily usage as well.

9. Keep family away if needed: Never discuss the problems if any between the two families in your conversations, because it could hurt the fragile relationship you are building now.

Do not discuss problems during engagement period
Do not involve family

10. Hangout with each other’s friends sometimes:  Friends help in keeping the mood lite and avoid any awkward situations if created any. Friends also play an important role in knowing each other better, getting to know their interests, helps you plan surprises, helps you understand their fears which could be connected with childhood bad memories. Friends have the deepest secrets which can be known and also they are the best people to cast in your pre-wedding shoots and videos.

Make the most of your courtship period and make your friends jealous. Let your creative mind come to some work. Let us know if you liked this tips and suggest other tips to us as well by commenting to us in the comment section.


                                        Kevin Greene Authentic Jersey

social media

Top Most Career Opportunities on Social Media for Girls

Gone are the days where ‘Social Media’ is merely seen as a medium to stay connected. With the evolution of social media as a potential marketing platform, businesses today can’t miss on including ‘Social Media Marketing’ from their overall marketing strategy. And obviously, this fast-paced emergence of Social Media Marketing has generated abundant career opportunities for the digitally savvy & social media lover Gen Y.

Social Media Jobs in Surat

If we think of the career opportunities on Social Media for girls, the Social Media has, in fact, more to offer to the females; because a woman of any age with different circumstances can choose a career in Social Media. Right from the college going teenage girl to a married homemaker, a myriad of social media jobs has career opportunities for them all.

So on this World Social Media Day  (i.e. 30 June), we attempt to show you how Social Media can shape the future of girl next door by offering her exceptional career opportunities on Social Media.

  • If Writing and/or Designing is your forte, Career in Social Media is waiting for you:

If you’re having a knack for writing, social media has enormous opportunities for you as ‘Content Marketer/Social Media Copywriter’. However, the content writing work for social media also needs a fundamental knowledge of ‘Digital Marketing’, especially to understand what kind of content works for which social media tool. For creating content which drives traffic and engagement, social media content and Blogging require you to have clarity of thought process, research-oriented approach and understanding of target’s social behavior besides having a flair for writing. Plus the growth opportunities soar high for the girls having knowledge of graphic designing because Social Media Marketing can succeed with a perfect combo of appealing design and compelling content.

  • For the girls who’re Social Media Savvy, Good Communicator, and Multitasker:

In order to maintain the company’s social media presence effectively, Digital Marketing Managers need Social Media Executives/Coordinators.  As the girls are known to have inborn qualities of multitasking and organizational skills; girls with good communication skills, who also like to stay connected to the world (through various social media tools) can think of a career as a ‘Social Media Marketing Executive/Coordinator’. The responsibilities for which mainly includes overseeing and managing the company’s social media presence on various social media platforms, support social media strategies for the promotion of company’s brands & projects, creating awareness about company’s events/initiatives/campaigns etc.  However, with the formal training of Social Media Marketing and experience, one can also advance in the career as Social Media Manager, Social Media Planners and Social Media Strategist.

  • Creative, Spontaneous and the girls who’re Number Lovers:

Social Media has a lucrative career of ‘Social Media Analyst’ for the girls equipped with research capabilities and out of the box thinking ability. Social Media has a plethora of raw data in the form of charts and metrics, but informed decisions can only be taken by generating insights through Research & analysis carried out from these raw data. So, girls! If you love to work with numbers, think of no other option but ‘Social Media Marketing Analyst’. Such Analytics specialists; who can ‘read’ and analyze the qualitative –quantitative performance of a firm can undoubtedly stand out in the crowd.

Besides the above career opportunities in social media field for girls, the brands relying on areas like feminine lifestyle, fashion and fantasy prefer girls in their 20 something; who can gauge the women’s voices & choices across various demographics. And accordingly, come up with fresh ideas for increasing engagement with prospective women customers and influence their actions.

We’re keen to get your views in the comment section about ‘The future pathways and employment opportunities created by Social Media for girls’. Eric Weddle Jersey

Father's day

Father: Every Daughter’s First and Forever King in Her Life

In the era of globalisation, we are used to celebrating many days which were started to be celebrated in western countries. Father’s day is just one of those days. The day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday in June every year. Though this day has not been celebrated so passionately like mother’s day or may be Valentine’s Day, it is yet again a case with the father who is not known to be celebrated in the family or with his day. A real unsung hero in every family.

You will find many long stories for mothers but it is very rare to find a blog written by fathers. Generally, it is assumed that girls are mostly attached to their father and boys are with mother, the cross-gender phenomena make for bonding stronger between two people. Girls are not only attached to heart with the father but also follow values of their father.

father day surat

The relation between father and daughter is like Tom and Jerry. He keeps his eye on every activity and moves of his daughter. No matter with who she is going out but if she doesn’t return by late evening, the person who will call her on the mobile will be her father. As a teenager, daughter spots him as a Hitler but then as she grows up, she finds the deepest love behind his rigid nature.

Hard work and sacrifices done by fathers are mostly overlooked by the family and every sacrifice of mothers are counted. It does not mean that the importance of the father is lesser than the mother in the family, but we tend to see what mother do and how she has fought all the odds and settled in a new home after her marriage.

father daughter blog

The role of the father is impeccable when it comes to the overall personal development of the daughter. It is correctly said that “Every girl is a Princess or Doll to her dad for a lifetime and he’s her King”. No matter what problems he has faced in his life, but he tries his best to give whatever his daughter ask for and sacrifice his wishes just to fulfil her wishes. Father is the ideal example to learn about Sacrifices. No child can pay off the return to the father for his sacrifices.

There are many things a daughter would like to write about the father but it is not only about writing but to praise the unsung hero of the family. Value his sacrifices and give him due respect which he deserves the most. Bobby McCain Womens Jersey

girl sleeveless clothes

Why a Girl Should Not Hesitate To Wear Sleeveless Clothes

“What are you wearing tonight in fresher’s party?” “Hmm… Anything but not a sleeveless.” This is the very common dialogue between two young girls who are discussing their clothes for the fresher’s party in the college. A girl denying to wear sleeveless clothes. Reason? Because she has never worn any since she entered in puberty. This makes her uncomfortable to express herself and makes her feel shy to wear sleeveless clothes. The another reason can be the family. A joint conservative family sees a girl wearing the sleeveless clothes as a characterless (not every but yes, many). The parents feel that girl can not wear sleeveless because it is not good to show your armpits in the public. What’s wrong in that? Is that the crime which a girl will do if she wears sleeveless and meeting her friends or going to the college? The society needs to think once again.

sleeveless clothes

I was sceptical before writing this blog as again the similar thought came to my mind! What will society think after reading this blog? How can a man write about this topic for girls? Is he mad or he has his own vulgar fantasy? It’s neither. From years I have seen many girls hesitate to wear sleeveless clothes mostly because of the family reasons. The conservative mindset of parents not allowing her to live freely. The common answers – “ladke dekhenge”, “aaj kal rapes bohat hote hai sambhal ke rehna chaahiye”, “people are not good, they will see through”  – have made her so scary that she can not even think to buy a top without sleeves. Can anyone guarantee that if a girl is wearing a top with sleeves she is safe? Or no boy will look at her? I think no one would guarantee that.

girl wearing sleeveless

I do agree that boys have their own fantasy but this doesn’t make a statement in the society to ban girls to show their armpits. This is the high time when everyone has to think twice before saying “no” to a girl. Wearing sleeveless is just a type of fashion which is no different than a boy wearing a “baniyan” in public. Armpits are just another part of the body and there is nothing sexually erecting in that! Why can we not give a choice to a girl to wear whatever she likes to wear? Why we always look at her clothes like she just wants to expose? If she can not wear, he must not as well!

girl in clothes showing armpit

This is the time when every father, brother, husband and boyfriend needs to change the mentality. A girl is like a flowing water; don’t try to stop the flow. She knows what to wear and when to wear. She knows if she is wearing sleeveless, she has to clean the armpits and apply a good perfume; just to avoid the raising eyebrows of men around her. She is a girl of the 21st century and if she can not express her freedom, no one on this earth is eligible to express his freedom. Let her live and wear whatever she wants to. Don’t judge her character if you see her in sleeveless. Jermaine Kearse Womens Jersey