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Team of GIN

Know the people behind the cute ghost!

Siddhi Jain

bloggerSiddhi is a digital marketer from Surat. She loves to think, conceptualise, write, design and execute. Her love for fashion and DIY activities has taken the first step towards the evolution of Girl in Neighbour blog. She is the perfect girlnext door and hence she connects with the mindset and fantasies of a common girl very easily. She is a “Happiness Mascot” for her team and she is a hardcore foodie! She is the face of GIN and she brings up the ideas of topics. A kid from the heart and a mature in early twenties girl from the mind, she curates the points so easily yet so effective. She can be a face of your fashion range if you wish to showcase it in GIN.

Shruti Sheth

Shruti is the management tutor and professional. Co-founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing and Karizmatic Academy, she teaches management subjects to graduate and post graduate students. Her core subject is Financial Management and she holds good knowledge for strategic management, International Finance and Quantitative Techniques. Still, she finds time to write for GIN. She can easily generates new ideas for blogging. She keeps herself in touch with the latest trends and immediately put the fashion trend on the paper. She also motivates the girls of the team to pull their socks and come out with their best. She loves to go out and always ready to eat Chinese food!

Bhautik Sheth

bloggerBhautik is the founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services. He is a digital marketing trainer and practitioner. He has trained many people for digital marketing and he provides his expert consultation to many organizations. He loves fun and he always motivates his team members to do their best. Though he is the chief blogger of soconse.com – a digital marketing blog, he comes out with some great content on girl’s lifestyle and her fantasy. As a leader of the team he always thinks for his team members and the idea to start GIN came in fraction of seconds. The overall deadline he decided to launch the blog was 20 days! He loves to work late hours and like other team members, he is a foodie too!

Isha Raval

Isha is the main pillar of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing. She manages the clients with her business acumen and disciplined execution. She handles the marketing part of GIN and she plays the backbone role of the GIN blog. With happy go lucky personality, you always find her with the smiling face. She is master of content curation – give her any topic, she knows how to search the content for different topics. She can easily understand the client’s requirement which then she puts forward in the process for the perfect execution. While the other team members are busy thinking about the girl’s fashion, she silently handles the social media profiles of GIN. She loves to travel and tracking!

Mira Anajwala


Mira is a management professional and an artist. She is a digital marketer and professional content writer and writes on various subjects. She topped the city in the board examination and since then she has achieved many new heights. She has an expertise of communicating with government departments and consuls. Avid art lover, she loves painting and sketching.