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Cosmetic Care is As Important As Taking Care of Yourself

Every woman prefers to put on make-up to look appealing. But do we take as much care of our Cosmetics as we’re concerned about our make-up? It is generally observed that majority of the women are careless about maintaining their cosmetics properly. For example, they leave the lipstick open after applying it, keep a foundation puff outside the case, misplace the eye shadow brush etc.

So let’s see how to take care of our cosmetics and what the expiry date of different cosmetics is-


  • Always keep foundation in a cool place.
  • Shake the bottle before using the foundation.
  • Take little foundation on the palm and then apply on the face.
  • Never use foundation on the make –up because it will look awful.
  • If your skin irritates while applying the foundation, stop using it because it may be spoiled.
  • Keep in mind that the life of a foundation is 6 months to one year, not more than that.


  • Never take moisturiser with the finger. Otherwise, it will spoil very quickly. Use a plastic spoon or ice-cream stick for that.
  • Moisturiser should be kept away from water.
  • BY mistake if you take out more moisturiser than required, never pour it back to the bottle.
  • If we don’t get the moisturiser in proper proportion from the bottle, then it means that it’s spoiled.
  • Remember that the Life of a moisturiser is 6 months to one year.

Face powder:

  • Always use face powder with the puff.
  • Never keep the powder cap open after using it.
  • Keep the face powder away from a moist place.
  • Life of the face powder is 2 years.


  • When the colour of the concealer changes, it means that it is spoiled.
  • If you want to increase the life of your concealer, then keep its brusher at a safe and clean place
  • Life of the concealer will be-

Powder and stick concealer- approx. 2 years

Liquid concealer – approx. 8 months


  • Consider that the speed of bacteria’s development is faster in cream based eye shadow than in powder based eye shadow
  • Always use clean makeup brush for applying an eye shadow
  • If you apply the eye shadow with your fingers, make sure you wash your hands before applying eye shadow.
  • Life of eye shadows is approx. 6 to 12 months for cream based and 2 years for powder based eye shadow.

Kajal and Eyeliner:

  • Never forget to close your eyeliner after you use it. Immediately close it to prevent it from drying.
  • Never allow anyone to use your eyeliner because it may infect your eyes.
  • Life of the eyeliner is 6 months.


  • Always use mascara brush only for applying mascara. (i.e. Don’t use it for any other purpose).
  • After using mascara brush for mascara application, dip it into lukewarm water with little cleansing powder.
  • If mascara dries in the bottle, put it into warm water for 10 minutes & it will be ready to use.
  • Life of the mascara is approx. 3 months.


  • Never forget to close the cap of your lipstick after using it. Because if it is left open, dust will stick on it and ultimately it will lead to cause infection on your lips.
  • Always use good quality lipsticks. Never opt for the low quality & cheap lipsticks because it may cause side effects on your lips.
  • Never allow anyone to use your lipstick.
  • Always keep the lipstick at a cool place.
  • If possible, try to apply lipstick with a lip brush.
  • Estimated life of a lipstick is 2 years.

Lip liner/ Lip gloss:

  • If the smell of the lip liner or lip gloss changes, immediately stop using it.

Always remember to close the lead of lip liner/lip gloss after using it.  The average life of Lip liner/Lip gloss is approx. 5 to 6 months. Fabian Moreau Authentic Jersey


Different Moods Require Different Types of Music To Enjoy The Moments

Some girls might possess the type of nature that she can get easily attached to music which played around her whether it is a sad song, a rock song or romantic song. She starts placing some moments of her life with that song. If this is the case with you also then you have landed on the correct blog. If the songs change your mood you shouldn’t worry because there are hardly any girl to whom songs do not affect.

After many research, scientists have found that growth and behaviour of plants and animals also get affected by music. If animals and plants have the effect of music then why a human being cannot have?

Well, what are the different situations when girls love to listen to songs? We can consider few situations like – when everything goes wrong with her or even when someone hurt her or she has some issue with near ones. Girls also love to listen rocking songs when she receives some good news. When she is taking the bath then she just loves to listen to romantic songs. She gets into more soft numbers when she gets love dose from her boyfriend. She again goes inside the playlist of sad songs when she misses him during a rainy night. Even girls like to listen to different types of songs when she is all alone at home and wants to fulfil the period of loneliness.

Many girls turn to sad and broken heart songs after breakups, started keeping herself alone in corner of the dark room, play her favourite sad song playlist and starts crying. You’re not alone if you belong to the same category because there are many girls who pass from the same situation. That situation is not so easy to come out from but not so hard if you’re ready to come out from it. The only effort you need to do is start keeping yourself busy in any noble activity, join some cooking-knitting-sewing class, start interacting with those friends who brings blushing smile on your face, be in company with people who motivates you for your bright future and then you have to do the most difficult task – deleting the memory on your phone – which reminds you of those moments you spent with him and delete your favorite sad song playlist for a while. Song has the deep effect on those girls who are soft-hearted and emotionally very weak.

When girls are overwhelmed with feelings, she only enjoys peppy numbers as she wants to share her happiness in any case with others. There is a huge effect of the season also on the type of music girl chooses. Out of all the seasons, rainy season is known for the most romantic time. Many girls might love to have cup of hot coffee the in chilling cold atmosphere and loves to stare at drops of water from window side. With cup of coffee and rainy atmosphere, she also loves to enjoy romantic songs or hindi and urdu ghazals.

Music has the power to turn the mood in a moment for any girl. Music can be as soft as cotton balls that it can heel her day and also sometimes the heart touching lyrics can drift her mood in other direction as well. No matter what you are going through these days, choose the kind of music which can bring a smile on your face! Carson Wentz Jersey

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Budget Sets No Bar to Get You a Stylish Look

‘I am running out of new clothes, I badly need to go for shopping’ – is a feeling majority of the girls have every now & then. And sometimes this feeling is also backed by the myth that one needs to spend heavily to look classy. However applying some simple styling tactics can help you break such stereotype because budget can’t really set any criteria to look fashionable.

While there are countless ways of proving that budget isn’t quite a barrier to your getting an eye-catching, stylish look; here are few handy & pocket-friendly tips to get a stylish look.

Revise your old clothes: Bringing out a new look with the old dress, which is otherwise lying idle, is possible with a li’l bit of redecorating & revising it creatively. For example, you can reuse your old long layered skirt to make a chic short dress out of it with a simple trick. All you need to do is to cut the uppermost part of the skirt which has elastic and replace it with a lace. The same lace can be used to stitch the shoulder straps of revised dress. To add more detailing to it, you can also add another horizontal layer of same lace at the waist. And you’re ready to flaunt your cute short dress!

Must have Classic outfits for your wardrobe: You need to properly spend only once to get a worthy plain white shirt (ideally in the quality cotton material) and a plain black top/t-shirt (preferably thick & durable fabric). Both these versatile outfits can work at formal as well as informal events. For instance, a white shirt with formal blazer gets you perfect elegant office wear. The same white shirt, when paired with a denim jacket gets you cool look for the outings. If you still need to make your plain white shirt more versatile, it can be worn with a handcrafted embroidered jackets/koti (ex. Choli Jacket with Kutch embroidery) as well. The same way you can stylishly match a plain black top/ t-shirt with jackets/overcoat/shrug or any such suitable outfit. Know how ‘Mix & Match’ matters: Trying mix & match fashion ideas are all about knowing how you can make the most of the stuff already owned by you, to set diverse themes as per your mood & occasion. Simplest trick is to choose a branded piece of cloth with the routine/not so costly outfits – such as branded jeans with street side tee/top. The Same trick can be applied to the accessories as well. If you have an eye for good design (i.e. not very common) and if you spot it with a street side vendor or roadside shop; it is advisable not to miss it. Because such piece of accessories can also be clubbed smartly with a variety of outfits. Likewise, you can brainstorm & work out such fun mix & match ideas. Lastly, don’t miss to share these styling tips with your college peeps. Evgeny Svechnikov Authentic Jersey


Why You Should Not Make a Boyfriend in the First Meeting

So you are a teenage girl and you are still single?! You might be studying in a college and still, you sit in the canteen with your girls’ gang?! You still bunk the class just to go out for the movie with your girls’ gang?! There are other girls who laugh at you when you are not going anywhere with your boyfriend and you feel ashamed with that! If this is the case, then you are not an abnormal girl, you are just a normal girl who has a good brain and great thought process!! Cheers!



The trend of keeping a boyfriend is not a new one. Even before 2-3 decades, the trend was there but girls were shy to speak about their boyfriend or to declare the name of the boyfriend. We are living in 2017 and thanks to the smartphones and cheap internet that every girl can see the pictures of other girls with their boyfriend on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. You must be feeling “incomplete” while you see those pictures. Your fantasy to have a hunk, good looking handsome boyfriend must be on top of the world! This is a very normal phenomenon if you have this type of fantasy. There is nothing wrong to fantasies about your boyfriend but the fantasy should not be converted into desperation.



Many a time you will feel like some boy in the first meeting itself and the desperation to make a boyfriend would be on its climax. You cannot take a quick decision to propose the boy to become a boyfriend. The definition of ‘boyfriend’ is very different for the boys than the girls. Your purpose of becoming a ‘couple’ would not be surrounded by the physical intimacy or smooching but the same you cannot guarantee for the boys. The first meeting can never give you a clear understanding of the background, history and nature of the boy. You must give some time to yourself before jumping to the conclusion to move ahead with him. He can be a gentleman but how will you come to know in the first meeting? Meet him few times, try to know him and then if you feel to move ahead, don’t hesitate! Danny Etling Womens Jersey

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4 Ways To Find Your Dream Internship This Summer

In spite of the fact that the odd semester of the college is going to begin, it will be over in the flash before you know it! Before long you will ideally be setting out on a quick paced and profession upgrading summer internship. How would you get that fantasised placement for your choice of career? Here are some tips you can use to find your choice of college internship this summer.

Create the list of the companies you are interested in joining. Take few days to think.

1. Search online: There are few sites like which provides you with a platform to choose the company of your choice for your internship in your area. There is as such no guarantee of stipend given by any company but you should not bother for that. Just go for it – your objective is to learn, not to earn at this stage.

2. Use social Media: You might be using many social networking sites till date for entertainment mainly. This is the time you must start using it to your advantage. LinkedIn is the kind of SNS which can help you to find your kind of internship. Connect with the HR of different companies and send them in mail inquiring the opportunities for internships. Also, follow your target companies on LinkedIn to know any update regarding internship if they are posting or not. You can also use Facebook to connect with the HR or Entrepreneurs of your liking of industries.

Girl internship
Discuss with right people for your liking of internship

3. Your network: You must not have wasted your past two years in college, isn’t it?! This is the time to use your network you have built in the last couple of years. Contact with your network and check the possibility to enter in their company. Check with your friends’ father if he can help you in this matter.

4. Take help from your faculties: Irrespective of your good or bad terms with the faculty members of your college, go and ask them if they can help you in searching for the kind of internship you are looking towards. You can also approach your placement cell or HOD. Make sure about your choice of the industry before meeting them.

internship surat ivipanan
Take help from faculties

The right selection of the company for the internship will help you to get the job either in the same company or may be the same industry. You should not take college internship lightly. Spend few months in the company and learn as much as you can then future is all yours, girl! Miami Dolphins Womens Jersey


Cool Frocks You Cannot Miss to Wear in The Hot Summer Days

Summer, for any girl can be the most irritating season, as the girls face many problems during scorching summer days. Especially the skin Problems like rashes, allergy, sweating and smelling problem and the Diet problems. But from all these, the most difficult problem to deal with during the hot summer season is the clothing issue. Choosing an appropriate dress that looks stylish while making one feel relaxed on sunny summer days is a mammoth task.


As we know that summer is in full swing, what more does a girl need to complete her summer wardrobe than a cute maxi gown? ; Which keeps her cool when the temperature outside is shooting up. And for that, there’s undeniably no better option than a comfy summer frock to get a chic look with comfort feel. Of course, the girls are luckier than boys because of having wider options of clothing to choose from. If a girl has an eye for fashion & style trends, then she can smartly continue with her winter wardrobe during summer also to get a classy summer look. As a common girl, it is difficult to separately invest in the dresses for every season; and that’s where she has to use her creative & intelligent ideas for shopping clothes which can be worn regardless of the weather barriers. Plus the clothes selection should also be pocket-friendly.

Comfy Frock for Summer

The frock is considered to be the sexiest dress, which is versatile enough to be flaunted in style at several occasions – from a formal event to a casual function. Frocks can be worn round the year (i.e. summer as well as winter season). However, the focal point of consideration is to keep on switching up the fabric and the color choice as per different occasions & seasons. For example, one should choose darker color & thicker fabric such as velvet for the chilled winter season and lightweight cotton fabric in a bright color with flowery prints for warm summer.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Best dressing style also depends on the body shape because a particular style which suits one body type may not suit the other. Last but not the least, styling the chic frocks with a variety of footwear, jackets, clutches, jewelry and other accessories can complement the overall look of your frock. Tug McGraw Womens Jersey


Fashion Accessories Every College Girl Must Own

College days are the time when any girl can try different style with unique accessory. Accessory with any simple casual and formal wear gives you a different look. But trend for accessories are changing very rapidly and spending loads of money to buy expensive and fashionable accessories is not advisable for routine college life.

Any girl can get reasonably likable look by adding essence of style statement accessory in her daily get up and we are lucky that in our city – ‘Surat’, we have one famous fashion street in old city called ‘Chauta Bazaar’ where girls can find hundreds of small street shops especially for girls adornment with low price and trendy with variety of designs. Let’s have a look at few accessories which girl should wear during her college days.

1. Backpack/Handy Tote Bag: Only girls have variety of options in different designs of bags and girls usually love to carry different bags which suits with their dressing style. Different bags like Tote Bags, Backpack, Bucket Bag and Sling Bag are usually great option if space is concerned or else space is not concerned than Clutch Bag, Shoulder Bag and Envelop Bag can be good option.

Backpack/Handy Tote Bag

It is next to impossible for any common girl to buy range of expensive bags for her daily college outing. Here, one good option is DIY (Do It Yourself) which you can make out of waste jeans and Funky T-shirt. There are thousands of DIY videos and image tutorials available on internet which girls can explore in vacation, spare time or in holidays. It will help her to save money and develop creativity and definitely carrying that handmade bag will give her “eye catching” look at college.

2. Analog Hand Watch: Analog watches are always in trend for girls as they are always convenient to check time than mobile. Watches provide simplicity, signal of style and help you create relationship with time. If common girl is not able to spend huge amount on small accessory then she can buy watches with flexible multi color straps and dial. It gives her variety of watch choices for matching or contrast dressing style.

Analog Hand Watch

3. Quirky Printed Scarves with Plain T-shirt: Scarves on any plain T-shirt work as instant outfit changer. Scarves guarantees to take your style to whole new level and it will always remain as most favored accessory for any girl. Being in textile hub city called ‘Surat’, every girl can design their own designer statement scarves from chic printed fabric and also can add li’l traditional touch-up by stitching tassels hanging lace.

Quirky Printed Scarves

4. Pearl or Single Diamond Studs Earlobe: Pearl and diamond are a girl’s ultimate best friends as it help her look sober yet classy and rich look. Earlobe studs from pearl and single diamond are consider as status indicator and also few jewelry artifact ornaments are sign of our Indian culture.

Black Pearl Studs Earlobe

5. Neck Accessory: Girls can dressed up with different designs of neckpiece for her different clothing style. Girl can wear sparky necklace or choker with simple graphic design T-shirt, Mint green stone necklace with any light color spaghetti, Boho style necklace goes perfectly with black color top or any plain kurta and long chain necklace with any western wear clothes.

Neck Accessory

6. Vintage Cocktail Ring: Cocktail ring are piece of jewelry that are big in size compare to any other normal size ring. Cocktail rings are available in different shades of color but girls can choose any bright color cocktail ring and also wear only single ring at a time.

7. Foot wear: Ankle strap heels and cone heels are not convenient or advisable for daily college life because they are more hazardous for health as in long run it causes to back-pain. Girl should always wear footwear which are convenient and easy to walk for that she can choose formal belly shoes and strap sandal or any other platform footwear.

Foot wear

Go girls, impress the boys in the college by not spending your pocket money to buy expensive accessories. You can still manage to still the show! Justin Williams Authentic Jersey


10 Tips For Girls To Keep in Mind While Travelling Alone

A girl going on holidays “alone” sounds weird. But it’s amazing experience. A girl enjoying her own company is considered to be the happiest girl on the planet and why you cannot be that girl?!! There is nothing to fear about in travelling alone for a girl; whether it’s a domestic trip or an international trip. But it is advisable to take safety precautions to avoid hurdles in your trip.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind while travelling alone.

1. Keep your money scattered: Never keep all your money or plastic money at one place or in a single bag. Keep some money in socks, some in pants and in different bags so that if any of your bags gets robbed, you won’t end up losing everything.

2. Never let anyone know that you are travelling alone: Don’t share it with anyone that you are travelling alone. You need to communicate tactfully. For Example – If someone asks you “Is this your first trip to Goa?” – your reply should be “No! we often come here, we love to visit this place”. This makes the stranger feel that you are not completely unfamiliar to the place.

3. Know where you are going: Plan your route before leaving home. Always review your travel route & travel plan before leaving your hotel. Always make use of GPS system to ensure that you aren’t following the suspicious route.

4. Don’t loiter: Never hang out unnecessarily around the airport or highways. Move on to the next step as soon as possible. Because moving target is harder to hit, so keep moving. 

5. Try to be Normal: Don’t let anyone know from your body language that you have more amount of money/luxurious stuff. So avoid overloading yourself with expensive jewellery. Don’t be too familiar with anyone. Instead prefer to have a light conversation, so that you can move quickly.

6. Be in touch: You should be in touch with at least one of your family members or friends on a regular basis; so as to keep him/her informed about your whereabouts and where you’re headed. This will help you in your critical times.

7. Choose your accommodation carefully: Select the chain hotel or group hotel, which has its presence at several places. To stay safely, prefer the middle floor of the hotel.

8. Safety in hotels:

  • Check the hidden camera behind photo frame or bathroom and such sceptical points.
  • Keep the television or radio at the maximum volume; so that no one can make out that you’re alone in the room.
  • At the time of check-in, use the word ‘Mrs.’ in your introduction to pretend that you are accompanied by someone.
  • Ask for room service only if you really require it. And whenever you ask for a room service; be careful to not open the whole door, instead open half-door and take your food. 

9. Beware of new friends/acquaintances: Long day conversation with someone may bring intimacy between you and that person. But never go too close to a stranger by putting blind trust on him/her. Because judging anyone within very short span of time may turn out to be quite risky.

10. Self-defence: Many organisations provide self-defence classes for women. Before going on the solo trip, try to attain such classes as a preventive measure to stay safe. Keep one KNIFE and RED CHILLI POWDER in your hand bag, which will help you in any difficult situation. 

Travelling alone is not a big deal girls. Plan your next tour alone, find the destination, pack your bags and just go for it! Jamison Crowder Womens Jersey


Trendy Pompoms Accessories Offers Variety to Girls

Summer season is not only meant to look beautiful, but it is meant to look trendy and colourful. Normally girls don’t like to go out in the daytime but what if you can carry some trendy yet ‘not expensive’ accessories with you to highlight your style statement?! Nowadays, the fashion of ‘PomPom’ is in – used for many purposes. PomPom is a French word which means “Ball of Colour”. Since many years these small colourful woollen balls were used in clothes as well as in pieces of jewellery. Now, this PomPom trend is again in to make summers more vibrant and colourful. Whether it is ethnic wear or handbag, pompom looks very striking. It is suitable everywhere, in parties, ceremonies or at the office. Make sure not to overuse the PomPoms otherwise, you can look like an art piece. If you want to use Pompoms, make sure you should dressed up very simple to make pompoms accessories a focal point.

Top: When you go for outing, you can put on Pompom tops which varies from plain to printed on jeans

Bags: Pompom is trending in bags such as wallets, handbags, and tote. It is very much ‘must have‘ product for girls.

PomPom Earnings: Although you wear an expensive dress, but it does not give the value unless you put on the suitable or matching accessories. When we talk about accessories, how can we forget earnings? Pompom earrings look very beautiful on ethnic as well as western outfits. Its price ranges from RS.150 to Rs.250 in the market and available in different varieties.

Fashion Blogger in India
Pompom as earring Accessory

Necklace: Colour Pompom necklace looks very pretty on simple white top or blouse. Wear it when you are going out with your friends in evening or even in college. You can combine the necklace with matching or contrast earrings or nose pin. Drape died scarf around your neck to woo your fans!

Fashion Blogger in India
Pompom as Neckless Accessory

PomPom footwear: Pompom footwear can be purchased from online shops as well as it is available in the local market also. But make sure it should not be heavily flooded with the pompoms otherwise you will not be able to walk comfortably.

So girls, go and buy some pompom accessories for you or DIY as per your choice but do not let this summer go pompom less! Da’Shawn Hand Womens Jersey


When it’s First Day of College

Once your school life gets over, the next big step comes in the picture is college life. School life for any next door girl starts with a simply dressed up in school uniform with folded braid hairstyle using oil by following all the strict rules of the school without breaking any one of them. There is no feeling of jealousy, fantasy or desire from other girl’s fashion and lifestyle. But the life changes when a girl enters into college life atmosphere, new people, new friends and new surroundings.


Thinking about the first day of college makes the girl nervous who was used to with her sober look during school life. She might be worried about college mates and groups, faculties, cream class people and of course, the most important thing is fashion!These are few things which make her nervous. As and when she starts interacting with each other and starts making her own group, she might easily come out with muddle of groups and mates, faculties and with the cream class of others. But still, it creates a li’l mental dilemma for her which make her uncomfortable to live her natural life. The dilemma is about – how to dressed up in the college?

Well, the question sounds tough but the answer is not! As a common girl, she can choose her favourite dress from her wardrobe and forget what other girls will be wearing. Stop putting your leg into others shoe and start appreciating your choice of fashion and dressing sense.

Confidence on Face

Always carry big confidence on your face while dressed up simple in college life. Investing confidence on your face makes you different from others who are investing their money in clothes and lifestyle just for the sake of showing up. Robert Newhouse Authentic Jersey