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Why a Girl Should Not Hesitate To Wear Sleeveless Clothes

“What are you wearing tonight in fresher’s party?” “Hmm… Anything but not a sleeveless.” This is the very common dialogue between two young girls who are discussing their clothes for the fresher’s party in the college. A girl denying to wear sleeveless clothes. Reason? Because she has never worn any since she entered in puberty. This makes her uncomfortable to express herself and makes her feel shy to wear sleeveless clothes. The another reason can be the family. A joint conservative family sees a girl wearing the sleeveless clothes as a characterless (not every but yes, many). The parents feel that girl can not wear sleeveless because it is not good to show your armpits in the public. What’s wrong in that? Is that the crime which a girl will do if she wears sleeveless and meeting her friends or going to the college? The society needs to think once again.

sleeveless clothes

I was sceptical before writing this blog as again the similar thought came to my mind! What will society think after reading this blog? How can a man write about this topic for girls? Is he mad or he has his own vulgar fantasy? It’s neither. From years I have seen many girls hesitate to wear sleeveless clothes mostly because of the family reasons. The conservative mindset of parents not allowing her to live freely. The common answers – “ladke dekhenge”, “aaj kal rapes bohat hote hai sambhal ke rehna chaahiye”, “people are not good, they will see through”  – have made her so scary that she can not even think to buy a top without sleeves. Can anyone guarantee that if a girl is wearing a top with sleeves she is safe? Or no boy will look at her? I think no one would guarantee that.

girl wearing sleeveless

I do agree that boys have their own fantasy but this doesn’t make a statement in the society to ban girls to show their armpits. This is the high time when everyone has to think twice before saying “no” to a girl. Wearing sleeveless is just a type of fashion which is no different than a boy wearing a “baniyan” in public. Armpits are just another part of the body and there is nothing sexually erecting in that! Why can we not give a choice to a girl to wear whatever she likes to wear? Why we always look at her clothes like she just wants to expose? If she can not wear, he must not as well!

girl in clothes showing armpit

This is the time when every father, brother, husband and boyfriend needs to change the mentality. A girl is like a flowing water; don’t try to stop the flow. She knows what to wear and when to wear. She knows if she is wearing sleeveless, she has to clean the armpits and apply a good perfume; just to avoid the raising eyebrows of men around her. She is a girl of the 21st century and if she can not express her freedom, no one on this earth is eligible to express his freedom. Let her live and wear whatever she wants to. Don’t judge her character if you see her in sleeveless. Jermaine Kearse Womens Jersey


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