Different Moods Require Different Types of Music To Enjoy The Moments

Some girls might possess the type of nature that she can get easily attached to music which played around her whether it is a sad song, a rock song or romantic song. She starts placing some moments of her life with that song. If this is the case with you also then you have landed on the correct blog. If the songs change your mood you shouldn’t worry because there are hardly any girl to whom songs do not affect.

After many research, scientists have found that growth and behaviour of plants and animals also get affected by music. If animals and plants have the effect of music then why a human being cannot have?

Well, what are the different situations when girls love to listen to songs? We can consider few situations like – when everything goes wrong with her or even when someone hurt her or she has some issue with near ones. Girls also love to listen rocking songs when she receives some good news. When she is taking the bath then she just loves to listen to romantic songs. She gets into more soft numbers when she gets love dose from her boyfriend. She again goes inside the playlist of sad songs when she misses him during a rainy night. Even girls like to listen to different types of songs when she is all alone at home and wants to fulfil the period of loneliness.

Many girls turn to sad and broken heart songs after breakups, started keeping herself alone in corner of the dark room, play her favourite sad song playlist and starts crying. You’re not alone if you belong to the same category because there are many girls who pass from the same situation. That situation is not so easy to come out from but not so hard if you’re ready to come out from it. The only effort you need to do is start keeping yourself busy in any noble activity, join some cooking-knitting-sewing class, start interacting with those friends who brings blushing smile on your face, be in company with people who motivates you for your bright future and then you have to do the most difficult task – deleting the memory on your phone – which reminds you of those moments you spent with him and delete your favorite sad song playlist for a while. Song has the deep effect on those girls who are soft-hearted and emotionally very weak.

When girls are overwhelmed with feelings, she only enjoys peppy numbers as she wants to share her happiness in any case with others. There is a huge effect of the season also on the type of music girl chooses. Out of all the seasons, rainy season is known for the most romantic time. Many girls might love to have cup of hot coffee the in chilling cold atmosphere and loves to stare at drops of water from window side. With cup of coffee and rainy atmosphere, she also loves to enjoy romantic songs or hindi and urdu ghazals.

Music has the power to turn the mood in a moment for any girl. Music can be as soft as cotton balls that it can heel her day and also sometimes the heart touching lyrics can drift her mood in other direction as well. No matter what you are going through these days, choose the kind of music which can bring a smile on your face! Carson Wentz Jersey


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