self defence professional girl

Self defence is the Key to Success for Every Professional Girl

Today’s dynamic girls are always ready to work at any time and any place. But for that, they should always be prepared to protect themselves from the outside world. The working professional women may have to travel long distance for their work at any time, maybe late at night as well. They need to go out of the station and stay there for a couple of days or week. They need to travel alone or maybe with a male colleague.  The recent years have never been so safe for working women anywhere in India. Neither male counterparts are safe, nor the taxi or auto drivers. So what should you do for self-defence?

Frankly, if you are well-trained marshal art performer, you can handle their physical harassment better compare to normal girls. So what a not-trained, not-so-strong girl can help her self in some strange situations? Imagine if you are alone in the Lift of any high rise building with a stranger at late night, what will you do? The best you can do is using your smartness. When you enter the lift and you want to go, suppose, to the 13th floor, press all the buttons of the lift so that lift will stop at each floor. This will prevent a stranger to harass you.

What you should do when you are alone at home and a stranger attacks you?

Immediately run in the kitchen. You know where you have kept red chili powder, turmeric powder, knives, and glass plates. These are the best weapons that are always available with you when you are at home.  If you can’t do anything, throw all of these things on that person and start shouting at the top of your voice. Remember, your shouting will be your first approachable weapon if you are living in an apartment, as the person will be afraid of being caught by someone.

When you are traveling alone by Auto or Cab at night?

At the time of sitting in the cab or auto, make sure to give your vehicle’s number to your friend or relative over the phone in the language which is understandable by that driver. While traveling you keep on talking on the telephone with someone, if not, pretend that you are talking with someone and also informing where you are and on which route you are heading so that driver cannot dare to take you at that unsafe place.

What if a cab/auto driver takes you to the route, where you don’t have to go and you think that it will create a problem for you.

At that time with the help of your purse belt or dupatta snatch his neck which will make him helpless. If you don’t have dupatta or belt then don’t worry, snatch his shirt’s collar and it will do the same job and that will give you the time to run away.

If someone is running behind you late night?

Get into someone’s home or shop. If shops are not open then rush to an ATM, as ATMs have cc tv cameras which will capture the culprit’s photo and this kind of people are not ready to bear such things.

We cannot wait for police to come and save us immediately in any such worst situation. This is all about our own self how well we can defend. Don’t stop your growth by being afraid of someone. Live your professional life ‘bindaas’. Better learn self-defence and move forward!

Overcome male dominance

Freedom from Male Dominance at Your Workplace

Although we are living in the 21st century, mentally of some portion of the community is still traditional. Even today many women professionals are facing challenges at their workplace in this male dominance world.

Five Steps to acquire Equality

1. Value Yourself: Unless and until you don’t value yourself, nobody will value your existence. If you want to work on a particular project speak up and show your confidence to handle that project. No one will appreciate your contributions until you appreciate them yourself.

2. Let your voice be heard: Many times it is seen that women speak less than men in the meeting and when they speak, they allow themselves to be irrupted repeatedly by their male colleagues. Sometimes females apologise to their opinions without any reason. If you don’t present your point with confidence, how people will believe you? Recognise the value of your opinion and believe that what you have to share is worth listening to.


3. Don’t be a Pleaser: Many times women take on the role of pleaser to attempt to be noticed. Serving coffee to someone is not your job; let it be done by the one who is in that appropriate role. Remember by doing such work you are lowering your own dignity. People will start taking you for granted.


4. Enhance your strength: Play to your strengths. If you can identify what’s unique in you try to apply in your profession. If you find that you have to upgrade yourself, start it immediately by taking the class, reading books, surfing, etc.

5. Networking: Networking is the most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any organization. Try to connect with the people of your industry through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. It is the most powerful tool if you do it the right way and with the right people in your industry.

So GIRLS what are you waiting for? Make your own way that leads you to Success! Teemu Selanne Authentic Jersey

Online Harassment

5 Tricks Every Girl Should Try To Avoid Online Harassment

The Internet is a place consisting information from personal to the public about all of us. We update our social media accounts regularly by posting our regular activities by posting photos or ‘check in’ on Facebook, outrage through twitter, connect through messenger and Whatsapp, and even increase our professional network through LinkedIn. But then there comes the question about the security of data, fake accounts, the morphing of photos, rape and murder threats, account hacking and much more. How to deal with such behavior online is a major concern for many girls which ultimately refrains them to take the first step of building a profile as well. Let us help you by giving some examples on how to deal such situations and broaden your knowledge on the same.

1. Connect with people smartly: Social Media profiles are decorated with interesting bio, edited photos and people chat with sugar-coated lines in order to impress and earn your trust. Be aware about whom you are talking to. Choose the friends to add to your account smartly. Read their Bio carefully. If do not find any genuine information there then look for mutual friends if any. Ask them about the profile if it is a genuine one or not. When you fail to get this thing then think before accepting such friend request. Have you seen this person in real life? Do NOT connect to people you do not know personally or you have not seen moving in real life. This profiles can be fake ones or of those cheap people who would misuse your details and photographs to either threaten you or blackmail you.

2. Step back when you see the difference in behavior: Sometimes it gets really tough to judge people as they play very smartly and earn your trust. Still do not trust them completely before few months. Do not share any personal photos or address or any personal information till then. Once you share your contact number and you sense a change in behavior like getting messages frequently, unnecessary calls or asking for your photos then get ALERT and step back before you find yourself in a Trap! Start declining the calls, reduce the frequency of replying the messages, and sent them a warning about how uncomfortable you are by this change in their behavior. If needed BLOCK the person.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help: Jerks do not understand the language of insult and they keep on trying to contact you which can put you in intense trouble. Ask for help from your friends, give them warnings when they cross limits, threaten them on contacting the cops, if you find them powerful enough make sure you handle with elderly guidance.

4. Go slow to understand better: As soon as you exchange numbers do not plan a meet up with them. You are not aware of their true self and before meeting someone you must be pretty sure about your safety. Tell few people about your location when you are meeting people you get along through social media for first 3-4 meetings. Going slow could help you think more and thus act accordingly while understanding their behavior. If the person is genuine he would not force you to meet frequently and rather would make efforts to make you comfortable first and then asking you out.

5. Talk on a variety of topics to understand their behavior: Having conversations on a variety of topics can help you understand their mentality and behavior. Talk about current affairs, music, movies, feminism, jokes, mutual friends etc. This could help you get an overall idea on their thought process and understand the real them.

Online Harassment has an offline Impact. Learn early about wrong intentions by being Alert and being smart when having conversations. Stay Safe and use online Platform for your growth and not affecting your mental health or facing any trouble. Do not get emotionally attached to someone easily you meet through social media as this can hurt you at the end. Scottie Pippen Authentic Jersey


10 Ways You Can Enjoy Navratri Without Feeling Insecure

Navratri is synonyms to Gujju sunburn, Gujju Tomorrowland, Gujju Tinder and what not! Along with new garba trends every year (like Salsa garba this year), this festival has shown a tremendous increase in crimes as well every year. Not to go on statistical data of the reported crimes there are innumerable which are not even reported. Eve teasing, molestation, stalking etc are some of the crimes which are ignorant in festivals like Navratri. It won’t matter to others but it leaves an impression which is deep as the sea on us, especially girls, which leads to falling in our confidence and lack of trust issues further and much more. In spite of being alert every second we fall into some awkward situations which can panic us and give confidence to the individual or gang to fulfill their cheap desires. Navratri is the festival of devotion and music but the same has become the festival wherein these 9 days every girl face some or other issue which makes her feel insecure.

What should be done when unknowingly you fall into such situations and feel helpless and your brave instincts turn into fear and panic? Against all odds when you get stuck with creeps, let the goddess in you take the charge and fight back. Here are 10 ways you can protect yourself in Navratri,

1. Be alert about your surroundings. Be aware of the route of entry and exits of the venue. Know where the restrooms are and go there with a company. If you feel uncomfortable at any point contact your other friends to accompany you too.

2. Be aware of the route from your parked car to the entry gate or wherever you got detached from your circle so that you can reach there easily.

3. Whenever you feel you need help to tackle a group or individual do not hesitate to scream and ask for help. Try to stay in well-lit areas where there are number of people around so that you can get easy help. Listening to your reactions they might get frightened and walk away.

4. Eyes and body language speak a lot. Even your single angry stare at the harasser can convey your power to him and drop his intentions to harm you. Though some wretches do not understand the language of eyes and thus you need to know how to harm them when they attack you.

5. Choose the group who are hanging around with wisely. Trust your intuition to judge a person so that nobody can take advantage of you under the mask of a good friend. Know every individual in the group and maintain space if you are not introduced to someone or have negative intuitions.

6. In a situation when you have to attack in order to save yourself use your sandals as a weapon to harm them on the head so that there reflex action takes their hands on the head and you get a chance to escape.

7. Nails were used to protect oneself in ancient times. Let us continue the tradition and let pampering done to them come to some safety use as well. You can use your nails to harm his face or hands and set yourself free if you are grabbed.

8. Use your elbows and knees to hit hard on sensitive parts like neck, teeth, and penis etc. so that they could know your power and not mess with you.

9. Take the crowded route to reach the garba venue. Do not go alone from the route where traffic is almost zero.

10. If you are wearing a backless choli for the night and going on your two-wheeler to reach the venue, make sure to cover your back with a “dupatta” during driving so that no one can get the intention of following you to harass.

These kind of people are all around. They come with wrong intentions and smart ways to grab you. So be sober this Navratri to stay safe. Because a lot can happen when you are not alert. Pledge to fight against this perverts and not come back with your heart sulking in regrets. It is a festival to enjoy the unique music beats which give sudden energy and perform your favorite garba steps till you satisfy your heart and make enough good memories to wait until next year. Deacon Jones Womens Jersey


Denim on Denim for the Sexy Cow Girl Look on Any Occasion

Have you ever observed a girl in printed top on printed bottom? Or same kinda fabric for top and bottom? This combination must be weird for many but there is a choice of fabric material which looks stunning on top and bottom at the same time! The girls like to go all with denim at any occasion and who doesn’t like to show herself in the cowgirl mode? Denim clothing is an evergreen fashion for teenage girl or for those who loves to go out with their fiancée. 

Every common girl knows that adding a denim to her wardrobe is an instant way to make her look trendy. The all-season clothes are not out of fashion and thanks to your pair of jeans and that ripped jeans jacket for that. Nowadays, denims are in for college girls and they are wearing not only at bottom but also as a top wear. It can be one of the most comfortable and versatile apparel which a girl can carry at any occasion. As we know all fashion items have specific time and place to carry but girls can choose denim at any time or anywhere without any hesitation. Even girls can wear it with different combinations of top-bottom colors. Whatever style of denim girl chooses will definitely give signature look to her style.

You find the varieties of denim like jeans, short top, short jacket, long jacket, skirt, gown top, palazzo pants etc. A normal girl might not purchase the jeans top or bottom so frequently due to the limitation of the budget but that is the beauty of denim! Use your denim with different combination to give the old one a new look. It is natural to have at 4-5 denim bottoms in her wardrobe capsule. Life of denim fabric is longer compare to other routine fabric so girls can enjoy the company of denim for a longer time and fashion of denims will never go out of trend. Denims are like wine. The older it gets, the precious it becomes!

Denim combo looks sexy in the winters but not so in the summer. Don’t make a hasty decision to wear it in hot season because of its thicker fabric. Denim pair looks amazing when it is correctly paired, but one silly mistake in choosing perfect combination can mess girl’s overall look.

Few style out of so many, girls can select any for her denim on denim get up:

  • Choose different color combination of denim for bottom and top.
  • Try to select darker shade for bottom and lighter shade for top as it helps her to get perfect body look.
  • If girls like to try something different, then she can select palazzo pant from denim with high heels and short tight crop top.
  • Girls can even choose denim pants with free top and add long jacket on whole apparel.
  • Tuck-in denim shirt on denim for formal appearance.
  • Wear knee length high heel shoes to look hot and wild!
  • The classic blue on blue denim is all time hit for any size girl.

Hey girls, these are not the only tips to follow because we are living in the era where fashion changes every second. You can create your own creative combination of denim top and bottom. If you have more ideas, then we would like to know new paring tip for denim from your side too. Connor Barth Jersey


Kid Boyfriend Act As A Best Stress Buster For Any Girl

Isn’t it sound weird that every girl must have a kid boyfriend? Is there any sense of making a boyfriend who is just a li’l kid? Is he going to give blushing smile on your face? Is he going to give what she wants (in every sense!!)? Well, this topic is something which you will never find anywhere on internet as we girls in neighbour sharing our experience.

It is obvious that because of handy technology and blessing of internet, many people comes to know about your relationship status, isn’t it?  To be very frank, as a common girl and working in a company I do not find time to do chatting with friends on any social media. Being a mature girl (or tend to be one!), I do not even slip over a flirty and flattery talk of guy so easily. So, sadly I’m single because I do not have the same age guy as a boyfriend who can always stay there when I am wrong and tell me that you’re right even if I’m wrong and with whom I can share my every single thought (but believe me, I am not at all sad!)

But that’s not the awful moment of my life because I have more than having same age guy, a boy who makes me smile. Yes, I can say that physically I’m single but heartily and mentally I’m with cute li’l boy who is just 5 and half years old. I don’t even remember when my heart fell for that boy but luckily I found the cute li’l kid with full of maturity and his ‘maturity’ only is the reason to fall in love with him! Most beautiful thing for me is that even his parents give me the nick name of ‘Bahurani’, ‘Mrs. Sheth’ and ‘Daughter-in-Law’.

Well, below are the reasons that why I could not even imagine breaking up our cute relation even if I am getting married with other guy:

  • As I questioned in starting of the blog that is there any sense of having li’l boyfriend? Here, I can say that just don’t feel ashamed of having company of kid boyfriend. You can shower your love to him without any in-return expectation!
  • Yes, of course I love his notorious talk and funny flirty nature. And believe me, it makes my day!
  • It directly touch to my heart when he is crying. How can you see a cute little boy cry?!
  • Once my mother-in-law told me that your hubby revealing to some relatives that ‘Hu and siddhi didi lagan karwana chhie’ (Me and Siddhi didi are going to get married) Isn’t it cute?
  • He don’t like when I speak in my mother tongue language ‘hindi’ because he is ‘shuddh gujarati’.
  • It really bring cute smile on my face when I am thinking about him and even when I am driving, his single thought leads to get blush on my face.
  • He is so much spontaneous. As he find out anything so easily and as a mature kid in early age, his talk is like beyond imagination for me.
  • What I am wearing really matters to him. Occasionally, he always notice that what I wore and how I look.
  • Sometimes he act like he is my ‘typical’ husband but it makes me more impressed.
  • It make me feel jealous when he is dancing on floor with his classmate girl!

Well, these are the few things which always impresses me about him. But here you must be aggressive to know who that lucky boy is? Even I don’t want to create the suspense. His name is… is… is… ‘Reyansh Sheth’ (Reyu). I am totally lost over his cuteness.

If you also have the kid boyfriend, then you’re welcome to write the name of that lucky boy in the below given comment box. Believe me, every girl must have a boyfriend like him to stay happy in the life. Matt Duchene Authentic Jersey


Let Your Eyes Look Sensuous with Kajal

You wouldn’t disagree if I say that out of so many makeup product varieties, Kajal is the most appealing one; because it brings out eternal beauty & charm on the face if even a li’l line of Kajal is applied to enlighten your eyes. Kajal has its importance not only in India but also around the world and among the people of different cultures across the world. Most commonly used synonyms of Kajal are ‘Kohl’ and ‘Soorma’ and the list goes on. More often Kajal is applied by Women as well as male in some parts of locality. Kajal is also applied to the infants because it is believed to have been protecting him/her from evil eyes. Kajal is popular not only among the high class people & celebs from Bollywood/Hollywood but also among the tribes of Africa, India and many more other interior areas of the world.

Kajal is the cheapest cosmetic (if you can prepare it at home) & quite handy for transforming any ordinary look into an attractive one. Kajal used to be made from camphor, vegetable oil and ghee during the initial time period, but Kajal Manufacturing has become a commercial activity. However, very few Kajal brands , available in the market are organically made and are less harmful to the eyes. With the increased demand of Kajal, the manufacturers have started using unreliable products in making of Kajal; which directly affects the eyesight and eye muscles.

For any Indian woman, makeup is incomplete without using Kajal. And now days the Bollywood stars as well as common girls have invented innovative ways of applying Kajal; so as to get more attractive look for eyes. The latest trend set over a year ago is that the eyeliner and eye pencil has replaced the use of Kajal. There are many techniques for applying Kajal but applying it properly depends on the shape & size of eye. Apart from this there is one famous and evergreen style of applying Kajal called ‘Retro Style’ with any bold color lipstick to get vintage and royal look.

Applying Kajal is not enough but there has to be something eye catching. li’l makeup around the Kajal to help your eyes look more gorgeous, especially when you are attending any festival or party occasion. Something with bit glittery effect around the Kajal applied eyes will be perfect during the day time, whereas the off glitter makeup around the Kajal will be suitable for night functions.

And of course, applying Kajal has its own set of benefits for your eyes too. But that again depends on the type of Kajal you are using whether it is organic or non-organic Kajal.

So girls, this is all I had to tell you about the evergreen beauty enhancer cosmetic – Kajal. If you want to share anything about Kajal then you’re most welcome to comment in the below comment box. Jerome Baker Womens Jersey

eats together

Stay as a Family Even if the Technology Plays The Role of Villain

Family that eats together, prays together stays together. Technology is not curse but it is a blessing for the society as well as for the family if use in appropriate manner. In today’s era one cannot think of life without technology. If technology is used in constructive manner, it makes your life easy, comfortable and happy. Technology has the power to keep the family members connected with each other.

Isha enjoying trip with her family | Family Day

1. Have at least one meal together: In today’s time the schedules of all the family members are too busy that they might not able to have all meals together. But we can have at least one meal together i.e. either lunch or dinner or if possible, both.

2. Share your daily talks: When we want to know about our children routine i.e., what are they doing whole day in schools, classes ,etc. with their friends , we need to tell them what we have done whole day in our office , kitchen, or where we went, whom we met then only they will share with us their minds. To keep them happy and stress free we need to know about them.

As a family always stays in trend | Family Day

3. Use your mobile phones or laptops only if urgent: Switching of mobile phones or get away from internet is not possible in this period. But you can at least limit the use of your gadgets to enjoy with your family.

4. Play games together: Playing different outdoor and indoor family games together with your family will make you mentally and physically fit. Family will gain sense of security from each other and games will make family atmosphere happy.

5. Use electronic gadgets for family entertainment: Use of laptops, smart televisions, projectors, iPods, and mobile phones for various family entertainments will bring happiness in the family. For example, watching movies together, listening music, watching cricket match as well as some other informational news and its discussion also brings family together.

6. Go for holidays at regular interval: In our busy schedule we could not able to give quality time to our family. At that time what we need to do is we should go for holidays at regular interval with our family may once in a year or twice or thrice as per our convenience. That will help to retain bonding between the family members.

Because every family occasions are important | Family Day

Let’s make use of electronic gadgets for constructive purpose and make our family healthy, wealthy and happy. Sergei Nemchinov Jersey

mother's day

12 Ways To Make Your Mom Your Best Friend This Mother’s Day

Mom a Magician! Without saying a word she understands you i.e., what you want, what happened to you, why you are happy, why you are sad? irrespective of your age, gender and status in society. And talking about daughter and mother relationship or mother in law and daughter in law are the best among all the relationships. Whether you are married or unmarried girl, near or far, distance does not make any difference. How to make your mother or mother in law your best friend?

Siddhi in leisure mood with her mom | Mother’s Day

Use these 12 ways to make your mom your best friend on this mother’s day:

1. Hang out with your mom: When we think about hanging out, we think about college friends, school friends or kitty group but hang out with your mom will give some different and unique feeling! You can go to a movie, restaurant, coffee shops for a hangout and enjoy your time with her.

2. Talk to her as a friend: Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. Be frank with her. If she shows you any fault in yourself, accept it and try to resolve the matter. And at times, if you find some unusual thing in her mood, tell her in a manner that she does not feel bad. But for that you need to be her friend first.

Unnati enjoying trip with her mom | Mother’s day

3. Discuss recent topics whether politics or beauty or fashion: Never think that she being old, doesn’t know fashion or politics. Discuss magazines, newspapers, online shopping fashion with her. She will love it because she also goes through all such stuff regularly and update herself.

4. Listen to her: Sometimes a person needs someone who listens to her. She may have many problems, health issues, social issues in her life. Although by listening to the issues you cannot solve it, but at least she can lighten herself by talking to you.

Isha imitates her mom with matching color during holidays | Mother’s Day

5. Make her use the latest electronic gadgets: Make her use internet. By using internet she can give wings to her hobbies. For example, if she likes to listen old songs, she can download the songs or make use of the apps available. She can even play games or explore new topics. She can do online shopping too.

6. Never say “You don’t understand”: Sometimes it happens that she does not understand many things, may be due to different education stream or may be due to lack of knowledge about that particular issue. Never insult her by saying that “You don’t understand” instead try to explain her about that topic in easy way in which she can understand better.

Shruti going out for shopping with her two best friends | Mother’s Day

7. Motivate her to adopt styles: She being a mother never thinks about herself. For her, everything is fine whether it is stylish or not. For moms, the happiness of their family is everything. At that time you should make her adopt style so that she can live for herself also.

8. Always cherish the moments you spent together: Always relish your moments that you had spent together whether in childhood or teenage that makes her feel happy and satisfied.

Tenu kala chashma jachda ae | Mother’s Day

9. Don’t give counter Reactions: Due to age she may annoy you without your fault, be patient don’t over react as that anger may be temporary

10. Arrange the party with her old friends: Everyone would love to spend time with their old friends. Make plan for her to meet her old friends that will make her happy.

Unnati’s mom is like her elder sister | Mother’s Day

11. Seek her advice: Being your mom she is more experienced than you, seek her advice when needed, she will definitely give you the best path as she knows everything about your strengths and weaknesses

Isha’s aunty is like more than her mother | Mother’s Day

12. Let her know about all your friends: Being your mother she has the right to know everything about you. Talk to her about your friends so that she can understands your company and guide you if you are wrong. Sometimes your best friends may become your mom’s best friend.

You never need mother’s day to celebrate for your mom. Make every single day a mother’s day by making her best friend and then you see, the life will be so beautiful! Mike Webster Jersey

chellenges at job

Challenges Faced by a Girl in The First Year of Job After College

One of the most crucial, memorable and challenging phases of a girl’s career is when she starts working after completing her college. Because besides handling her work skillfully, there are lots of hidden challenges (pertaining to the work & workplace) which she has to deal with during the initial year of her first job.

So let us see some of such issues that a girl has to tackle and how she can handle them.

1. Dealing with Challenges faced with respect to the practical application: Learning the theories at college and scoring high is much easier but ironically it can’t guarantee you success in corporate life. Because one has to jump into the water to actually start swimming, no matter how aware one is about the techniques of swimming. That’s how it is for the newly recruited person. Even if you get hired based on your academic excellence, the practical application of things can only be learnt as you actually start working. To manage this issue, one has to be ready to do the ground work also. Your superior/reporting authorities will make you do the basic work. It is not to make you feel down, but to teach you how important it is to learn little things before you assume bigger responsibilities. As a newly recruited person, you shouldn’t deny doing any work which gives you an opportunity to learn & grow.

2. Breaking the ice and making a repo: As a newcomer, you have to take initiative to break the ice with your team members and colleagues. Maintaining a good repo should not be restricted to your superior/boss or your department, you should have good terms with everyone in the organisation. It is more important for the newcomer because she doesn’t have a fair idea of whom will she have to deal with in future. The key is to greet everyone you come across in your office. However, it is advisable for the girls to avoid being over-friendly with anyone in the office.

3. Change Management: The biggest change that comes to your life as you start working after completing your college is the change of your daily routine. While it is ok to be liberal with your timing in college, working in office requires you to be strictly disciplined with your timing, performance & mannerisms. As you start your job, you’ve to get used to working for the prescribed working hours. End moment project submissions may be possible in college, but you’ve to be on your toes to meet the office work deadlines. Working out on how & where you can multitask also helps a lot. Being a girl, you may also have to manage the household work; that’s where you need to learn ‘Work life balance’.

4. Keep your eyes & ears open: Taking up any job after completing studies requires you to be attentive at every moment. It’s necessary during your working hours in the office. But if your observation power is sharp enough to keep a track of the happenings in your industry (outside the office); it definitely earns you extra points in your career. Besides observing things & churning out important corporate lessons from it; you also need to memorise the things/people/terms etc. directly connected to your work domain.

5. Indulging in Office Politics! – a strict no-no for the fresher:  Though ‘Office Politicking’ is a fact of almost every office; participating in gossiping or involving into office politics is dangerous for the newly recruited females. The simplest way of dealing with office politics is to be away from it and be neutral.

6. Managing the journey from Probation to Confirmation:  On accepting the Offer Letter, you’re hired for the probation period. This is a ‘not-to-miss’ opportunity if you seriously wish to continue the job. Because you’re recruited as a confirmed/permanent employee by the organisation only if you satisfactorily perform during the probation. Hence, managing with all the resistances is more than important during your probation. The trick is to make a mark by going the extra mile in your work.

So if you know any girl who’s about to make her way to her first job after college, share with her these tips. So that she can have a good start of her career. Kris Versteeg Authentic Jersey