12 Days Paid Period Leave for Female Staff in Surat

Surat (Gujarat) [India], a Surat-based digital marketing company, iVIPANAN, said it would give 12 days of paid period leave per year to the woman employees working in the firm. Being women led company, founder of iVIPANAN Mr. Bhautik Sheth announced 12 days of period leave per year for its female staff with immediate effect.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and it has total 8 female employees working there. Mr Sheth has always applied “People First” policy for his company. Following this policy, he has taken thoughtful decision for his staff & has set great example among other small to big size organizations.

He said, “Menstruation is still a taboo in Indian society. Even today females working in offices become conscious of taking a bag, purse, or a plastic bag in a hand while going to the washroom. We want to break this stigma and send a strong message to all small-size businesses in India to understand the biological difference between males and females. We have taken this step so that women do not have to deal with the discomfort of coming to office during periods.

Watch the video to know the story

A Pizza restaurant in Surat installed Sanitary Napkin vending machine and gives it for free

In the 21st century where people have gradually started talking about periods and taking initiatives for women’s menstrual health. Considering this thought, a pizza restaurant called La Pino’z at Pal – Adajan in Surat has installed a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine.

Initially, when the machine was installed in the restaurant’s washroom, they used to take minimal charge of 5 Rs. Now the restaurant has decided to provide sanitary napkins for free. According to the restaurant owner Divyesh Kania, “We are the first restaurant in Gujarat to have a Sanitary Pad Vending Machine. Initially, we used to take a minimal charge per napkin but now we are not charging anything. Any female can use the vending machine and take the out the sanitary pad for free.

Kania said, “This initiative was taken to support women’s health & hygiene and spread awareness about the same among others. Females, when going out to restaurants with friends and families may suddenly need a sanitary pad. This can become a very awkward situation for her if no medical store is around. We took this initiative last year to promote sanitary napkin vending machines at every restaurant and public places. We hope more food joints and public places will come forward and install the vending machines.

We all need to come together to break this taboo that society has made. Every individual’s support in this movement can bring change. It’s great to see every size firm are coming forward to support this movement.

The restaurant operators Mrs. Hemali Kania & Mrs. Bhavini Tamukawala said, “Many females come at the end of the day when we are about to close our restaurant. They don’t come to order pizza, but they request us to use the sanitary napkin vending machine. They feel blessed to find such machine nearby when not able to find a medical store. This gives us a great sense of satisfaction.

recently, a Surat based digital marketing agency – iVIPANAN – declared 12 days paid period leave to the female staff members. We hope more such organizations will come forward with such policy to the workplace.

It is also notable that on this Independence Day, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also mentioned the importance of sanitary napkins in his speech. The progress of the nation is only possible if society adopts the change.

It’s high time to break this stigma and contribute to the country’s progressive development. Let’s not just make females feel special on women’s day but do something that actually helps her to grow.
When women of this country will work in comfort, the nation will succeed automatically. By doing this, we are being fair to equality.

Meanwhile, if you are craving for lip smacking pizza you can visit La Pino’z Pizza, Pal – Adajan.










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Hari Krushna Village – Excellent Place for Family to Visit this Vacation

Our girl gang was thinking about a place where we can go and chill in the summer evening. Though there are many cafe options in Surat, we were looking for a place where we could cherish nature in the open air. Fortunately, we were invited by the management of Hari Krushna Village Restuarant to enjoy Kathiywadi food and their hospitality. Situated near Poddar International School, BRTS Canal Road, Near Simada check post, Puna gam road in Surat, a visit to Hari Krushna Village restaurant was a unique experience. It was like going back to traditional days of childhood.  Partying with Girls gang at cafes and multi-cuisine restaurants is very common, but partying with your friends at this place will give you a different feeling! Hari Krushna Village is definitely an excellent place for family to visit this vacation.

girls enjoying at Hari Krushna Village

great fun by girls of girl in neighbour team

The ambiance of Hari Krushna Village restaurant is fully traditional.  They have much different ancient equipment such as Sambelu, valonu, Stone chakki, different metal pots, mitti Chula, clay utensils, etc. Nowadays they are hardly found in our homes. But this restaurant will definitely help us to know our ancient culture. Along with the unique utensils, they have created a very beautiful village atmosphere with the help of well, tire games, marble games, bicycle, a place where one can sit under the trees with their groups and enjoy their time.

Isha with Stone chakki at Hari Krushna Village Restaurant
Isha with Stone chakki at Hari Krushna Village Restaurant
Siddhi using valonu at Hari Krushna Village
Siddhi using ‘valonu’ at Hari Krushna Village
Reshma trying pittal utensils
Reshma trying ‘pittal’ utensils

The heart of any restaurant is food. They serve unlimited traditional cuisines with full of love and happiness. The management of the restaurant gives personal attention to each and every guest so that guests can enjoy their delicious dinner. After the tasty dinner, one can enjoy “Ice Gola” in a traditional way with traditional taste. Your kids can sit out on traditional chaarpaai to enjoy the puppet show. The adults with kids can also enjoy the magic show.

Puppet show at Hari Krushna Village
Puppet show at Hari Krushna Village
Reyansh enjoying ice gola
Reyansh enjoying ice gola
People enjoying magic show
People enjoying a magic show
Reyansh having fun time
Reyansh having a fun time

The restaurant has a big plot where you can play different games with your friends and chill out happily. So guys what are you waiting for? Chill with your Gang in this summer at Hari Krushna Village restaurant. If you are looking for a party venue in Surat, you must consider this place! The address is:

Hari Krushna Village, Near Poddar International School, Plot No 120, Valthan-Punagam Rd, Simada Gam, Surat, Gujarat 395006

Also, check their Facebook page here and also watch this video to know more!

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Easy Tips to Create Mindful Eating Habits in Busy Life

Firstly, what is mindfulness? It is the state of being conscious or aware of something. Similarly, mindful eating refers to eating your food consciously, with 100% attention.

It is a completely different concept from dieting. When you are on a diet, you just blindly follow what your dietitian says. When you start practising mindful eating, you realise it is a self- exploration journey. Let me help you by briefing about what EXACTLY is mindful eating about.

Nowadays we have stopped doing anything mindfully because of hectic schedule & fast life.

Like, when we work, we think about food, but when we are having food, we are worrying about work. The result- Work performance graph goes down & weight gain graph goes up!!!

Think, if we make a slight change in above routine, i.e. eat mindfully, you won’t get distracted by the thought of food while working and your health & work graphs will shoot up in right directions.

Pay Attention:

  • What caused the thought of eating (emotions/hunger)
  • Is it required & healthy?
  • Are you sensing the food? i.e. smell, taste, texture of food
  • How are you feeling during & after having it?
  • How satisfied are you pre, during & post that meal?
  • What is the origin and how is food processed?


  • You start feeding your Body & not Emotions!!
  • You start enjoying the food thoroughly
  • You realise if the food you are planning to have is healthy or not
  • You prevent yourself from overeating in social events, late nights, movies, etc.
  • You learn the impact of different foods on your mind & emotions
  • You learn the impact of different foods during workouts & relaxation


  • Its old school theory but you Need to chew your food well.
  • Wait a moment before having next bite.
  • Close your eyes for a moment and relish the first bite you have
  • Try to identify ingredients in the food
  • Take modest portion (do not worry about starving, you can always have second helping if not satisfied)
  • Do not sit with big portions in plate
  • GRATITUDE is important! Be grateful for the food that fuels your body

This all sounds common & easy. But trust me, once you develop a mindful relationship with food, your life will change drastically in every aspect for better. Keep the above points in mind and give a try to Mindful Eating. Let me know your experience in person.

Get all your myths cleared which might hinder your fitness journey.

Connect to Dietitian Srushti Bothra personally and get started with Fit YOU for the coming year.

INSTAGRAM: sculptandgetwell

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Harikrushna Village restaurant is coming up with 31st December New Year Bash

The last night of the year brings lots of excitement, hope and more than that, entertainment. In the last couple of years, Surat has started seeing the enthusiasm of the people who are now celebrating the 31st December night in discotheques, party plots, personal parties or on the terrace of the home. Every party comes with a unique theme and varieties of cuisine. It is said that you can take Gujarati out of Gujarat but can never take Gujarat out of the Gujarati! There are people in the city who loves to celebrate the 31st evening in the very own Gujarati way! Keeping the fact in the mind, Harikrushna Village restaurant is coming up with 31st December New Year Bash at their stupendous village theme restaurant. If you have yet not visited this place, here is a glimpse of the restaurant.

So what is unique about 31st December evening at Harikrushna Village restaurant? Well, the entire place is so unique in its own way. The entrance, waiting area, casual sitting area, Kathputli Khel, open party plot, dining huts, etc. gives you the feeling of the village of Gujarat. You must take entry at 6 PM and you will not leave the place before 11 PM if you are going during the normal days. But if you are going to enjoy 31st December, you will definitely get the great mid-night time to enjoy with friends and family.

gujarati hotel in surat

Kathiyawadi restaurant in surat

gujarati restaurant in gujarat

food blog in surat

best gujarati hotel in gujarat

best hotel in surat

Our girls went there to feel the environment and taste the food, and believe me, they were just amazed by seeing the place. The taste of the food was awesome!

food blogger surat

food blog surat
Siddhi at Harikrushna

So girls and boys, if you are still looking for a place to spend 31st eve, you cannot get a better option than this. Just go there and welcome the new year in your very own way! For more details, you can call on 96979 8994. Happy New Year!!

run varachha surat

Run Varachha – Run For A Healthy Heart

ઉફ્ફ્ફ! આ  ઠંડી તો કે મારુ કામ!  પણ સવારે રજાઈમાંથી બહાર નીકળવાનું મન થાય તો કસરત કરી શકાય ને! પણ આપણે સુરતી અને ખુશમિજાજ! ચા ની સાથે ખમણ કે લોચો ના મળે તો એ સવાર કેવી!

આજની સ્ત્રીઓની વાત કરીએ તો એ ગૃહિણી હોઈ કે વર્કીંગ વુમન, એકને પરિવાર અને ઘરને સાચવવામાંથી અને બીજાને ઘર અને જોબ બંનેની  વચ્ચે સંતુલન જાળવવામાંથી ફૂરસદ મળતી નથી. અને વિકેન્ડ આવે એટલે થોડીક હળવી ક્ષણો માણવા આપણે બહારનું જંક ફૂડ પસંદ કરી લેતા હોઈએ છીએ કે પછી આ લગ્ન સીઝનમાં જમણવારની વાત હોઈ, આપણે સ્વાસ્થ્યની અવગણના કરીને મીઠાઈ અને ફરસાણ આરોગી લેતા હોઈએ છીએ. પણ શું બીજા દિવસે આપણે કસરત કરવા માટે ઉઠી શકીએ છીએ?

દોડવાનાં  ઘણા-બધા ફાયદા છે. તેનાથી ઘણા-બધા રોગો દૂર થાય છે. હૃદયની બીમારીથી બચી શકાય છે. તેમજ શરીરની તંદુરસ્તી જળવાઈ રહે છે.સવારે જલદી ઊઠીને ચાલવા જવું, દોડવા જવું, યોગા કરવું , કસરત કરવી ખૂબ જ  જરૂરી છે. જેનાથી આપણા તન અને મનની તંદુરસ્તી જળવાઈ  રહે છે. આ ઉપરાંત  તે એકાગ્રતા વધારવામાં પણ ઉપયોગી છે. શિયાળાની ઋતુમાં વસાણાની સાથે સાથે ફક્ત 1 કલાકની નિયમિત કસરત જરૂરી છે. દરરોજ 20 -30 મિનિટનું વોક તો કરવું જ  જોઈએ. આજકાલના લોકો આવી સોશિયલ વેલફેર એકટીવીટીમાં ભાગ લઈ રહ્યા છે અને આવી ઇવેન્ટની આતુરતાથી રાહ જોઈ રહ્યા છે કે જેથી તેઓ પોતાની તંદુરસ્તી માટે પણ એક વખત સમય કાઢી શકે.

આજનાં  આ હેક્ટીકટ સમયમાં સ્ત્રીઓ પોતાના આરોગ્યને લઈને બેદરકાર હોઈ છે. પ્રોફેશનલ અને પર્સનલ લાઈફ બેલેન્સ રાખવાના સ્ટ્રેસમાં પોતાને લાગુ પડતી દરેક વસ્તુને નજર અંદાજ કરતી હોઈ છે. આ જ હેતુથી જ હવે ફક્ત સ્ત્રીઓ માટે મેરેથોન દોડનું આયોજન કરાયું છે. જેને તેઓએ “Run for Varachha” નામ આપ્યું છે. જેમાં સ્ત્રીઓ તેમની બધી ચિંતા મુશ્કેલી દૂર કરીને સાથે મળીને દોડી શકાશે. દરેક સ્ત્રી પોતાના સ્વાસ્થ્યને લઈને સજાગ બને તે હેતુથી “Girl in Neighbour” એ પણ Run Varachha સાથે જોડાઈને સુરતની દરેક મહિલાઓને આ દોડમાં ભાગ લેવા પ્રોત્સાહિત કરે છે.

તો ચાલો, આ ગુલાબી ઠંડીમાં સાથે મળીને દોડીએ અને આપણી તંદુરસ્તી જાળવી રાખીએ જેથી આપણું જીવન વધુ લાંબુ અને સારું બની શકે અને બીજાને ઉપયોગી બની શકીએ.

Udaipur – The city of Lakes in Rajasthan is 365 Days Destination for all the Tourists

Udaipur – The city of Lakes and Palaces, known as ‘Jewel of Mewar’ is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in India all 365 days. Irrespective of the season and holidays, people visit this beautiful city with friends and family. Not only that, many solo travelers are the regular visitor to this beautiful city of palaces. The city was founded by Maharana Udai Singh in 1553, on the banks of Lake Pichola. It is claimed to be the most romantic city.

Jagdish Temple at Udaipur

City Palace at UdaipurCity Palace at Udaipur

Every year, a huge number of tourists visit this beautiful city attracted from its vibrant culture. It is still inhabited by tribals, so we can see the people dressed in Ghagra-Choli with huge silver jewelry, heavy armlets, bangles, anklets,  etc.  During your travel, you will find both kinds of people- those following their old tradition as well as those who have adopted modern culture. Members of Girl in Neighbour visited this place in November 2018 and it was an unforgettable 4 days we spent here. This city is said to be the hub of cultural activities, music and folk dance.  Let’s travel!

Heritage view of City Palace Udaipur
Heritage view of City Palace Udaipur


Your trip will be of more fun when you have yummy cuisines.  Mava kulfi and Malai Kulfi at Bapu Bazar is must to eat for ice-cream lovers.  Kesariya lassi and Rabri is must try dessert at Suraj Pole. One should not forget to try Rajasthani thali i.e Daal Batti, Churma, gatte ki sabji accompanied with masala khichiya and butter milk. Even spicy chaat, shikanji and different kind of namkeens have to be given equal weight.

There are many rooftop restaurants in Udaipur, experience a romantic dinner with a beautiful scenic view with your partner to make your evening beautiful and memorable.

udaipur travel

View of Udaipur from City Palace


For shopping lover, none other place is as best as Udaipur. One can spend the whole day shopping at Hathipole. You can opt for pottery, imitation as well as precious jewelry, handicrafts including puppets, wooden boxes, wall hangings, cloth lanterns, antique items, wooden toys,  pichwai paintings, brassware sculptures, clothes with handmade prints, bandhani prints, batik prints and many more.


There are many places to visit when you are in Udaipur. City palace, Jagdish temple, Jagmandir, Vintage Car collection, Gulab baugh, Fateh sagar lake, Lake pichhola, Ambrai Ghaat, Saheliyon ki baadi, Maharana Pratap Smaarak, Haldi Ghaati, Maharana Pratap museum etc. are some of the places you should not miss visiting. Fateh Sagar lake is the perfect place to visit late evening and at night. Enjoy coffee and Maggi at night!

City Palace at Udaipur
City Palace at Udaipur

Vintage Cars at UdaipurVintage Cars at Udaipur

Ambrai Ghaat at UdaipurAmbrai Ghaat at Udaipur

Fateh Sagar lake at Udaipur
Fateh Sagar lake at Udaipur
City Palace at Udaipur
City Palace at Udaipur
Jagmandir at Udaipur
Jagmandir at Udaipur
Udaipur - The city of Lakes
Saheliyon ki Baadi
maharana pratap museum udaipur
Maharana Pratap Museum Udaipur
Maharana Pratap Smarak - Udaipur
Maharana Pratap Smarak – Udaipur

Udaipur is a must visit destination in your list for sure. If you have already visited this city, visit again to cherish the old memories and if you have yet not visited, don’t wait and just go before winters are over!!


WRUN 18 Surat is an Initiative to Generate Awareness for Health of Women

The culture of Marathon started in 2012 when the first ever Night marathon was organized in Surat. As per an estimation, in 2018 only Surat has witnessed around 30 marathons. The marathon runs are now been organized with some specific objectives – to save nature or to save Tapi river. The objective of such runs is to increase the awareness among the citizens of the Surat and with such noble message, Surat is going to witness yet another Marathon on 16 December – WRUN 18 Surat.

women run marathon surat
WRun Marathon Surat

WRUN Surat is the joint initiative of Brand Circus Event and Life Cycling Green Association. Amrut – the fashion icon is the Title Sponsor of this noble cause. Along with many other associates, Girl in Neighbour became the community partner for this Women Run 2018.
The idea of organizing this run is to bring awareness to society for the health and well-being of women. Our society gives less importance to Females as against the family and homemaking. So, WRUN has come up with an idea of gathering the women of Surat city through arranging this Run, to provide a platform for making the women aware of their health & well being. Through WRUN, we want every woman of Surat to come together and run for herself.

Girl in Neighbour WRun Surat
Girl in Neighbour is the Associate of WRun Surat

marathon surat
The runner participants will spread a message of dignity for the women – ‘Think for Yourself’ & ‘Run for Yourself’.
So let’s unite on 16th December 2018, 6:00 AM at Decathlon, Piplod to make the efforts behind WRUN’18 successful and cheer up the women who’ll run for themselves.

Surat Celebrates First Ever Digital Marketing Day on 16 December 2018

Recently Oxford Economics released the list of World’s Fastest-Growing Cities. Surat, a diamond processing and trading center in Gujarat, will see the fastest expansion through 2035, averaging more than 9 percent, Richard Holt, Oxford’s head of global cities research, wrote in a report. While the average annual growth of Surat between 2019-2035 is projected at 9.17%, that is the highest among any other city in India, Surat is undoubtedly the future address for business houses in India. SMEs have played a significant role in the growth of the city along with constant evolution of diamond and textile industry. No doubt Surat needs more exposure in terms of knowledge and learning. One such event is going to be organized on 16th December 2018, Sunday in Surat. Surat is celebrating the first-ever Digital Marketing Day on the said date. The pioneer of Digital Marketing consulting and training in South Gujarat – iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services- is going to organize this event.

Surat is celebrating Social Media Day since 2016 on 30 June and the objective of celebrating Social Media Day is to sensitize people of Surat to leverage the power of social media. In these 3 years, hundreds of people have witnessed talk shows of experts. While iVIPANAN is celebrating this day on a larger scale, they decided to celebrate the Digital Marketing Day in a very short time span.

Bhautik Sheth Social Media expert
Social Media Day Surat 2018

The admins and moderator along with the members of ‘Digital Marketing Question and Answers Facebook Community’ on Facebook came together to take a decision to celebrate DM Day in India on 16th December. This Facebook group is led by Sorav Jain.

More than 16 cities in India is going to observe the DM Day celebration on 16th December. If you belong to any such city, you can fill the form for registration. The details of the event in all such cities are:

  1. City: Chennai
    Venue: Amar Fast Foods, GN Chetty Road, TNagar
  • Cost: INR 200/-
  • Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2G9h30Y
  • Speakers: Sorav Jain – Thinker in Chief of Echovme
    Vikas Chawla  – Co-Founder of Social Beat
    Rob Peck – Director of Client Servicing, O3M Directional Marketing
  • Host: Sorav Jain & Team
  • Timings: 11 A.M – 1 P.M
  • Contact Number: 91764 02555

2. City: Mumbai

  • Venue: IIDE, 2 mins walk from Railway Station, Andheri West
  • Cost: INR 200/-
  • Registration Link: https://imjo.in/8xYwHa
  • Speakers: Snehal, Gopal, Alex, Alexander, David, Diipaal & Aaryendr
  • Host: Snehal, Roshan and Hemant Shewakramani
  • Timings: 1 PM – 5 PM

3. City: Pune

  • Venue: B3 Cerebrum IT Park, Kalyani Nagar
  • Speakers: Gaurav Gurbaxani , CO founder
  • Host: Gaurav Gurbaxani
  • Timings: 1 P.M – 4 P.M
  • Contact number: 9850610777

4. City: Nashik

  • Venue:3rd Floor, Trinity Towers, Abhyuday Colony, near Prasad Circle, Gangapur Rd
  • Speakers: Vanky Kataria
  • Registration Link: https://imjo.in/aDyu3x
  • Host: Piyush Kukreja
  • Timings: 2:00 P.M – 5:00 P.M
  • Contact Number: 8087295405

5. City: Dehradun

  • Venue: Orbosys Cooperation, 60, Phase II, Vasant Vihar, Dehradun
  • Speakers: Kunar Srivastava
  • Host: Vardankur Vijay
  • Timings:12 P.M  – 2:30 P.M
  • Contact Number: 8449738227

6. City: Surat

  • Venue: The Monarch Studio, 405 Monarch, Gaurav Path, Pal, Adajan, Surat.
    Cost: INR 100/-
  • Registration Link: bit.ly/DMDSurat18
  • Speakers: (It will be a panel discussion) 1) User behaviour on Digital media: Challenges and Solution. Panelists: Dr. Monika Suri ( HOD – School of Business, Auro University), and Dr Hema Agarwal (Professor, SRLIM)
    2) The journey of Content from user engagement to conversion.
    Panelists: Nishit K Jariwala (Founder, BuddyBits), and Siddhi Jain (Digital Marketing Manager, iVIPANAN)
  • Host: Bhautik Sheth
  • Timings:5:00 P.M – 7:00 P.M

7. City: Hyderabad

  • Venue: Jigyaasa, 7-1-80/2 Ameerpet Road Lane adjacent Ratnadeep Supermarket, Telangana 500016
    Cost: INR 200/-
  • Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2QsC6Aw
  • Speakers: Ravi Kiran, Smart Telugu Founder, Digital John, Online Marketer at Gurukul Ventures LLP, Samuel, PPC Expert
  • Host: B John
  • Timings: 2:30P.M –  5:30 P.M

8. City: Vishakapatanam

  • Venue: Platinum Jubliee Function Hall, Opposite to A.U Distance Education, Chinna Waltair, Visakhapatnam
    Cost: INR 500/-
  • Registration Link:  https://www.instamojo.com/tsudheervarma/digi-idols/?ref=store
  • Speakers: P. Ratnakar (SEO Specialist) , G. Rakesh(Founder UBnet Solution), K. Mojesh Kumar(Content Marketing Specialist), P. Vishnu Vardhan (Digital Marketing Executive & Founder at LIRC Digital)
  • Host: P. Vishnu Vardhan
  • Timings: 9:30AM – 5:00PM

9. City: Patna, Bihar

  • Venue: Ground Floor, Babu Tola Lane, Opp. Women’s Hospital, P.M.C.H, Ashok Rajpath Rd, Muradpur, Patna, Bihar 800004
  • Speakers: Akash Shankar, Aman Kashyap, Prabhakar Alok
  • Registration Link: www.digiwalebabu.com/digital-marketing-day/
    Host: Prabhakar Alok
  • Timings:1:00 P.M –  4:00 P.M
  • Contact Number: 8952985328

10. City: Nagpur

  • Venue: Dr. ambedkar institute of management studies and research nagpur
    Host: Neha Dhakate
  • Timings:12 P.M –  2 P.M
  • Contact Number: 7030107484

11. City: Jaipur

  • Venue: Anand Incubation Centre, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur
    Cost: INR 100/-
  • Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/Qon4youEJemrzQjC2
  • Speakers: Rishee Miglani, Vagisha Arora, CA Manish Balani
  • Host: Hardik Lashkari (Technovation)
  • Timings: 3:00 P.M – 5 P.M

12. City: Calicut, Kerala

  • Venue: Woodies Bleisure Hotel , Palayam ,Calicut
    Cost: INR 200/-
  • Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2QLsLmt
  • Speakers: Tasvy, Sana Khader, Ashraf, Ashwathy
  • Host: Ashraf ( Hawksee digital solutions Pvt Ltd)
  • Timings: 2:00 P.M – 6:00 P.M

13. City: Lucknow, UP

  • Venue: UP Press club , lucknow, UP
  • Speakers: Ashish Shukla
  • Host: digitalashish.com
  • Timings:2:00 P.M –  2:30 P.M
  • Contact Number: 8840036331

14. City: Bangalore

  • Venue: 91springboard (7th Block, Koramangala) 4th Floor, No 22, Salarpuria Towers-I, Hosur Road, Koramangala
  • Cost: INR 600/-
  • Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2PvfrOk
  • Speakers: Saurabh Choudhary – E-commerce Expert, Amar Krishna Jha – Founder Skillbar
    Host: DM Confernce
  • Timings:9 A.M – 6 P.M

15. City: New Delhi

  • Venue: A-10, C.C. Colony, Opp. Rana Pratap Bagh, New Delhi – 110007
  • Cost: INR 175/-
  • Speakers: Rudrabha Mukherjee (Founder, GANIT HUB & an affiliate marketer),  Suraj Kumar (An ORM and paid ads specialist)
  • Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2LbfuP0
  • Host: Rudrabha & Suraj Kumar
  • Timings: 11:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M

16. City: Udaipur

  • Venue: The Chocolate Room, Madhuban, no.20
  • Cost: INR 100/-
  • Speakers: Surbhi Jain, Founder, DIGICATION
  • Registration Link: https://imjo.in/6yZ7pU
  • Host: Surbhi Jain, Founder, DIGICATION
  • Timings: 11:00 AM- 1PM

Digital marketing experts in suratTeam of girls excited to celebrate the event!

digital marketing in surat
Pre-event preparation!

For girls of Surat, get your registration done by clicking here. Or you can also register your self on 98794 56211. Do not miss this opportunity to listen to the industry experts! This program can help you in selecting your career in digital marketing. As the initiator of this group, Bhautik Sheth always says – Let’s grow digitally together!