Online Harassment

5 Tricks Every Girl Should Try To Avoid Online Harassment

The Internet is a place consisting information from personal to the public about all of us. We update our social media accounts regularly by posting our regular activities by posting photos or ‘check in’ on Facebook, outrage through twitter, connect through messenger and Whatsapp, and even increase our professional network through LinkedIn. But then there comes the question about the security of data, fake accounts, the morphing of photos, rape and murder threats, account hacking and much more. How to deal with such behavior online is a major concern for many girls which ultimately refrains them to take the first step of building a profile as well. Let us help you by giving some examples on how to deal such situations and broaden your knowledge on the same.

1. Connect with people smartly: Social Media profiles are decorated with interesting bio, edited photos and people chat with sugar-coated lines in order to impress and earn your trust. Be aware about whom you are talking to. Choose the friends to add to your account smartly. Read their Bio carefully. If do not find any genuine information there then look for mutual friends if any. Ask them about the profile if it is a genuine one or not. When you fail to get this thing then think before accepting such friend request. Have you seen this person in real life? Do NOT connect to people you do not know personally or you have not seen moving in real life. This profiles can be fake ones or of those cheap people who would misuse your details and photographs to either threaten you or blackmail you.

2. Step back when you see the difference in behavior: Sometimes it gets really tough to judge people as they play very smartly and earn your trust. Still do not trust them completely before few months. Do not share any personal photos or address or any personal information till then. Once you share your contact number and you sense a change in behavior like getting messages frequently, unnecessary calls or asking for your photos then get ALERT and step back before you find yourself in a Trap! Start declining the calls, reduce the frequency of replying the messages, and sent them a warning about how uncomfortable you are by this change in their behavior. If needed BLOCK the person.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help: Jerks do not understand the language of insult and they keep on trying to contact you which can put you in intense trouble. Ask for help from your friends, give them warnings when they cross limits, threaten them on contacting the cops, if you find them powerful enough make sure you handle with elderly guidance.

4. Go slow to understand better: As soon as you exchange numbers do not plan a meet up with them. You are not aware of their true self and before meeting someone you must be pretty sure about your safety. Tell few people about your location when you are meeting people you get along through social media for first 3-4 meetings. Going slow could help you think more and thus act accordingly while understanding their behavior. If the person is genuine he would not force you to meet frequently and rather would make efforts to make you comfortable first and then asking you out.

5. Talk on a variety of topics to understand their behavior: Having conversations on a variety of topics can help you understand their mentality and behavior. Talk about current affairs, music, movies, feminism, jokes, mutual friends etc. This could help you get an overall idea on their thought process and understand the real them.

Online Harassment has an offline Impact. Learn early about wrong intentions by being Alert and being smart when having conversations. Stay Safe and use online Platform for your growth and not affecting your mental health or facing any trouble. Do not get emotionally attached to someone easily you meet through social media as this can hurt you at the end.

10 Ways You Can Enjoy Navratri Without Feeling Insecure

Navratri is synonyms to Gujju sunburn, Gujju Tomorrowland, Gujju Tinder and what not! Along with new garba trends every year (like Salsa garba this year), this festival has shown a tremendous increase in crimes as well every year. Not to go on statistical data of the reported crimes there are innumerable which are not even reported. Eve teasing, molestation, stalking etc are some of the crimes which are ignorant in festivals like Navratri. It won’t matter to others but it leaves an impression which is deep as the sea on us, especially girls, which leads to falling in our confidence and lack of trust issues further and much more. In spite of being alert every second we fall into some awkward situations which can panic us and give confidence to the individual or gang to fulfill their cheap desires. Navratri is the festival of devotion and music but the same has become the festival wherein these 9 days every girl face some or other issue which makes her feel insecure.

What should be done when unknowingly you fall into such situations and feel helpless and your brave instincts turn into fear and panic? Against all odds when you get stuck with creeps, let the goddess in you take the charge and fight back. Here are 10 ways you can protect yourself in Navratri,

1. Be alert about your surroundings. Be aware of the route of entry and exits of the venue. Know where the restrooms are and go there with a company. If you feel uncomfortable at any point contact your other friends to accompany you too.

2. Be aware of the route from your parked car to the entry gate or wherever you got detached from your circle so that you can reach there easily.

3. Whenever you feel you need help to tackle a group or individual do not hesitate to scream and ask for help. Try to stay in well-lit areas where there are number of people around so that you can get easy help. Listening to your reactions they might get frightened and walk away.

4. Eyes and body language speak a lot. Even your single angry stare at the harasser can convey your power to him and drop his intentions to harm you. Though some wretches do not understand the language of eyes and thus you need to know how to harm them when they attack you.

5. Choose the group who are hanging around with wisely. Trust your intuition to judge a person so that nobody can take advantage of you under the mask of a good friend. Know every individual in the group and maintain space if you are not introduced to someone or have negative intuitions.

6. In a situation when you have to attack in order to save yourself use your sandals as a weapon to harm them on the head so that there reflex action takes their hands on the head and you get a chance to escape.

7. Nails were used to protect oneself in ancient times. Let us continue the tradition and let pampering done to them come to some safety use as well. You can use your nails to harm his face or hands and set yourself free if you are grabbed.

8. Use your elbows and knees to hit hard on sensitive parts like neck, teeth, and penis etc. so that they could know your power and not mess with you.

9. Take the crowded route to reach the garba venue. Do not go alone from the route where traffic is almost zero.

10. If you are wearing a backless choli for the night and going on your two-wheeler to reach the venue, make sure to cover your back with a “dupatta” during driving so that no one can get the intention of following you to harass.

These kind of people are all around. They come with wrong intentions and smart ways to grab you. So be sober this Navratri to stay safe. Because a lot can happen when you are not alert. Pledge to fight against this perverts and not come back with your heart sulking in regrets. It is a festival to enjoy the unique music beats which give sudden energy and perform your favorite garba steps till you satisfy your heart and make enough good memories to wait until next year.

loose weight easily

7 Ways You Can Stay Healthy Without Starving Yourself

Do you feel fat or overweight? If yes, do not feel bad because this is a major problem faced nowadays with almost all the girls. The weight control and weight management has become the high priority for females and they have a very high concern for the same. There are variety of sites which gives us ideas to keep it in control. Ample of videos on YouTube which gives us diets to follow. But they mostly result to starving and lack of essential nutrients which leads to severe hair loss and skin problems and other body issues. So it’s time we act smart enough with our food choices as the tradition says”You look what you eat”. Prepare weekly diet chart according to your schedule and include essential foods and nutrients to lose those extra pounds with ease without controlling on your sweet tooth. Here are 7 ways to keep you healthy.

1.Eat super-foods when in a mood of munching: Indians already have their ancient super foods which are easily available at cheap rates all over the country. They are present around us but due to variety of choices available to munch on (thanks to their marketers!) we ignore these and thus lack essential nutrients. Locally known as Chana and peanuts, we can consume them in different ways such as in raw form i.e. consume them as whole, in form of Chikki which are easy on pockets and handy as well. They can be consumed easily without creating any mess and can be carried easily as well. So next time between meals when you feel to munch on something opt for these chikkis guilt free. Dryfruits like walnuts and almonds are another great options to munch on anytime you like as they are easy to store and carry. You can enjoy these super-foods while working, if travelling in bus, train, cab or auto. They give you an instant energy as well to pull your long day at work and also keep your tummy full thus avoiding those junks to enter your mind.

Chikkis are best to opt for munching
Super foods like chikkis for munching

2.Switch to smoothies or juices with your wholesome breakfast:Breakfast be the most important meal of the day we should make it healthy by adding juice of vegetables which we avoid eating. Bottle guard and pumpkin locally known as Giya and petha are full of essential nutrients which can be base of our juice and to enhance the taste other veggies like tomato, coriander, capsicum or any other veggies of your choice could be added. Fruit Smoothies should be your new best friend so that you don’t miss out vital nutrients packed in them which boost your mornings and keeps you energetic. Various fruit combinations can be used to prepare smoothies. Choose your favorite fruits and pamper yourself. So next time you have your breakfast include a juice or smoothie and raise a toast to health with your beloved family.

Having smoothies with breakfast or as whole
Smoothies with breakfast

3.Regular intake of water: Drink water at regular intervals and keep yourself hydrated. It also helps in flushing out toxins and improves the metabolism.

Drinking water in an adequate quantity
Stay Hydrated

4. Regular intake of fruits: Have 3-4 inputs of fruits till evening. If it is your smoothie day, you can make it two as well.

Consuming fruits at regular intervals is neccesary
Fruits at regular intervals

5. Dinner:  Keep your dinner light like consuming dal-rice, vegetable porridge etc and consume before 2 hours of your sleeping time. This might be the time of the day when you can cook for yourself or you get time to eat without any rush but considering it the difficult one don’t skip it and try maintaining the uniformity of eating light and on time. If you are heading to a function or marriage try eating something from home which will keep you full thus reducing your attention to the junks and sweet counter.

Light and wholesome dinner is must
Dinner should be kept light

6. Choose healthy during compulsory outings: It gets difficult to hold back when you are on a meeting with client or friends in a restaurant or café and thus you end up eating and then regretting later or you avoid eating and It may put an impression of not interested to the person you are accompanying. Thus act smart and order according to the timings of the day. If its lunch time, Subs or sandwiches loaded with veggies are a great option to order. It helps you resist long meetings or travels and you consuming them on such occasions act as a tasty change to your diet.

Subs or Sandwiches to be opt for instead of junk
Healthy options instead of junk

7.Include calcium and protein:  Girls, once you hit your 30’s major health issues you face are lack of protein and calcium. Don’t let yourself slow down at that time thus maintain a good intake of them from now only on daily basis. Include sprouts, milk, curd, pulses, paneer mad from low fat milk and lentils locally known as dal in your diet. Lunch could be a good option to include them.

Sources of calcium and protein in diet should be included
Include calcium and protein in diet

Now you know the secrets to lose weight by eating all of those and not starving at all. Prepare a diet chart, follow it religiously and shed those extra kilos! The upcoming festival season everyone should say “wow!” to you!


How To Make Your Routine Life Easy In The Monsoon

Monsoon comes with a relief from scorching heat, high temperature, and a lot of sweat. But it comes with mud pools, unpredictable rains, dirt, diseases and hair fall which may act as a problem or barrier in their daily routine. Now as the rainy season is about to say us “good bye”, there are some essentials which must be kept in mind and incorporated in daily life to make the life easier even in this challenging season.

1. Carry big bags:  As this season requires some extra things to be carried with us a small or medium bags becomes inconvenient and unorganized. A big bag with some pockets and internal bifurcation in them makes it easier to use and saves time as well. A big bag could be spacious enough to carry all the essentials even if it’s a long day at work.

Big Bags In Monsoon Are A Saviour
Carry Big Bags This Monsoon

2. Always have a sanitizer:  Cleanliness is important to be kept this season for saving us from harmful germs and bacteria in the environment. Thus having an instant hand sanitizer is a must in this hail weather. It can help you during emergencies when you have to use public toilets while travelling, before and after consuming anything when you are on-the-go. This essential should be used on frequent intervals to keep your hygienic and your hands clean and germs fee.

3. Using water absorbent footwear’s:  Avoiding shoes and fancy slippers is advisable in monsoon. Water absorbent footwear’s helps you maintain balance on puddled roads and also drains out that annoying rain water which gets collected in the shoes and keeps you uncomfortable the whole day leading to cold also. This footwear’s are easy to shop on, comfortable to wear the whole day and also gives you advantage of vibrant colors. Some fashion experiments could also be done with this cute pair of slippers to have some fun on weekend.

Water absorbent footwear's must be used this monsoon
Water absorbent footwear’s for monsoon

4. Keep your makeup minimum and waterproof:  Keep your daily routine of makeup minimum and use gel based products which are waterproof in nature so that you don’t get scared to step out in rain and waste your time to let rain go off. Also not using a waterproof makeup can lead to melting of your normal makeup and put you in some really embarrassing situations.

having minimal makeup this monsoon can make routine life easy
Minimal makeup is the new makeup trend

5. Energy bars: Keep some energy bars in your bag to munch on if you get stuck in traffic caused by any reason. This energy bars comes in different flavors and prices which helps to fulfill your daily dose of nutrients. Also they keep you full thus avoiding you to munch on street foods which can be harmful due to low cleanliness.

Energy bars are easy on pocket and to carry as well
Energy bars are pocket-friendly

6. Rubber bands: Having extra rubber bands help you tie your hair and make a hair bun easily to avoid damage to them if you get drenched in the rain anytime. Nobody likes to get wet during the start of the week as you cannot afford time to wash them. Thus tying them in a bun can help you manage them easily.

Rubber bands helps in making manageable hairstyles
Buns look cute and are in fashion as well

7. Napkins/Hand towels:  This essential is important to carry with you every time you step out of the house whether it’s cloudy, clear or rainy outside. But keeping them extra in number is important in thus drenching weather so that you can wipe out yourself and also damp your hair if you get wet anytime. This practice not only keeps you clean and comfortable it also makes you ready to go anywhere even after you do get wet. Because you don’t have to wait to let your hairs dry and then proceed to the desired destination.

Hand Towels and napkins should be kept in multiple numbers in bag
Hand towels are such a neccesity

8.Umbrella/Raincoat: A very basic yet an important essential to always carry with you to keep yourself dry and keep moving.

Umbrellas and raincoat are a must to be kept
Basic yet necessary to carry

A working lady is always motivated and doesn’t stop because of challenging weather conditions. Being beautiful doesn’t require high brands clothes and makeup which gets spoiled in the rains. Keep it simple, dry and hygienic this season and attract positivity from all arounds.

How to Select Perfume Fragrance for Your Next Date

The decision of buying perfume should be simply window shopping. It should be very thoughtful. A perfume selection lifts your personality. When you smell good, you will feel confident. The right perfume can give you positive attitude and can make you feel refreshed throughout the day.  Putting on the heavy and beautiful dress is not enough but when it is accompanied with perfect perfume, it makes the magic.

Different fragrance depicts different personality. Let’s have a quick look on the different fragrance of the perfume and what it says about you. There are main five categories of perfume fragrance i.e. Wood, Fruity, Floral, Oriental and Green.

Wood Fragrance: This type of scent is perfect for nature lovers. They are warm and earthy. This fragrance normally associated with cedar, sandalwood, and patchouli. It gives an aromatic scent.

Floral Perfumes: These perfumes are liked by individual who are feminine, romantic and like traditional scents. These perfumes are widely sold. The women who like to dress up and wear delicate make like these types of perfumes.

Oriental Perfumes: Oriental perfumes include ingredients such as vanilla, clove, cinnamon, etc.  Spices and exotic flowers. These fragrances are for exotic women who enjoy being bold. They usually enjoy making a statement and a good perfume helps them to do that.

Fruity Perfumes: Fruity perfumes are for the women who love fresh fruits smell. The women who like these perfumes are young and energetic. The ingredients of the perfumes are a melon, raspberry, peach, juicy, apple, etc.


Green perfumes: They often enjoy the smell of cut grass and have a relaxed personality. They love to be outdoors and enjoy the earthy smells that remind them to be outdoor. The ingredients of these are violet leaves, ivy leaves, rhubarb, etc.

Buy multiple perfume fragrance and match it with the mood, season and place of the date with your boyfriend. Your man would surely go mad if the fragrance coming from your body is making the environment romantic!


rainy season

How to Take Care of Skin During Rainy Season

Rainy season is said to be the most romantic Season. To make your season more beautiful and colourful we need to take care of our skin.

Let’s make our Skin healthy in this rainy season:

1. Avoid dampness: Rainy season increases the moist in the weather which increases the dampness and it leads to various diseases such as fungal infections, ringworm, etc. Thus try to avoid wetness and keep your skin dry.

2. Water for glowing skin: Drink plenty of water during the rainy season to avoid dehydration. At least have 8 glass of water during the day, helps to make your skin shine and healthy.

3. Lip care: During rainy season your lips get cracked. To make your lips healthy apply rose water or milk cream twice a day.

4. Hair care: Wash your hair every alternate day during the rainy season because in the rainy season there is more sweating in the hair and the dirt of hair will have a direct effect on the skin, it may lead to skin infection and sweaty hair will smell very bad during the rainy season.

5. Keep an eye on your diet: Rainy season is said to be the season of “bhajiyas” which contains lots of oil which will definitely have an adverse effect on the health. Consume fresh fruits and vegetable juice in plenty which will definitely make your skin fresh and healthy.

6. Make–up: Instead of using dark makeup, opt for waterproof light makeup which will give you a very elegant look.

7. Routine skin-care: Have regular manicure and pedicure during the rainy season in order to get rid of dry skin and get the shiny and soft skin. Try to avoid bleaching during monsoon in order to avoid skin irritation which may persist during the rainy season.

8. Face Cleaning: Last but not the least, wash your face at least three times a day with non-soapy face wash and use natural shining elements such as papaya, tomato, Kesar ubtan, Aloe Vera gel, besan scrub, etc. to make your skin glow.

Now, lets enjoy monsoon to the fullest!


How To Make Your Colleague A Good Friend At Your Workplace

You spend most of your life in the office and still, you are not developing the relations which are very important in your life. If spending 9 hours a day at the office doesn’t give you a smile on your face than imagine you are wasting most of the time in a day! You must know how to make your colleague a good friend at your office so that you can really enjoy your work in lighter and happy mood. Here are some tips to convert your next desk colleague in a good friend.


1) Show your witty side: If you work seriously whole day even she must be doing the same. You need some space for your self where you can show your witty side to her. Find some moments in a day where you can crack easy-to-digest jokes on other office members or may be to the situation in which you are dealing with the clients! Believe me, your neighbour colleague will notice it and laugh at it!

2) Become her helping hand: You never know when will you need a help from your colleague at work. Putting aside the professional help, you can come to a rescue if she needs personal help. Offer your lunch if she has come without her own or give her a lift at the end of the day to drop her at her home. This can be the first step towards friendship.

3) Go out for lunch or dinner: Going out for lunch or dinner is a great idea to know her choice and taste. You can also go for a shopping if she wishes to buy something which you understand better than her. Help her in choosing the right product for her. You can also share your lifestyle with her so that she also can know about your choices.


4) Share your good memories with her: You always want some one to listen to your old memories, don’t you? If you can find a good person in her then you must share your old memories with her. Remember, don’t share your heartbreaking story until you are not sure about her nature and you have not so much trust on her.


5) Connect with her on social media: This thing you must do at first. Social Media will help you to clear your hesitation. This will create an environment to know her well. Go through her activities on Facebook and Instagram and try to know her likings and dislikings. You can write some comments on her posts and like the posts as well. Discuss the same with her next day to initiate the first talk.


Your workplace should not a boring place for you to work and that’s why you must have your friends. This will be a great morale booster for you and when you are feeling down at the office. So go girls, make your new friends and make your workplace the most happening place for you!


eat recepie

Easy to Cook & Good to Eat Recipes for The Girls Staying Alone

Ready to cook noodles and other packaged instant meals are considered as a boon by those who stay away from home. But believe me, these are not the only food options, if you’re looking for something healthy to eat. There’re quick recipes, which you can try on your own with a li’l practice, modest efforts and basic cooking lessons from your mumma’s kitchen.

So here we’ve listed out such ‘Easy to Cook & good to eat recipes’ for the people who staying alone but haven’t even tried a hand at cooking.

1. A variety of Rice Recipes: Chopped vegetables, rice and some spices are all you need to quickly prepare a healthy rice recipe. It takes around 20 minutes to make this and you can have a variety of rice items with curd or buttermilk. Khichdi is also a great option and is quicker than the vegetable rice.

2. Flour magic: Indian bread (roti, paratha, rotlo etc.) are any day healthier than eating ready-made bread and believe me it doesn’t take that long to make normal masala paratha. If you know how to make the dough, just mix our basic spices (i.e. turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and cumin seeds) you can relish it with pickle, curd or ketchup.


3. Besan – Chilla: Besan Chilla is one of the easiest options for pure veg girls, as it tastes as good as an egg omelette without using eggs. This mouthwatering recipe can be made with gram flour/besan, some chopped vegetables (i.e. onion, tomatoes and green chilli), oil and regular spices as per the taste. To make it healthier & tastier, you can even add some grated paneer and mint leaves/pudina to it. Salsa sauce, tomato ketchup or curd can be great savour with besan chilla.

4. Protein rich Pulses: From Moong- Motth beans (i.e. Green gram, Turkish gram) to variety of dal like Chana dal, Tur, Masoor etc. are not just instant prepare but are also healthy food options. Such dried food items need to be rinsed and soaked properly (approx. 6 hours before cooking) before cooking so as to shorten the cooking time. With boiling these well-soaked pulses/beans in a cooker, half of the job is done. Then you only need to fry it with oil while adding turmeric, salt, desired garam masala and red chilli powder. Plus point with pulses and dried beans is that they go great with plain rice as well as roti or paratha.

Get quick recipes of these items from your mum and let us know how you started relishing any of these food items in your routine.

woman body smell

How to Smell Good Even If Weather is Sweating You Whole Day

Who likes stinky people sitting beside you or travelling with you in the same car when AC is on! Nobody likes to stink whole day, even after she comes out taking the bath in the morning. The weather in India in this time of the year cannot allow you to stay fresh all the time and stops you sweating out. Your body tends to sweat and you can not stop yourself sweating, but at least you can stop smelling bad. Try these different methods to smell good in sweaty season.

1. Take a good shower in the morning: Use good soap bar or shower gel to start your day. Clean your underarms and other parts of the body with good fragrance body soap or shower gel. The fruity fresh smell will stay for a long time on your body. Clean your body well with a towel, especially your underarms.

girl taking shower

2. Create the layers of fragrance on your body: Starting from your hair and then on your skin, create the layers of good scent which compliment each other. A good fragrance shampoo can be used with good body lotion or body butter. The lotion can be covered with matching scent or body deodorant.


3. Use perfume or deodorant: It is necessary nowadays to apply deodorant on the body or perfume on the clothes. You are living a hectic life which demands the good smell of your body. It helps you to stay fresh and give the energy to work. You co-worker would also love to work with you if your body smells good. Spray perfume on your  pulse points on your wrists, behind your knees, onto your chest and behind your ears.

4. Keep your underarms clean: Scared wearing sleevless because of stinky underarms? Shave your underarms to get rid of those hair. The wet underarms with hair grows the bacteria which then stinks. Apply good deodrant on shaved underarms to keep your self covered with good fregrance and do not hesitate to show it off!

smell good

shaved underarms

5. Don’t wear the same clothes again: Change your clothes for several times in a day. Also change your innerwears, lingeries twice or thrice. Do not wear the same clothes again once you have alreade wore. It will help you in not developing the bad clothes smell.

Season is not going to change. It can be hot or humid but you have to keep going with your routine work and also smell good. Only a fresh and good smelling body can increase the level of energy which you can manage. Your fashion statement should not kill by your self with stinky body.

body language for girls

9 Body Posture Types Speak About Your Thought Process And Behaviour

How often have you felt that people are not giving you due importance which normally you deserve to get? How many times have you felt that being a girl people are not listening to your opinions while discussing on some topic in a group? Well, not always you can blame the lack of knowledge for the negligence. There can be another reason which might be not encouraging people to look towards you! Have you ever thought about your body posture or your body language? Do you know your body speaks more than your words?! What will you do if you follow the good fashion trends for girls but with wrong body language?

Body language is a non-verbal communication which includes pitch, tone and volume of voice, gestures and facial expressions, body posture, eye movements, dress and appearance. Most of the time the non- verbal communication speaks more than verbal communication. What you need to learn is how your body is going to adopt the posture as per the demand of the situation. Here you can learn 9 sitting postures which indicate your thoughts and behaviour.

Sit Erect: Sitting up straight with your shoulders back, and feet firmly planted on the floor sends a strong message that you’re confident. If you use your hands to gestures, it seems you are asking: Who runs the world?

sitting posture for girl
Twisha showing different postures

body posture for girl

Cross Legs: When you cross your leg over another leg, it seems you are feeling insecure and not confident. Because confident people never shrink like that. They spread out like they have owned the place. That said, like most rules of body language, there are situational exceptions: Crossing your legs toward someone can be a bold statement that says you’re into the person you’re cosying up to. Crossing away from someone, however, can send the message that you’re checked out.

cross legged sitting

cross legged sitting girl

Sitting Cross-legged: Sitting cross-legged on the floor shows your openness. It indicates that you are very loose, casual and easy going person.

Cross your ankles: When you cross your ankles, it shows that you are secure. When the feet touch firmly to the floor that indicates that you are very much sure about yourself.

cross ankle sitting

Sit in the centre of the Bench: When you sit exactly in the middle of the bench, it shows you are very much confident about yourself. Take the centre seat whenever you are sitting on a sofa. It shows you are confident enough to stay in the centre and you are ready to face the challenges.

Sitting in the middle

Use Armrest: If you regularly rely on armrests, you are the shaky type who needs to steady herself, and you are likely insecure. In contrast, girl bosses don’t need to steady themselves, they’re naturally at ease and in control.

using armrest while sitting

Clasp Hands: You are people-pleaser i.e. a person who tries to please or amuse others. And clasp hands also indicates a tendency to be dishonest.

clasp hands

Cross arms: It shows your detachment towards someone. It also indicates you are angry or you are in the defensive mode from the beginning.

cross arm girl

Cross Wrists on the lap: Crossing your wrists in your lap doesn’t mean you’re angry, but it suggests you’re insecure and trying to hide your vulnerabilities by covering the inner wrists.

cross wrist on lap

Still hands on your lap:  Still hands indicate rigidity. It shows that a person is not open-minded who is not ready to welcome new ideas. She is close minded.

girl sitting with still hands

Connect with any of above-mentioned body posture and try to think about your body language. You will surely want to improve on some postures!