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How to Smell Good Even If Weather is Sweating You Whole Day

Who likes stinky people sitting beside you or travelling with you in the same car when AC is on! Nobody likes to stink whole day, even after she comes out taking the bath in the morning. The weather in India in this time of the year cannot allow you to stay fresh all the time and stops you sweating out. Your body tends to sweat and you can not stop yourself sweating, but at least you can stop smelling bad. Try these different methods to smell good in sweaty season.

1. Take a good shower in the morning: Use good soap bar or shower gel to start your day. Clean your underarms and other parts of the body with good fragrance body soap or shower gel. The fruity fresh smell will stay for a long time on your body. Clean your body well with a towel, especially your underarms.

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2. Create the layers of fragrance on your body: Starting from your hair and then on your skin, create the layers of good scent which compliment each other. A good fragrance shampoo can be used with good body lotion or body butter. The lotion can be covered with matching scent or body deodorant.


3. Use perfume or deodorant: It is necessary nowadays to apply deodorant on the body or perfume on the clothes. You are living a hectic life which demands the good smell of your body. It helps you to stay fresh and give the energy to work. You co-worker would also love to work with you if your body smells good. Spray perfume on your  pulse points on your wrists, behind your knees, onto your chest and behind your ears.

4. Keep your underarms clean: Scared wearing sleevless because of stinky underarms? Shave your underarms to get rid of those hair. The wet underarms with hair grows the bacteria which then stinks. Apply good deodrant on shaved underarms to keep your self covered with good fregrance and do not hesitate to show it off!

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5. Don’t wear the same clothes again: Change your clothes for several times in a day. Also change your innerwears, lingeries twice or thrice. Do not wear the same clothes again once you have alreade wore. It will help you in not developing the bad clothes smell.

Season is not going to change. It can be hot or humid but you have to keep going with your routine work and also smell good. Only a fresh and good smelling body can increase the level of energy which you can manage. Your fashion statement should not kill by your self with stinky body. Jake Fisher Authentic Jersey


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