Common myths

Common Myths Related to Diet & Weight Loss

  1. Jaggery is a good substitute to sugar: Both come from the same source i.e., Sugarcane. Jaggery is made traditionally whereas table sugar is bleached & refined which is why it is crystal clear. But both are SUGARS!!! 1 gm of glucose (be it sugar/jaggery) has 4kcals. So, don’t swap jaggery for sugar to lose weight/control sugar levels.
  2. Slimming belts & creams burn the body fat & make you fit: Slimming belts generate heat on skin surface leading to sweating. The body gets dehydrated because of water loss in form of sweat. Slimming creams are messaged on target areas like tummy, thighs, arms for “Spot Reduction”. They work on the same mechanism as slimming belts. They dehydrate the skin and “InchLoss” is seen after water under the skin is lost.
  3. More sweat = More calories burnt: Not at all!! Sweating is the body’s mechanism to maintain right body temperature. It has got nothing to do with burning fat/calories. So, STAY AWAY from products like “Slimming Belts and Creams” which promise you a healthy and fit body.
  4. Warm lemon water is the best thing to have an empty stomach in the morning: The warm lemon water has nothing to do with burning up the fat. It has negative effects on the body instead!! The molecular composition of lemon water at warm temperature pulls out the calcium from the bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Also, people drinking warm lemon water in the morning are diagnosed with lower serum calcium levels.
  5. Brisk walk post meal aids digestion & weight loss: NO!! It doesn’t After meal our stomach starts digestion (breakdown & absorption) of food for which it needs a maximum blood supply. When you rush for a walk hoping to digest all that you had in the meal, you are actually obstructing the process of digestion by diverting the blood supply to your arms & legs. Just do some light roaming within the house (not more than 100 steps) to feel easy after a heavy meal if you feel.
  6. Cutting carb intake is the best way to lose weight: All carbohydrates are not responsible for making you overweight. The carbohydrates are categorised in 2 types:

a. Bad Carbs (Simple Carbohydrates)

  • They lack fibre & low in nutrients
  • They have empty calories. Which, if in excess, get stored as fat in the body

Example: Cane Sugar, Refined Bread, White Rice/Pasta, Bottled Sauces, Cakes, Biscuits, Sodas, etc.

b. Good Carbs (Complex Carbohydrates)

  • They are high in fibre and nutrients.
  • They are calorie dense (i.e. the feeling of fullness in less calories)
  • They naturally stimulate

Example: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Whole Grains, Quinoa, Beans, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds.

SO, DON’T ELIMINATE WHOLE CARBOHYDRATE GROUP FROM YOUR DIET. Just stop having simple carbs & feel the difference.

Get all your myths cleared which might hinder your fitness journey.

Connect to Dietitian Srushti Bothra personally and get started with Fit YOU for the coming year.

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indi-yah surat

Review Club Members Experienced The Taste of India at Indi-Yah!

Surat is the metropolitan city and many people living in this city have migrated from the different parts of the country in the last couple of decades. While there was a notable vacuum of a place where one can find food items representing different parts of the country, the recent addition at Valentine Multiplex is attracting the many eye-balls to visit this place! Indi-Yah is the restaurant that offers a range of India’s favorite traditional food in one magical menu. Review Club Members of Surat were invited to taste the cuisine by the restaurant recently. The renown citizens of Surat city, who are members of Review Club, went there and they had a great time!

review club members

The menu of Indi-Yah is conceptualized by celebrity Chef Ms. Ushma Desai and she is been accompanied by Mr.Tempton Bhathena (well-known as Bawaji). The menu includes local food varieties from different parts of India like – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, South India, Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Sindhi items and Pizzas too!!

Food blog surat

foodie surat

To add on, other than the main cuisine items, the restaurant serves a range of sweet dishes, once again, the signature sweet items from different parts of the country. Panel members of Review Club tasted most of the food items from the menu and have shared their review. To start off with, Ms.Geeta Shroff has written:

Very yummy food in Indi-Yah which is very much in my Surat at Valentine Multiplex. Restaurant me Ghar Ka khana kha rahe the ki Ghar me Restaurant ka? Pata hi chala. Pure Surati mijaj se Ushma Desai( cooking queen of surat) aur Bavaji ( Tenmon Bhathena) team ne Atithi bhav se Review Club team ko healthy n hygienic khana khilaya. Kya khaye aur kya chhode ye samaj nahi aa raha tha per fir sub panelists ne apani apani dish taste karane ke liye pass ki. Fir to jo Maja aaya ki sabne surati mijaj se thahake laga laga ke khana enjoy kiya.
Baked masala Khichadi lajawab,
Bajara utthappa tasty n healthy,
Panipuri with ragada n tastiest FudinaPani,
Litti chokha bihar ki lajawab dish,
Dhanshak ko to chhod hi na sake,
These All are no. 1 items
But you cannot put other items on No.2 also. like,
Ragada patice wow,
Sabudana vada with super Dahi,  
Bedai roti, Rajasthani Alu sabji- Gatthe ki sabji aur shrikhand ka jawab nahi,
Makai roti to lajawab thi per Tadaka palak sabji bhi kam tasty nahi thi.
Sab se upper tha Surti Gotala jo egg ke gotale se bhi jyada tasty tha. Don’t miss it or never you get it anywhere.
Itna Mota pet bhi aaj chhota pad gaya. 24 panelists team hone ke bavajud bhi Bahot sari items skip karni padi, like Handva,Panaki, sevpuri,Val nu shak, puranpoli and many more items. Last me garma garam Mohanthal & Sukhadi ko to koi compete nahi kar sakta ,very balanced sweet. Surat me out city ya out state ya out country koi aaye to jarur yaha actual Surati -typical-special Indian khana Khane le ja sakte hai. Ab aap sochenge ki kon Si item skip kar sakte hai ? As per my view, Misal Pav ko. Kami kiski rahi ? Toh mukhwas me Pan ki. Bahot kuchh add kar sakate hai like State-wise decoration/ presentation,
The fragrant atmosphere, Indian music/ culture etc. Thanks to Mr Nishant Jaiswal and also Yogesh Gupta. But at last, don’t miss the food of Indi…yah. NRI ko bhi vaha jarur le ja sakte hai jisse ek saath bahot varieties kha sakte hai. Keep it up Indi…yah!!

geeta shroff surat

Here is what other panelists had to say about their experience at Indi-Yah!

Geeta Modi Surat

dharmendra sheth surat

rupal shah surat

dr bharat naik surat

Nimisha Doctor surat

chetan shah surat

shailesh trivedi surat

Prashant KariyaKushal ChorariaOverall, the experience of panel members of Review Club was excellent! It was altogether an unique experience. The panelists were thankful to the restaurant owner for overwhelming hospitality and serving delicious food, cooked with love and concern! Do not miss visiting with your family and friends to Indi-Yah at Valentine Multiplex, Dumas Road, Surat.


8 Dos and Don’ts of Eating Habits to Follow This Diwali

Diwali is the time we can’t contain our excitement. be it for shopping, new clothes, crackers but the main thing that tops our Diwali excitement is food. All the Diwali delicacies are amazing. Especially, homemade. But nowadays we avoid having them like we used to have a decade ago.
The craze has gone down because of two reasons:

1) No time to make at home
2) The items are mostly sweet or deep fried

But is it really right to do so?
Is avoiding Diwali delicacies going to help you stay slim? The answer is NO!!!


1. Make food items at home: Making them at home is going to give you a good workout the process of grinding crushing and skillfully making the items really requires a lot of calorie burn so the ball is in your court if you think about workouts

2. Follow Grand mother’s recipe: It is true that old people were quite wiser. All the exclusive ingredients that are used in food during Diwali have special nutritional value they are high in micronutrients and act like special treat do your otherwise “micronutrient depleted” body.

3. Most of the sweets are made by adding ghee in it. So the diabetic people don’t need to completely stay away from it, they can enjoy a small portion for satisfying the taste buds. But mind you, the sweet has to be homemade & in pure ghee.

4. Same applies to namkeen items. There is no harm in having these. Don’t count calories in terms of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Look at how rich is the food in nutritional value.

5. Eat nuts and dry fruits. They are going to help you stay strong during the winters.


1. Don’t have chocolates: Forgetting the laddoos and Barfi, we have started this chocolate exchange trend on Diwali. But it is the worst thing you can feed your body under the name of Diwali gifts. Our traditional sweets stand on the top in terms of “health benefits”!!!

2. Avoid ready-made items: Because you never know how they are fried or in which ghee or oil they are made. We don’t reuse the oil for frying at home. But outside items don’t come with that guarantee. And it is very harmful to our health.

3. The thing that makes us put on Diwali weight is not Food but Lifestyle. So, stop blaming the traditions.

  • Alcohol: It has become a trend under the name of Diwali party to consume alcohol, which is one of the reason that liver metabolism slows down & you don’t burn fat efficiently.
  • Late Nights: Sleep pattern is completely disturbed because of late Nights we spend drinking and playing cards. Also, we end up eating more in the time period we were supposed to sleep.
  • Going for a fat-free and sugar-free substitute: These only suppress our guilt and increase the body’s craving for REAL food. Better have a piece of the sweet or fried item rather than a big portion of fat-free or sugar-free replacement.

So, in short, celebrate your Diwali in the way you have been celebrating since childhood. Forget the calorie count because our body needs nutrition food rich more than lower calorie food.

If you still worry about whatever you have consumed during Diwali and the holidays after Diwali, it is always a good idea to go on a light food or Detox diet for a day or two before resuming healthy routine.

But go for any diet only under the supervision of a dietitian. You can connect to me (Dt. Srushti Bothra) for the same.

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Diwali Habit

Navratri, Food and Fast – A challenge for every girl

The season of festivals is here all lined up and a big challenge for all beauties out there is to look perfect while munching on the feast and delicacies. Navratri, food and fast are what bothers most of the girls. While playing garba is a priority, following the rituals of keeping fast is also on the mind and it is also difficult to resist festive food dishes!

Is it challenging? Well, not so when you have your diet routine smartly planned with my help!! Believe me, I can guide you to keep yourself fit even while enjoying food during Navratri and then in Diwali.

Most of us would be fasting during Navratri and mostly end up gaining weight, unfortunately, even though food eaten during fast is Saatvik and faraali. So I’ll be discussing the foods we should and should not have during fast.


1. CARBONATED DRINKS / FRUIT JUICES: Just because they contain natural fruit extract does not label them healthy. Either packaged or fresh, fruit juices do no good to you besides increasing your sugar levels. All the vital nutrients & fibres are out of it when your fruit is liquid.

2. FRIED FOOD: Only potato fries are not the culprits. We have many types of puris, pakodas and chips of what not faraali ingredients. Even if the source of food is healthy, if you are frying it, that food is not good for your body.

3. SHAKES & SMOOTHIES: Yes!!! They are a quick fix and comes in “healthy” trend nowadays. Just add up all the ingredients and blend. You are ready to go! But it’s always better to avoid it (unless you are super busy). Because just like fruit juices, the shake/smoothie is going to lose its nutritional density during processing.


1. WHOLE FRUITS: Bananas are not going to make you fat if you are physically active during fast. Instead, it is going to provide you with a lot of energy to dance your feet off on garba numbers.

2. SAMA: Even though it looks like broken rice, Sama is something everyone must have while fasting considering the satiety it provides during “no grain” days (because it’s not a grain but seed). There is no starch in it like rice, hence your risk of gaining weight due to having sama is just a myth. Enjoy it to fullest in different forms of dishes.

3. VARIETY OF FLOURS: Most commonly used are,

  • Kuttu (Buckwheat)
  • Singhara (Chestnut)
  • Rajgira (Amaranth)

These flours are made to use the variety of items like uttapams, dosas, upma & puris. If you avoid puris (keeping calorie count in mind), these foods are a real treat to your body. These pseudo grains are high in protein and many micronutrients which we miss out in the daily diet.

4. POTATOES, SWEET POTATOES & SAGO: These are considered “fattening foods”. They are not high in fats but in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are going to make you fat only if you have them in excess, the wrong way, wrong time. Potatoes & sweet potatoes (of course boiled, roasted or baked) are going to provide you energy and keep you full for longer. Sago does the same if you are having Sabudana khichadi instead of Sabudana vadaa. (Again calorie count!!!)

5. NUTS & DRY FRUITS: Many people might have been calling Cashews & Almonds dry fruits until you read it here; almonds, cashews, pistachios are nuts. Dates, anjeer, raisins are dehydrated/dried fruits. And yes, if you are looking for weight loss/ maintenance, NEVER have dry fruits because they are concentrated form of fructose sugar basically. Whereas, nuts are high in protein and completely fine to have in advised quantity.

6. DAIRY: Have milk, curd, paneer every day because that is the only form of complete protein you can consume in fasting.

So start your festive season in a healthy way so you are in shape to flaunt your slim waist in garba outfits!!!

Connect to me for personalized diet plans for the roll of upcoming events like Navratri, Diwali , New year.

Navratri, food and fast

You can connect to me (Dt. Srushti Bothra) on:

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Techstars Surat Pacific Women Startup Weekend

Techstars Startup Weekend Surat Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

The startup culture in Surat is taking a shape from the last couple of years. People have started understanding lately that ‘startup’ word is not only associated with the male entrepreneurs but females share the same passion and zeal too! Last year when people of Surat observed the first ever Techstars Startup Weekend Surat, they were amazed by the idea and format of the event. Students, professionals and entrepreneurs participated in a huge number and hence the event became the talk of the town. Again in 2018, 2 more Startup Weekend Surat organized and now the fourth one, Techstars Surat Pacific Women Startup Weekend, is going to happen between 12th October and 14th October 2018 at Auro University. Techstars Startup Weekend Surat empowering women entrepreneurship and every girl of the city must grab an opportunity with both the hands!

So what is Techstars Startup Weekend Surat? It is a series of TechStars startup weekends held across cities in the Asia Pacific – during the month of September-October, focused on engaging and celebrating women + diversity + inclusion in local communities. TechStars Startup Weekend is the world’s starting point for entrepreneurship. This 54-hour event is where designers, developers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. Techstars Startup Weekend Surat is the organizer dedicated to fostering local entrepreneurship to strengthen the community.

54 hours at one place? It must be boring!! If you are thinking then the answer is big NO!! Techstars Startup Weekend is not only an event talking about startups and entrepreneurship but it’s a great fun – meeting new people and building a network.

Techstars Surat Startup Weekend India

startup weekend india

Techstars Surat Pacific Women Startup Weekend

If it is about networking and fun, it is also about learning many things from mentors. Participants learn a lot from many mentors who continuously stay with them and guide them to develop a great startup plan.

startup weekend india bhautik sheth

girl in neighbour with techstars startup weekend

The organizing team works 24*7 for these 3 days just to make sure the participants are not left clueless and they are given all kind of help and support. The teams get all the support from organizing team members. Every participant wins exciting gifts from Google and other gift partners and the winning team gets a dream prize too!!

Techstars Startup Weekend Surat

So girls, do not wait for a moment and just grab this opportunity. Let your dreams come out with this world recognized platform and nurture your idea. Make a team with other participants and take the guidance from different mentors. This is a platform only meant for you and you should feel proud by joining this event. You can register Techstars Startup Weekend Surat by clicking here. And yes, don’t go alone, take at least 2 of your best female friends with you to participate. You will also get a chance to meet and interact with the Girl in Neighbour team there!

Join now!!: Paul Worrilow Womens Jersey

digital girl campaign y ivipanan

An Initiative to Empower Girls for Internet Security By #DigitalGirl Campaign

The global scenario of distribution of the internet users very much balanced compare to India. Globally, the percentage of male internet users is 56% and female users is 44% as per December 2017 data (source: UNICEF). But the Indian condition of internet users is very disturbing. For the same time period, there are 71% male internet users in India whereas only 29% female internet users. This data is thought-provoking. India has registered the highest number of internet users in last year or so globally and hence it becomes important to understand the reason for the imbalance between two internet using genders in India. The #DigitalGirl campaign is an initiative to empower girls for internet security and social media privacy taken by iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services.

The agenda is to sensitize young girls, who are at a critical stage of accepting and being empowered by the internet, to the threats they may face online, and equip them with the tools they need to protect themselves online. The program takes the form of discussions and seminar, where students hear from an expert team of girls and also share their experiences. Girls of Girl in Neighbour leaves the program with more awareness of the threats and how to keep themselves safe online and also spark the dialogue of #DigitalGirl with their peer groups and cohorts.

This is an honest attempt to ensure the online safety of women and girls who are most prone to the hazards of an open platform. Another idea is to encourage girls to take their career perspective very seriously with the help of Social media. We launched this campaign on 11th September 2018 by conducting the first session at SDJ International College where more than 250 female students remained present. With the cooperation of HODs of BBA, BCA and BCom streams, the first attempt to encourage the girls was quite satisfactory.

digital girl empowerment
SDJ International College (BBA, BCA, BCom.)

In a week time period only, our team reached out to the other two colleges in Surat, Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (MBA) and S R Luthra Institute of Management (MBA). Along with female students, the female faculties remained present to attend the session.

empower girls for internet security
Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (MBA)

woman empowerment surat gujarat

The enthusiasm and participation of the girls were superb and overwhelming. Students kept asking the questions and the problems they normally face like cyberbullying and trolling.

s r luthra college mba
S R Luthra Institute of Management

We are going to visit many more college before Diwali and our objective is to reach out to the maximum number of colleges across Gujarat. This is the mammoth task and our team of girls is committed to spreading the awareness and knowledge of internet security and social media privacy to the females. Interested colleges can contact us at 98794 56211 to organize a seminar in their college. Let’s grow digitally together! Mike Nugent Womens Jersey

Why You Must Consult a Dietitian To Live Healthy Life

“Just as everyone is different, everyone’s diets have to be different too…!!! That may be the reason you are not getting results.. as you are following someone else’s regime.”

Well, that is my belief. I am Srushti Bothra and I am Surat based dietitian, consulting many patients successfully from last many years. Many times people ask me ‘What is the need for a dietician? We are healthy and we eat home cooked food only!” One needs to understand the role of a dietician in the life to live a healthy and long life. There are many factors that play a vital role to keep our self-healthy and fit.  I provide personalized diets based on many factors such as:

1. BODY TYPE:  A person’s body can be classified into three type –

a. ECTOMORPH – The body is lean and long. People with ectomorphic body find it difficult to build muscles.

b. ENDOMORPH – The body is big and broad (pear-shaped in women). People with endomorphic body have a high tendency to store fat.

c. MESOMORPH – The body is muscular and well built. People with mesomorphic body have a high metabolic rate.

2. BLOOD GROUP:  Blood group plays a major role in the way our body treats different types of food groups like fats, proteins, carbohydrates. So, a diet rich in one nutrient may be best for one type of blood group and worst for others.

3. LIFESTYLE: Our lifestyle impacts the functioning of the body. Some of the factors affecting our lifestyle are:

a. Sleep

b. Water intake

c. Frequent outings

d. Food habits

e. The time interval between two meals

And many more things.

4. METABOLISM-  If our metabolism is slow (obviously because of poor lifestyle habits!!), our body won’t burn the fat no matter what!! This is called hypometabolism and this can cause metabolic syndromes like Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, etc. if not taken care of in long run.

5. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Some people get thin just by doing brisk walking and others can’t lose some grams even after a hardcore workout. (Unfair, I know!!). But this again depends on the factors mentioned above.

6. FAMILY HISTORY-  It’s very IMPORTANT!!! Always tell your dietitian if any metabolic syndrome like diabetes / CVD (cardiovascular diseases) run in your family; both maternal and paternal side. It will help you take precaution before its too late.

7. DIETARY HABITS- If you are Punjabi & following Japanese Sushi Diet (after googling its amazing effects on the internet), you may lose some pounds but may turn crazy after following it for some time. You’ll crave delicious chhole-kulcha and the craving hormone leptin will hinder your weight loss journey.

NOTE: The FAD diets are not sustainable to lose weight.

“As a dietitian, it is very important for me to check these all factors and then plot a personalized diet plan which my client can follow happily without disturbing their mind and body in an extreme way. And this is going to give them 100% result in getting the perfectly sculpted body.”

 You can connect to me (Dt. Srushti Bothra) on

INSTAGRAM: sculptandgetwell

FACEBOOK: Dt. Srushti Bothra

WHATSAPP: 9978487254

Grab an appointment, meet me personally and discuss all the problems restricting you from reaching your fitness goals. You won’t be disappointed for sure! Nic Dowd Womens Jersey

Pizza fastfood restuarant in pal adajan

World Class Taste of La Pino’z Pizza at Pal Adajan Girls Can not Resist

Girls and food have become true lovers these days. Though the urban girls of today are diet conscious, every now and then they go out with friends for hangouts at various food joints. Having a food is not just the objective but food which tickles the taste buds of girls excites them the most, isn’t it?! When it comes to quick bytes of Pizza, girls are normally very choosy and they prefer the perfect taste and texture of Pizza. Recently our gang of Girls went to La Pino’z Pizza at Pal Adajan in Surat to taste the varieties of Pizza the restaurant is offering and guess what happened? They had a great time with Heart Shaped Pizza which was on the offer for Valentine’s Day only at La Pino’z Pizza Pal Adajan. The offer of 1 +1 Pizza was irresistible and our girls-gang could not stop eating the last piece of Pizza on the plat.

La Pino'z Pizza at pal Adajan

Pizza restaurant in adajan surat

Italian authentic pizza in pal adajan surat

The heart shaped Pizza was treating to watch for eyes. The Pizza smelled so good that it was difficult to decide to gaze or to eat! The variety of Pizza makes you confuse what to order. The unique thing we found at this place was the giant pizza of 24″ which serves to 12 people. So if you are going with your friends, you need to order single pizza only!

La Pino'z Pizza Pal Adajan

La Pino’s Pizza offers ‘Cheezy7″ Pizzas which comes with 7 varieties of cheese toppings. The Indian taste buds of yours will be taken care by Indian style Pizzas like Tandoori Special, Paneer Tikka Butter Masala and Schezwan Sauce in Indian style. Pizza can be accompanied with Italian style baked Pastas, Quesadillas, Varieties of Garlic bread, Cheezo Garlic breadsticks, Stuffed garlic bread sticks, Twisties, Tacos, Salads and beverages. The restaurant owners are so genuine and when our girls asked them “How do you rate your Pizza?” He genuinely replied that don’t rely on our ratings, instead you check the ratings on our Facebook page @Lapinozadajan. The ratings are given by our customers and we believe they just loved the Pizzas!

La Pino'z Pizza Pal Adajan

pizza in surat

Best pizza in surat

The outlet is also giving offers on Wednesday and Friday for 1 pizza free on buying 1 pizza. The offer is valid on Premium, exotic and speciality category pizzas for Medium and Large pizzas. If you have missed the heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s day then you should not feel bad and you can enjoy free pizza on Wednesday and Friday too! So go and grab the offer now! And girls, you can give the treat to your friends any weekend! You must be the style icon for your friends and now you can become the pizza-icon too!

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Exclusive Lingerie Showroom Now in Surat

PrettySecrets Now in Surat – Trendy and Sassy Lingerie Showroom

Surat is one of the fastest growing city in India and known as the Textile hub. The fashion trends in Surat city are following the trends of Mumbai and hence people here are choosy about the brands and they know what they want to wear. The selection of branded clothes is not limited to the Indian and Western wears but it beyond that. Females have become more selective for trendy lingerie selection and they have become more brand conscious too!

Lingerie is not more an alien word for them and they travel outside Surat too to buy branded lingerie. While Surti females are choosy about the brands, they also look for comfort, design and varieties in the range of lingerie. Whether it is bras, panties, nightwear or even swimwear, they all look for design and comfort along with the class. The good news is here! Girls of Surat do not need to travel anywhere to buy trendy and sexy lingerie because India’s topmost Lingerie brand PrettySecrets has now opened their showroom in Surat!

PrettySecrets in Surat
PrettySecrets showroom in Surat

PrettySecrets understands that great comfort and fit are essential when it comes to innerwear. This reflects remarkably in the brand’s lingerie & nightwear that not only fit & feel great but also are uncompromising in style. The brand’s portfolio consists of 1200+ products at value for money prices across Bras, Panties, Nightwear, Activewear & Swimwear.

Being India’s fastest growing lingerie brand, PrettySecrets constantly innovates and develops products to upgrade the Indian lingerie market by providing umpteen choices to its customers – Be it lingerie or nightwear, prints or a burst of colours! From everyday cotton lingerie to smoothing seamless to push-ups to pretty lace favourites, there’s something unique in every product. The nightwear range features a perfect mix of remarkably soft cotton for lazy lounge days and dreamy satin because a little indulgence can go a long way!

Bloggers team of GirlinNeighbour at the PrettySecrets showroom
Bloggers team of GirlinNeighbour at the PrettySecrets showroom

Team GirlinNeighbour visited the opening ceremony of the PrettySecrets showroom on 10th October at VR Mall in Surat to check the exclusive range of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwear. Our team had a great fun out there and the in charge of the showroom was too, very excited. According to her – “We believe Surat is the fastest growing city in India and women here have become brand conscious. We are committed to delivering the best fitting and classy range of lingerie to them and hence now they don’t need to go to the city like Mumbai for the shopping of exclusive range of lingerie.”

Girl in Neighbour team at PrettySecrets
GirlinNeighbour team with in charge of Pretty Secrets showroom in Surat

Our team also inquired what expectations the company is having from the fashionistas of Surat? The company believes that Surat girls and women are so sure about their choice and they are brand followers. The showroom is also situated in the most happening mall of Surat – VR Mall which makes it easier for the girls to shop for their choice of lingerie.

GirlinNeighbour Team after their visit to the PrettySecrets Showroom
GirlinNeighbour Team after their visit to the PrettySecrets Showroom

PrettySecrets is offering some great deals on the varieties of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwears which you can buy from the showroom.

#RedefineBasics Everyday

It’s time to give your black, white and nude lingerie a break. Go on, experiment with the vibrant hues currently splashing through our collection, only on

Posted by on Thursday, 12 October 2017

You can take the assistance of the Showroom in charge and her team to select your choice and fitting of lingerie. The staff of the showroom is so helpful and they have the knowledge to fulfil your desire!

Buy trendy lingerie from PrettySecrets website
Buy lingerie from PrettySecrets website

Visit the showroom once and I am sure you will fall in love with the design, comfort and varieties of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwear. The address is:

PrettySecrets, 207, 2nd floor, VR Mall, Dumas Road, Surat.  Robin Yount Jersey

cosmetic care

Cosmetic Care is As Important As Taking Care of Yourself

Every woman prefers to put on make-up to look appealing. But do we take as much care of our Cosmetics as we’re concerned about our make-up? It is generally observed that majority of the women are careless about maintaining their cosmetics properly. For example, they leave the lipstick open after applying it, keep a foundation puff outside the case, misplace the eye shadow brush etc.

So let’s see how to take care of our cosmetics and what the expiry date of different cosmetics is-


  • Always keep foundation in a cool place.
  • Shake the bottle before using the foundation.
  • Take little foundation on the palm and then apply on the face.
  • Never use foundation on the make –up because it will look awful.
  • If your skin irritates while applying the foundation, stop using it because it may be spoiled.
  • Keep in mind that the life of a foundation is 6 months to one year, not more than that.


  • Never take moisturiser with the finger. Otherwise, it will spoil very quickly. Use a plastic spoon or ice-cream stick for that.
  • Moisturiser should be kept away from water.
  • BY mistake if you take out more moisturiser than required, never pour it back to the bottle.
  • If we don’t get the moisturiser in proper proportion from the bottle, then it means that it’s spoiled.
  • Remember that the Life of a moisturiser is 6 months to one year.

Face powder:

  • Always use face powder with the puff.
  • Never keep the powder cap open after using it.
  • Keep the face powder away from a moist place.
  • Life of the face powder is 2 years.


  • When the colour of the concealer changes, it means that it is spoiled.
  • If you want to increase the life of your concealer, then keep its brusher at a safe and clean place
  • Life of the concealer will be-

Powder and stick concealer- approx. 2 years

Liquid concealer – approx. 8 months


  • Consider that the speed of bacteria’s development is faster in cream based eye shadow than in powder based eye shadow
  • Always use clean makeup brush for applying an eye shadow
  • If you apply the eye shadow with your fingers, make sure you wash your hands before applying eye shadow.
  • Life of eye shadows is approx. 6 to 12 months for cream based and 2 years for powder based eye shadow.

Kajal and Eyeliner:

  • Never forget to close your eyeliner after you use it. Immediately close it to prevent it from drying.
  • Never allow anyone to use your eyeliner because it may infect your eyes.
  • Life of the eyeliner is 6 months.


  • Always use mascara brush only for applying mascara. (i.e. Don’t use it for any other purpose).
  • After using mascara brush for mascara application, dip it into lukewarm water with little cleansing powder.
  • If mascara dries in the bottle, put it into warm water for 10 minutes & it will be ready to use.
  • Life of the mascara is approx. 3 months.


  • Never forget to close the cap of your lipstick after using it. Because if it is left open, dust will stick on it and ultimately it will lead to cause infection on your lips.
  • Always use good quality lipsticks. Never opt for the low quality & cheap lipsticks because it may cause side effects on your lips.
  • Never allow anyone to use your lipstick.
  • Always keep the lipstick at a cool place.
  • If possible, try to apply lipstick with a lip brush.
  • Estimated life of a lipstick is 2 years.

Lip liner/ Lip gloss:

  • If the smell of the lip liner or lip gloss changes, immediately stop using it.

Always remember to close the lead of lip liner/lip gloss after using it.  The average life of Lip liner/Lip gloss is approx. 5 to 6 months. Fabian Moreau Authentic Jersey