How a Girl Can Plan for The Perfect Career During The College Days

One of the biggest challenges for the students today is the selection of the career. With the penetration of technology in all the industries, students are getting more confused and not able to decide about career selection. The perfect career becomes the dream for many when they follow the footstep of their friends to chose the career. While career selection is challenging for male students, it is rather more challenging for the female students. With the constant pressure of getting married just after finishing the college, girls cannot even think of the possibilities of choosing their liking of career.

So how can the girls even think to build their career if not able to chose what they always wanted to do? At least it is better to do something instead of not doing anything!

To plan the perfect career during the college days, girls can follow their instinct and make sure to keep the passion intact. Here are some tips girls can consider to chose the perfect career during the college days.

1. Talk to your parents: Most of the girls don’t share their dreams and interest with the parents during the initial period. They prefer to discuss with the friends, cousins or siblings but not with the parents. Every girl must discuss her career interest and passion with her parents. Be open about your dreams and how do you want to achieve it. Ask for the time you deserve before they can decide for your marriage. Convey your message about focusing on the career even after the marriage.

2. Don’t follow the dreams of your friends: It is so easy to get carried away when you are just coming out of the school and starting the college life. You might find some new friends who can mesmerize you with their interest and craziness to do something in their life. What they want to do is their choice and not yours. Focus on your instinct and skills rather than of your friends.

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3. Fall in love, but not at the cost of your dreams: It is not a crime to fall in love in the college. You can have a crush, an affair or serious love with your classmate or anybody! There is always a better chance to chose your life partner after the completion of the college years. If you are damn serious for the boy you have chosen during the college days, you both can wait for few more years before you both can select your career path and start walking on it.


4. Find the Inspiration: It is good to become self-centric. It is good to love your self only. But it is a blessing to find an inspiration in someone. The person can be anyone other than your parents. A teacher, a mentor, a professional, an entrepreneur, anyone! Idealizing someone is the best thing can happen to you. That person can be your role model or just a reference person but at least, idealize someone who can keep inspiring you to not to move away from your desired dream career.

5. Social Media is the blessing and not the curse: The most common reason girls have for not using social media is the security and harassment concerns. Social media is actually a blessing for you! It has its own shortcomings but social media is the beautiful platform to reach out to the industry giants. Connect with industry leaders and learn about their life. Interact with them on regular basis to get some more insights from their professional life. You can adopt social media itself as a career selection! If you love the technology, this might be your dream career! The career in the digital media marketing is proving to be one the best decision for many girls as you can continue doing your work even after the marriage from your home only.


There are many other tips one can follow during the graduation days in the college but the most important point to consider is nurturing the passion. Skill can obsolete but passion will stay forever. Focus on your career as it is your right to do what you want to do in your life. Marriage is the second side of the coin but you must find the life partner who can become the partner in seeing your dreams too! Dreaming about the career is not just the monopoly of the boys and in the society of 21st century, every girl has the equal right to work towards creating a perfect career! Corey Linsley Authentic Jersey

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Challenges Faced by a Girl in The First Year of Job After College

One of the most crucial, memorable and challenging phases of a girl’s career is when she starts working after completing her college. Because besides handling her work skillfully, there are lots of hidden challenges (pertaining to the work & workplace) which she has to deal with during the initial year of her first job.

So let us see some of such issues that a girl has to tackle and how she can handle them.

1. Dealing with Challenges faced with respect to the practical application: Learning the theories at college and scoring high is much easier but ironically it can’t guarantee you success in corporate life. Because one has to jump into the water to actually start swimming, no matter how aware one is about the techniques of swimming. That’s how it is for the newly recruited person. Even if you get hired based on your academic excellence, the practical application of things can only be learnt as you actually start working. To manage this issue, one has to be ready to do the ground work also. Your superior/reporting authorities will make you do the basic work. It is not to make you feel down, but to teach you how important it is to learn little things before you assume bigger responsibilities. As a newly recruited person, you shouldn’t deny doing any work which gives you an opportunity to learn & grow.

2. Breaking the ice and making a repo: As a newcomer, you have to take initiative to break the ice with your team members and colleagues. Maintaining a good repo should not be restricted to your superior/boss or your department, you should have good terms with everyone in the organisation. It is more important for the newcomer because she doesn’t have a fair idea of whom will she have to deal with in future. The key is to greet everyone you come across in your office. However, it is advisable for the girls to avoid being over-friendly with anyone in the office.

3. Change Management: The biggest change that comes to your life as you start working after completing your college is the change of your daily routine. While it is ok to be liberal with your timing in college, working in office requires you to be strictly disciplined with your timing, performance & mannerisms. As you start your job, you’ve to get used to working for the prescribed working hours. End moment project submissions may be possible in college, but you’ve to be on your toes to meet the office work deadlines. Working out on how & where you can multitask also helps a lot. Being a girl, you may also have to manage the household work; that’s where you need to learn ‘Work life balance’.

4. Keep your eyes & ears open: Taking up any job after completing studies requires you to be attentive at every moment. It’s necessary during your working hours in the office. But if your observation power is sharp enough to keep a track of the happenings in your industry (outside the office); it definitely earns you extra points in your career. Besides observing things & churning out important corporate lessons from it; you also need to memorise the things/people/terms etc. directly connected to your work domain.

5. Indulging in Office Politics! – a strict no-no for the fresher:  Though ‘Office Politicking’ is a fact of almost every office; participating in gossiping or involving into office politics is dangerous for the newly recruited females. The simplest way of dealing with office politics is to be away from it and be neutral.

6. Managing the journey from Probation to Confirmation:  On accepting the Offer Letter, you’re hired for the probation period. This is a ‘not-to-miss’ opportunity if you seriously wish to continue the job. Because you’re recruited as a confirmed/permanent employee by the organisation only if you satisfactorily perform during the probation. Hence, managing with all the resistances is more than important during your probation. The trick is to make a mark by going the extra mile in your work.

So if you know any girl who’s about to make her way to her first job after college, share with her these tips. So that she can have a good start of her career. Kris Versteeg Authentic Jersey

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4 Ways To Find Your Dream Internship This Summer

In spite of the fact that the odd semester of the college is going to begin, it will be over in the flash before you know it! Before long you will ideally be setting out on a quick paced and profession upgrading summer internship. How would you get that fantasised placement for your choice of career? Here are some tips you can use to find your choice of college internship this summer.

Create the list of the companies you are interested in joining. Take few days to think.

1. Search online: There are few sites like which provides you with a platform to choose the company of your choice for your internship in your area. There is as such no guarantee of stipend given by any company but you should not bother for that. Just go for it – your objective is to learn, not to earn at this stage.

2. Use social Media: You might be using many social networking sites till date for entertainment mainly. This is the time you must start using it to your advantage. LinkedIn is the kind of SNS which can help you to find your kind of internship. Connect with the HR of different companies and send them in mail inquiring the opportunities for internships. Also, follow your target companies on LinkedIn to know any update regarding internship if they are posting or not. You can also use Facebook to connect with the HR or Entrepreneurs of your liking of industries.

Girl internship
Discuss with right people for your liking of internship

3. Your network: You must not have wasted your past two years in college, isn’t it?! This is the time to use your network you have built in the last couple of years. Contact with your network and check the possibility to enter in their company. Check with your friends’ father if he can help you in this matter.

4. Take help from your faculties: Irrespective of your good or bad terms with the faculty members of your college, go and ask them if they can help you in searching for the kind of internship you are looking towards. You can also approach your placement cell or HOD. Make sure about your choice of the industry before meeting them.

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Take help from faculties

The right selection of the company for the internship will help you to get the job either in the same company or may be the same industry. You should not take college internship lightly. Spend few months in the company and learn as much as you can then future is all yours, girl! Miami Dolphins Womens Jersey


Fashion Accessories Every College Girl Must Own

College days are the time when any girl can try different style with unique accessory. Accessory with any simple casual and formal wear gives you a different look. But trend for accessories are changing very rapidly and spending loads of money to buy expensive and fashionable accessories is not advisable for routine college life.

Any girl can get reasonably likable look by adding essence of style statement accessory in her daily get up and we are lucky that in our city – ‘Surat’, we have one famous fashion street in old city called ‘Chauta Bazaar’ where girls can find hundreds of small street shops especially for girls adornment with low price and trendy with variety of designs. Let’s have a look at few accessories which girl should wear during her college days.

1. Backpack/Handy Tote Bag: Only girls have variety of options in different designs of bags and girls usually love to carry different bags which suits with their dressing style. Different bags like Tote Bags, Backpack, Bucket Bag and Sling Bag are usually great option if space is concerned or else space is not concerned than Clutch Bag, Shoulder Bag and Envelop Bag can be good option.

Backpack/Handy Tote Bag

It is next to impossible for any common girl to buy range of expensive bags for her daily college outing. Here, one good option is DIY (Do It Yourself) which you can make out of waste jeans and Funky T-shirt. There are thousands of DIY videos and image tutorials available on internet which girls can explore in vacation, spare time or in holidays. It will help her to save money and develop creativity and definitely carrying that handmade bag will give her “eye catching” look at college.

2. Analog Hand Watch: Analog watches are always in trend for girls as they are always convenient to check time than mobile. Watches provide simplicity, signal of style and help you create relationship with time. If common girl is not able to spend huge amount on small accessory then she can buy watches with flexible multi color straps and dial. It gives her variety of watch choices for matching or contrast dressing style.

Analog Hand Watch

3. Quirky Printed Scarves with Plain T-shirt: Scarves on any plain T-shirt work as instant outfit changer. Scarves guarantees to take your style to whole new level and it will always remain as most favored accessory for any girl. Being in textile hub city called ‘Surat’, every girl can design their own designer statement scarves from chic printed fabric and also can add li’l traditional touch-up by stitching tassels hanging lace.

Quirky Printed Scarves

4. Pearl or Single Diamond Studs Earlobe: Pearl and diamond are a girl’s ultimate best friends as it help her look sober yet classy and rich look. Earlobe studs from pearl and single diamond are consider as status indicator and also few jewelry artifact ornaments are sign of our Indian culture.

Black Pearl Studs Earlobe

5. Neck Accessory: Girls can dressed up with different designs of neckpiece for her different clothing style. Girl can wear sparky necklace or choker with simple graphic design T-shirt, Mint green stone necklace with any light color spaghetti, Boho style necklace goes perfectly with black color top or any plain kurta and long chain necklace with any western wear clothes.

Neck Accessory

6. Vintage Cocktail Ring: Cocktail ring are piece of jewelry that are big in size compare to any other normal size ring. Cocktail rings are available in different shades of color but girls can choose any bright color cocktail ring and also wear only single ring at a time.

7. Foot wear: Ankle strap heels and cone heels are not convenient or advisable for daily college life because they are more hazardous for health as in long run it causes to back-pain. Girl should always wear footwear which are convenient and easy to walk for that she can choose formal belly shoes and strap sandal or any other platform footwear.

Foot wear

Go girls, impress the boys in the college by not spending your pocket money to buy expensive accessories. You can still manage to still the show! Justin Williams Authentic Jersey


When it’s First Day of College

Once your school life gets over, the next big step comes in the picture is college life. School life for any next door girl starts with a simply dressed up in school uniform with folded braid hairstyle using oil by following all the strict rules of the school without breaking any one of them. There is no feeling of jealousy, fantasy or desire from other girl’s fashion and lifestyle. But the life changes when a girl enters into college life atmosphere, new people, new friends and new surroundings.


Thinking about the first day of college makes the girl nervous who was used to with her sober look during school life. She might be worried about college mates and groups, faculties, cream class people and of course, the most important thing is fashion!These are few things which make her nervous. As and when she starts interacting with each other and starts making her own group, she might easily come out with muddle of groups and mates, faculties and with the cream class of others. But still, it creates a li’l mental dilemma for her which make her uncomfortable to live her natural life. The dilemma is about – how to dressed up in the college?

Well, the question sounds tough but the answer is not! As a common girl, she can choose her favourite dress from her wardrobe and forget what other girls will be wearing. Stop putting your leg into others shoe and start appreciating your choice of fashion and dressing sense.

Confidence on Face

Always carry big confidence on your face while dressed up simple in college life. Investing confidence on your face makes you different from others who are investing their money in clothes and lifestyle just for the sake of showing up. Robert Newhouse Authentic Jersey