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Stay as a Family Even if the Technology Plays The Role of Villain

Family that eats together, prays together stays together. Technology is not curse but it is a blessing for the society as well as for the family if use in appropriate manner. In today’s era one cannot think of life without technology. If technology is used in constructive manner, it makes your life easy, comfortable and happy. Technology has the power to keep the family members connected with each other.

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1. Have at least one meal together: In today’s time the schedules of all the family members are too busy that they might not able to have all meals together. But we can have at least one meal together i.e. either lunch or dinner or if possible, both.

2. Share your daily talks: When we want to know about our children routine i.e., what are they doing whole day in schools, classes ,etc. with their friends , we need to tell them what we have done whole day in our office , kitchen, or where we went, whom we met then only they will share with us their minds. To keep them happy and stress free we need to know about them.

As a family always stays in trend | Family Day

3. Use your mobile phones or laptops only if urgent: Switching of mobile phones or get away from internet is not possible in this period. But you can at least limit the use of your gadgets to enjoy with your family.

4. Play games together: Playing different outdoor and indoor family games together with your family will make you mentally and physically fit. Family will gain sense of security from each other and games will make family atmosphere happy.

5. Use electronic gadgets for family entertainment: Use of laptops, smart televisions, projectors, iPods, and mobile phones for various family entertainments will bring happiness in the family. For example, watching movies together, listening music, watching cricket match as well as some other informational news and its discussion also brings family together.

6. Go for holidays at regular interval: In our busy schedule we could not able to give quality time to our family. At that time what we need to do is we should go for holidays at regular interval with our family may once in a year or twice or thrice as per our convenience. That will help to retain bonding between the family members.

Because every family occasions are important | Family Day

Let’s make use of electronic gadgets for constructive purpose and make our family healthy, wealthy and happy. Sergei Nemchinov Jersey


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