rainy season

How to Take Care of Skin During Rainy Season

Rainy season is said to be the most romantic Season. To make your season more beautiful and colourful we need to take care of our skin.

Let’s make our Skin healthy in this rainy season:

1. Avoid dampness: Rainy season increases the moist in the weather which increases the dampness and it leads to various diseases such as fungal infections, ringworm, etc. Thus try to avoid wetness and keep your skin dry.

2. Water for glowing skin: Drink plenty of water during the rainy season to avoid dehydration. At least have 8 glass of water during the day, helps to make your skin shine and healthy.

3. Lip care: During rainy season your lips get cracked. To make your lips healthy apply rose water or milk cream twice a day.

4. Hair care: Wash your hair every alternate day during the rainy season because in the rainy season there is more sweating in the hair and the dirt of hair will have a direct effect on the skin, it may lead to skin infection and sweaty hair will smell very bad during the rainy season.

5. Keep an eye on your diet: Rainy season is said to be the season of “bhajiyas” which contains lots of oil which will definitely have an adverse effect on the health. Consume fresh fruits and vegetable juice in plenty which will definitely make your skin fresh and healthy.

6. Make–up: Instead of using dark makeup, opt for waterproof light makeup which will give you a very elegant look.

7. Routine skin-care: Have regular manicure and pedicure during the rainy season in order to get rid of dry skin and get the shiny and soft skin. Try to avoid bleaching during monsoon in order to avoid skin irritation which may persist during the rainy season.

8. Face Cleaning: Last but not the least, wash your face at least three times a day with non-soapy face wash and use natural shining elements such as papaya, tomato, Kesar ubtan, Aloe Vera gel, besan scrub, etc. to make your skin glow.

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How To Make Your Colleague A Good Friend At Your Workplace

You spend most of your life in the office and still, you are not developing the relations which are very important in your life. If spending 9 hours a day at the office doesn’t give you a smile on your face than imagine you are wasting most of the time in a day! You must know how to make your colleague a good friend at your office so that you can really enjoy your work in lighter and happy mood. Here are some tips to convert your next desk colleague in a good friend.


1) Show your witty side: If you work seriously whole day even she must be doing the same. You need some space for your self where you can show your witty side to her. Find some moments in a day where you can crack easy-to-digest jokes on other office members or may be to the situation in which you are dealing with the clients! Believe me, your neighbour colleague will notice it and laugh at it!

2) Become her helping hand: You never know when will you need a help from your colleague at work. Putting aside the professional help, you can come to a rescue if she needs personal help. Offer your lunch if she has come without her own or give her a lift at the end of the day to drop her at her home. This can be the first step towards friendship.

3) Go out for lunch or dinner: Going out for lunch or dinner is a great idea to know her choice and taste. You can also go for a shopping if she wishes to buy something which you understand better than her. Help her in choosing the right product for her. You can also share your lifestyle with her so that she also can know about your choices.


4) Share your good memories with her: You always want some one to listen to your old memories, don’t you? If you can find a good person in her then you must share your old memories with her. Remember, don’t share your heartbreaking story until you are not sure about her nature and you have not so much trust on her.


5) Connect with her on social media: This thing you must do at first. Social Media will help you to clear your hesitation. This will create an environment to know her well. Go through her activities on Facebook and Instagram and try to know her likings and dislikings. You can write some comments on her posts and like the posts as well. Discuss the same with her next day to initiate the first talk.


Your workplace should not a boring place for you to work and that’s why you must have your friends. This will be a great morale booster for you and when you are feeling down at the office. So go girls, make your new friends and make your workplace the most happening place for you!

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eat recepie

Easy to Cook & Good to Eat Recipes for The Girls Staying Alone

Ready to cook noodles and other packaged instant meals are considered as a boon by those who stay away from home. But believe me, these are not the only food options, if you’re looking for something healthy to eat. There’re quick recipes, which you can try on your own with a li’l practice, modest efforts and basic cooking lessons from your mumma’s kitchen.

So here we’ve listed out such ‘Easy to Cook & good to eat recipes’ for the people who staying alone but haven’t even tried a hand at cooking.

1. A variety of Rice Recipes: Chopped vegetables, rice and some spices are all you need to quickly prepare a healthy rice recipe. It takes around 20 minutes to make this and you can have a variety of rice items with curd or buttermilk. Khichdi is also a great option and is quicker than the vegetable rice.

2. Flour magic: Indian bread (roti, paratha, rotlo etc.) are any day healthier than eating ready-made bread and believe me it doesn’t take that long to make normal masala paratha. If you know how to make the dough, just mix our basic spices (i.e. turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and cumin seeds) you can relish it with pickle, curd or ketchup.


3. Besan – Chilla: Besan Chilla is one of the easiest options for pure veg girls, as it tastes as good as an egg omelette without using eggs. This mouthwatering recipe can be made with gram flour/besan, some chopped vegetables (i.e. onion, tomatoes and green chilli), oil and regular spices as per the taste. To make it healthier & tastier, you can even add some grated paneer and mint leaves/pudina to it. Salsa sauce, tomato ketchup or curd can be great savour with besan chilla.

4. Protein rich Pulses: From Moong- Motth beans (i.e. Green gram, Turkish gram) to variety of dal like Chana dal, Tur, Masoor etc. are not just instant prepare but are also healthy food options. Such dried food items need to be rinsed and soaked properly (approx. 6 hours before cooking) before cooking so as to shorten the cooking time. With boiling these well-soaked pulses/beans in a cooker, half of the job is done. Then you only need to fry it with oil while adding turmeric, salt, desired garam masala and red chilli powder. Plus point with pulses and dried beans is that they go great with plain rice as well as roti or paratha.

Get quick recipes of these items from your mum and let us know how you started relishing any of these food items in your routine. Colin Kaepernick Womens Jersey

woman body smell

How to Smell Good Even If Weather is Sweating You Whole Day

Who likes stinky people sitting beside you or travelling with you in the same car when AC is on! Nobody likes to stink whole day, even after she comes out taking the bath in the morning. The weather in India in this time of the year cannot allow you to stay fresh all the time and stops you sweating out. Your body tends to sweat and you can not stop yourself sweating, but at least you can stop smelling bad. Try these different methods to smell good in sweaty season.

1. Take a good shower in the morning: Use good soap bar or shower gel to start your day. Clean your underarms and other parts of the body with good fragrance body soap or shower gel. The fruity fresh smell will stay for a long time on your body. Clean your body well with a towel, especially your underarms.

girl taking shower

2. Create the layers of fragrance on your body: Starting from your hair and then on your skin, create the layers of good scent which compliment each other. A good fragrance shampoo can be used with good body lotion or body butter. The lotion can be covered with matching scent or body deodorant.


3. Use perfume or deodorant: It is necessary nowadays to apply deodorant on the body or perfume on the clothes. You are living a hectic life which demands the good smell of your body. It helps you to stay fresh and give the energy to work. You co-worker would also love to work with you if your body smells good. Spray perfume on your  pulse points on your wrists, behind your knees, onto your chest and behind your ears.

4. Keep your underarms clean: Scared wearing sleevless because of stinky underarms? Shave your underarms to get rid of those hair. The wet underarms with hair grows the bacteria which then stinks. Apply good deodrant on shaved underarms to keep your self covered with good fregrance and do not hesitate to show it off!

smell good

shaved underarms

5. Don’t wear the same clothes again: Change your clothes for several times in a day. Also change your innerwears, lingeries twice or thrice. Do not wear the same clothes again once you have alreade wore. It will help you in not developing the bad clothes smell.

Season is not going to change. It can be hot or humid but you have to keep going with your routine work and also smell good. Only a fresh and good smelling body can increase the level of energy which you can manage. Your fashion statement should not kill by your self with stinky body. Jake Fisher Authentic Jersey

body language for girls

9 Body Posture Types Speak About Your Thought Process And Behaviour

How often have you felt that people are not giving you due importance which normally you deserve to get? How many times have you felt that being a girl people are not listening to your opinions while discussing on some topic in a group? Well, not always you can blame the lack of knowledge for the negligence. There can be another reason which might be not encouraging people to look towards you! Have you ever thought about your body posture or your body language? Do you know your body speaks more than your words?! What will you do if you follow the good fashion trends for girls but with wrong body language?

Body language is a non-verbal communication which includes pitch, tone and volume of voice, gestures and facial expressions, body posture, eye movements, dress and appearance. Most of the time the non- verbal communication speaks more than verbal communication. What you need to learn is how your body is going to adopt the posture as per the demand of the situation. Here you can learn 9 sitting postures which indicate your thoughts and behaviour.

Sit Erect: Sitting up straight with your shoulders back, and feet firmly planted on the floor sends a strong message that you’re confident. If you use your hands to gestures, it seems you are asking: Who runs the world?

sitting posture for girl
Twisha showing different postures

body posture for girl

Cross Legs: When you cross your leg over another leg, it seems you are feeling insecure and not confident. Because confident people never shrink like that. They spread out like they have owned the place. That said, like most rules of body language, there are situational exceptions: Crossing your legs toward someone can be a bold statement that says you’re into the person you’re cosying up to. Crossing away from someone, however, can send the message that you’re checked out.

cross legged sitting

cross legged sitting girl

Sitting Cross-legged: Sitting cross-legged on the floor shows your openness. It indicates that you are very loose, casual and easy going person.

Cross your ankles: When you cross your ankles, it shows that you are secure. When the feet touch firmly to the floor that indicates that you are very much sure about yourself.

cross ankle sitting

Sit in the centre of the Bench: When you sit exactly in the middle of the bench, it shows you are very much confident about yourself. Take the centre seat whenever you are sitting on a sofa. It shows you are confident enough to stay in the centre and you are ready to face the challenges.

Sitting in the middle

Use Armrest: If you regularly rely on armrests, you are the shaky type who needs to steady herself, and you are likely insecure. In contrast, girl bosses don’t need to steady themselves, they’re naturally at ease and in control.

using armrest while sitting

Clasp Hands: You are people-pleaser i.e. a person who tries to please or amuse others. And clasp hands also indicates a tendency to be dishonest.

clasp hands

Cross arms: It shows your detachment towards someone. It also indicates you are angry or you are in the defensive mode from the beginning.

cross arm girl

Cross Wrists on the lap: Crossing your wrists in your lap doesn’t mean you’re angry, but it suggests you’re insecure and trying to hide your vulnerabilities by covering the inner wrists.

cross wrist on lap

Still hands on your lap:  Still hands indicate rigidity. It shows that a person is not open-minded who is not ready to welcome new ideas. She is close minded.

girl sitting with still hands

Connect with any of above-mentioned body posture and try to think about your body language. You will surely want to improve on some postures! Austin Hooper Jersey

eats together

Stay as a Family Even if the Technology Plays The Role of Villain

Family that eats together, prays together stays together. Technology is not curse but it is a blessing for the society as well as for the family if use in appropriate manner. In today’s era one cannot think of life without technology. If technology is used in constructive manner, it makes your life easy, comfortable and happy. Technology has the power to keep the family members connected with each other.

Isha enjoying trip with her family | Family Day

1. Have at least one meal together: In today’s time the schedules of all the family members are too busy that they might not able to have all meals together. But we can have at least one meal together i.e. either lunch or dinner or if possible, both.

2. Share your daily talks: When we want to know about our children routine i.e., what are they doing whole day in schools, classes ,etc. with their friends , we need to tell them what we have done whole day in our office , kitchen, or where we went, whom we met then only they will share with us their minds. To keep them happy and stress free we need to know about them.

As a family always stays in trend | Family Day

3. Use your mobile phones or laptops only if urgent: Switching of mobile phones or get away from internet is not possible in this period. But you can at least limit the use of your gadgets to enjoy with your family.

4. Play games together: Playing different outdoor and indoor family games together with your family will make you mentally and physically fit. Family will gain sense of security from each other and games will make family atmosphere happy.

5. Use electronic gadgets for family entertainment: Use of laptops, smart televisions, projectors, iPods, and mobile phones for various family entertainments will bring happiness in the family. For example, watching movies together, listening music, watching cricket match as well as some other informational news and its discussion also brings family together.

6. Go for holidays at regular interval: In our busy schedule we could not able to give quality time to our family. At that time what we need to do is we should go for holidays at regular interval with our family may once in a year or twice or thrice as per our convenience. That will help to retain bonding between the family members.

Because every family occasions are important | Family Day

Let’s make use of electronic gadgets for constructive purpose and make our family healthy, wealthy and happy. Sergei Nemchinov Jersey

chellenges at job

Challenges Faced by a Girl in The First Year of Job After College

One of the most crucial, memorable and challenging phases of a girl’s career is when she starts working after completing her college. Because besides handling her work skillfully, there are lots of hidden challenges (pertaining to the work & workplace) which she has to deal with during the initial year of her first job.

So let us see some of such issues that a girl has to tackle and how she can handle them.

1. Dealing with Challenges faced with respect to the practical application: Learning the theories at college and scoring high is much easier but ironically it can’t guarantee you success in corporate life. Because one has to jump into the water to actually start swimming, no matter how aware one is about the techniques of swimming. That’s how it is for the newly recruited person. Even if you get hired based on your academic excellence, the practical application of things can only be learnt as you actually start working. To manage this issue, one has to be ready to do the ground work also. Your superior/reporting authorities will make you do the basic work. It is not to make you feel down, but to teach you how important it is to learn little things before you assume bigger responsibilities. As a newly recruited person, you shouldn’t deny doing any work which gives you an opportunity to learn & grow.

2. Breaking the ice and making a repo: As a newcomer, you have to take initiative to break the ice with your team members and colleagues. Maintaining a good repo should not be restricted to your superior/boss or your department, you should have good terms with everyone in the organisation. It is more important for the newcomer because she doesn’t have a fair idea of whom will she have to deal with in future. The key is to greet everyone you come across in your office. However, it is advisable for the girls to avoid being over-friendly with anyone in the office.

3. Change Management: The biggest change that comes to your life as you start working after completing your college is the change of your daily routine. While it is ok to be liberal with your timing in college, working in office requires you to be strictly disciplined with your timing, performance & mannerisms. As you start your job, you’ve to get used to working for the prescribed working hours. End moment project submissions may be possible in college, but you’ve to be on your toes to meet the office work deadlines. Working out on how & where you can multitask also helps a lot. Being a girl, you may also have to manage the household work; that’s where you need to learn ‘Work life balance’.

4. Keep your eyes & ears open: Taking up any job after completing studies requires you to be attentive at every moment. It’s necessary during your working hours in the office. But if your observation power is sharp enough to keep a track of the happenings in your industry (outside the office); it definitely earns you extra points in your career. Besides observing things & churning out important corporate lessons from it; you also need to memorise the things/people/terms etc. directly connected to your work domain.

5. Indulging in Office Politics! – a strict no-no for the fresher:  Though ‘Office Politicking’ is a fact of almost every office; participating in gossiping or involving into office politics is dangerous for the newly recruited females. The simplest way of dealing with office politics is to be away from it and be neutral.

6. Managing the journey from Probation to Confirmation:  On accepting the Offer Letter, you’re hired for the probation period. This is a ‘not-to-miss’ opportunity if you seriously wish to continue the job. Because you’re recruited as a confirmed/permanent employee by the organisation only if you satisfactorily perform during the probation. Hence, managing with all the resistances is more than important during your probation. The trick is to make a mark by going the extra mile in your work.

So if you know any girl who’s about to make her way to her first job after college, share with her these tips. So that she can have a good start of her career. Kris Versteeg Authentic Jersey

clothe budget

Budget Sets No Bar to Get You a Stylish Look

‘I am running out of new clothes, I badly need to go for shopping’ – is a feeling majority of the girls have every now & then. And sometimes this feeling is also backed by the myth that one needs to spend heavily to look classy. However applying some simple styling tactics can help you break such stereotype because budget can’t really set any criteria to look fashionable.

While there are countless ways of proving that budget isn’t quite a barrier to your getting an eye-catching, stylish look; here are few handy & pocket-friendly tips to get a stylish look.

Revise your old clothes: Bringing out a new look with the old dress, which is otherwise lying idle, is possible with a li’l bit of redecorating & revising it creatively. For example, you can reuse your old long layered skirt to make a chic short dress out of it with a simple trick. All you need to do is to cut the uppermost part of the skirt which has elastic and replace it with a lace. The same lace can be used to stitch the shoulder straps of revised dress. To add more detailing to it, you can also add another horizontal layer of same lace at the waist. And you’re ready to flaunt your cute short dress!

Must have Classic outfits for your wardrobe: You need to properly spend only once to get a worthy plain white shirt (ideally in the quality cotton material) and a plain black top/t-shirt (preferably thick & durable fabric). Both these versatile outfits can work at formal as well as informal events. For instance, a white shirt with formal blazer gets you perfect elegant office wear. The same white shirt, when paired with a denim jacket gets you cool look for the outings. If you still need to make your plain white shirt more versatile, it can be worn with a handcrafted embroidered jackets/koti (ex. Choli Jacket with Kutch embroidery) as well. The same way you can stylishly match a plain black top/ t-shirt with jackets/overcoat/shrug or any such suitable outfit. Know how ‘Mix & Match’ matters: Trying mix & match fashion ideas are all about knowing how you can make the most of the stuff already owned by you, to set diverse themes as per your mood & occasion. Simplest trick is to choose a branded piece of cloth with the routine/not so costly outfits – such as branded jeans with street side tee/top. The Same trick can be applied to the accessories as well. If you have an eye for good design (i.e. not very common) and if you spot it with a street side vendor or roadside shop; it is advisable not to miss it. Because such piece of accessories can also be clubbed smartly with a variety of outfits. Likewise, you can brainstorm & work out such fun mix & match ideas. Lastly, don’t miss to share these styling tips with your college peeps. Evgeny Svechnikov Authentic Jersey


10 Tips For Girls To Keep in Mind While Travelling Alone

A girl going on holidays “alone” sounds weird. But it’s amazing experience. A girl enjoying her own company is considered to be the happiest girl on the planet and why you cannot be that girl?!! There is nothing to fear about in travelling alone for a girl; whether it’s a domestic trip or an international trip. But it is advisable to take safety precautions to avoid hurdles in your trip.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind while travelling alone.

1. Keep your money scattered: Never keep all your money or plastic money at one place or in a single bag. Keep some money in socks, some in pants and in different bags so that if any of your bags gets robbed, you won’t end up losing everything.

2. Never let anyone know that you are travelling alone: Don’t share it with anyone that you are travelling alone. You need to communicate tactfully. For Example – If someone asks you “Is this your first trip to Goa?” – your reply should be “No! we often come here, we love to visit this place”. This makes the stranger feel that you are not completely unfamiliar to the place.

3. Know where you are going: Plan your route before leaving home. Always review your travel route & travel plan before leaving your hotel. Always make use of GPS system to ensure that you aren’t following the suspicious route.

4. Don’t loiter: Never hang out unnecessarily around the airport or highways. Move on to the next step as soon as possible. Because moving target is harder to hit, so keep moving. 

5. Try to be Normal: Don’t let anyone know from your body language that you have more amount of money/luxurious stuff. So avoid overloading yourself with expensive jewellery. Don’t be too familiar with anyone. Instead prefer to have a light conversation, so that you can move quickly.

6. Be in touch: You should be in touch with at least one of your family members or friends on a regular basis; so as to keep him/her informed about your whereabouts and where you’re headed. This will help you in your critical times.

7. Choose your accommodation carefully: Select the chain hotel or group hotel, which has its presence at several places. To stay safely, prefer the middle floor of the hotel.

8. Safety in hotels:

  • Check the hidden camera behind photo frame or bathroom and such sceptical points.
  • Keep the television or radio at the maximum volume; so that no one can make out that you’re alone in the room.
  • At the time of check-in, use the word ‘Mrs.’ in your introduction to pretend that you are accompanied by someone.
  • Ask for room service only if you really require it. And whenever you ask for a room service; be careful to not open the whole door, instead open half-door and take your food. 

9. Beware of new friends/acquaintances: Long day conversation with someone may bring intimacy between you and that person. But never go too close to a stranger by putting blind trust on him/her. Because judging anyone within very short span of time may turn out to be quite risky.

10. Self-defence: Many organisations provide self-defence classes for women. Before going on the solo trip, try to attain such classes as a preventive measure to stay safe. Keep one KNIFE and RED CHILLI POWDER in your hand bag, which will help you in any difficult situation. 

Travelling alone is not a big deal girls. Plan your next tour alone, find the destination, pack your bags and just go for it! Jamison Crowder Womens Jersey