How To Make Your Routine Life Easy In The Monsoon

Monsoon comes with a relief from scorching heat, high temperature, and a lot of sweat. But it comes with mud pools, unpredictable rains, dirt, diseases and hair fall which may act as a problem or barrier in their daily routine. Now as the rainy season is about to say us “good bye”, there are some essentials which must be kept in mind and incorporated in daily life to make the life easier even in this challenging season.

1. Carry big bags:  As this season requires some extra things to be carried with us a small or medium bags becomes inconvenient and unorganized. A big bag with some pockets and internal bifurcation in them makes it easier to use and saves time as well. A big bag could be spacious enough to carry all the essentials even if it’s a long day at work.

Big Bags In Monsoon Are A Saviour
Carry Big Bags This Monsoon

2. Always have a sanitizer:  Cleanliness is important to be kept this season for saving us from harmful germs and bacteria in the environment. Thus having an instant hand sanitizer is a must in this hail weather. It can help you during emergencies when you have to use public toilets while travelling, before and after consuming anything when you are on-the-go. This essential should be used on frequent intervals to keep your hygienic and your hands clean and germs fee.

3. Using water absorbent footwear’s:  Avoiding shoes and fancy slippers is advisable in monsoon. Water absorbent footwear’s helps you maintain balance on puddled roads and also drains out that annoying rain water which gets collected in the shoes and keeps you uncomfortable the whole day leading to cold also. This footwear’s are easy to shop on, comfortable to wear the whole day and also gives you advantage of vibrant colors. Some fashion experiments could also be done with this cute pair of slippers to have some fun on weekend.

Water absorbent footwear's must be used this monsoon
Water absorbent footwear’s for monsoon

4. Keep your makeup minimum and waterproof:  Keep your daily routine of makeup minimum and use gel based products which are waterproof in nature so that you don’t get scared to step out in rain and waste your time to let rain go off. Also not using a waterproof makeup can lead to melting of your normal makeup and put you in some really embarrassing situations.

having minimal makeup this monsoon can make routine life easy
Minimal makeup is the new makeup trend

5. Energy bars: Keep some energy bars in your bag to munch on if you get stuck in traffic caused by any reason. This energy bars comes in different flavors and prices which helps to fulfill your daily dose of nutrients. Also they keep you full thus avoiding you to munch on street foods which can be harmful due to low cleanliness.

Energy bars are easy on pocket and to carry as well
Energy bars are pocket-friendly

6. Rubber bands: Having extra rubber bands help you tie your hair and make a hair bun easily to avoid damage to them if you get drenched in the rain anytime. Nobody likes to get wet during the start of the week as you cannot afford time to wash them. Thus tying them in a bun can help you manage them easily.

Rubber bands helps in making manageable hairstyles
Buns look cute and are in fashion as well

7. Napkins/Hand towels:  This essential is important to carry with you every time you step out of the house whether it’s cloudy, clear or rainy outside. But keeping them extra in number is important in thus drenching weather so that you can wipe out yourself and also damp your hair if you get wet anytime. This practice not only keeps you clean and comfortable it also makes you ready to go anywhere even after you do get wet. Because you don’t have to wait to let your hairs dry and then proceed to the desired destination.

Hand Towels and napkins should be kept in multiple numbers in bag
Hand towels are such a neccesity

8.Umbrella/Raincoat: A very basic yet an important essential to always carry with you to keep yourself dry and keep moving.

Umbrellas and raincoat are a must to be kept
Basic yet necessary to carry

A working lady is always motivated and doesn’t stop because of challenging weather conditions. Being beautiful doesn’t require high brands clothes and makeup which gets spoiled in the rains. Keep it simple, dry and hygienic this season and attract positivity from all arounds. St. Louis Cardinals Womens Jersey