Marriage Fear

6 Reasons that Keep Girls Away from Marriage Decision

Which one word gives the nightmare to a girl above age 21? If you are thinking the same what most of the girls think then the word came in your mind is correct, it is Marriage. Traditionally it is said that “Shaadi ka Laddu khaye wo bhi pachtaye or na khaye wo bhi pachtaye”. Every girl wants to get marry but at the same time, in some corner of her heart, she has some fear about changes that will occur in her life after the marriage. Today we are living in the modern era, where there is no such big change can happen in any girl’s life but then to changes has to happen. Today let’s have a look at the reasons why girls are facing Marriage Phobia.

1. Fear to lose Independence: In today’s era, we are living in very much free atmosphere, where no one is blind to give any answer to anyone about their life. If a person is single she can come and go anywhere anytime for anything but once you are married, there will be definitely some restrictions for which today’s girls are not mentally prepared to follow.

2. Big Change in Life: When you get two from one, many changes occur in your lifestyle. Sometimes many things have to be compromised, maybe because of your spouse choice or tastes. Girls may have fear of that big change, as she has to leave her own home and has to go to her spouse place.

3. No more pampering: Every girl is the princess of her parents. Brought up of the girls must be full of pampering, so these girls being pampered angel will have a fear that she might not get the same comfort zone at the new place.

4. Career Obstruction: When a girl gets married, obviously her responsibilities will also increase. Or there might be the mindset of some families in a country like India that a girl should not work after her marriage“Hamari Bahu Bahar Kaam Nahi Kar Sakti”. So these girls who are learned and smart cannot sit at home and this leads to the creation of tension for such girls.

5. Commitment phobia: Today’s girls are educated and earning, so these girls have their own choice of living. So they have the fear “what if things do not work properly”?, “what if they don’t compete with one another”?

6. Maintaining the “Marriage Protocol”: As soon as a girl gets married, expectations start from her family like having kids, taking care of them, saving for their education, etc. and thus a girl will have a fear that she may lose her own choice of living.

valentine day

Making the Valentine’s Day Valuable for ‘You’

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of love. On this day we give beautiful gifts to our special ones. So this Valentine’s Day, give a precious gift to “You” by fulfilling your unfulfilled Dreams.
Performing household duties is the basic work of any “Homemaker”. Apart from that, every lady has her own dreams, that she forgets. While performing her household duties. Let’s buy to doing something productive that gives you satisfaction. Working does not mean only learning but it’s a matter of creating your own identity so let’s create it.

Valentine Day

1. Boost your Confidence: In the beginning of your career, there may happen that people will not support you or they may discourage you, at that time be your own motivation and get depressed by negativity around you and concentrate on your job.

2. Go ahead with Trust: If God has given you the idea of doing something, he will definitely help you to reach your Goal. Have faith in God as well as in your abilities and move ahead.

3. Do not Hesitate: No work is small when done with “Good Intentions”. There is no specific age of learning. If you have to learn something for your career at this age. Start learning for your betterment.

4. Don’t afraid of Failure: In the beginning, your success rate may be low or you may fail. But your experience will never fail. Try to learn from the failure and fulfil your unfulfilled dreams.

5. Be Positive: Never allow negativity to enter in you. If you have limited time from your household job. Don’t give rather try to manage it at that time. Everything is possible if properly managed.

Boost Your Confidence

6. Don’t think “Log Kya Kahenge”: If what will people think if “I do this or go for studies at this age”. Ignore such things that come to your mind. Do what your heart says, ultimately you are your “Own Boss”. Do what gives you peace and happened.

7. Never Expect: After marriage whole life of a girl will change. There are many families who never stop their daughter in law or wife to do something, at the same time they will not encourage them also. At that time never expert appreciation from them and discourage yourself. Today or tomorrow your work will be appreciated. So, what are you waiting for? Move ahead to fulfil your dreams.

girl sleeveless clothes

Why a Girl Should Not Hesitate To Wear Sleeveless Clothes

“What are you wearing tonight in fresher’s party?” “Hmm… Anything but not a sleeveless.” This is the very common dialogue between two young girls who are discussing their clothes for the fresher’s party in the college. A girl denying to wear sleeveless clothes. Reason? Because she has never worn any since she entered in puberty. This makes her uncomfortable to express herself and makes her feel shy to wear sleeveless clothes. The another reason can be the family. A joint conservative family sees a girl wearing the sleeveless clothes as a characterless (not every but yes, many). The parents feel that girl can not wear sleeveless because it is not good to show your armpits in the public. What’s wrong in that? Is that the crime which a girl will do if she wears sleeveless and meeting her friends or going to the college? The society needs to think once again.

sleeveless clothes

I was sceptical before writing this blog as again the similar thought came to my mind! What will society think after reading this blog? How can a man write about this topic for girls? Is he mad or he has his own vulgar fantasy? It’s neither. From years I have seen many girls hesitate to wear sleeveless clothes mostly because of the family reasons. The conservative mindset of parents not allowing her to live freely. The common answers – “ladke dekhenge”, “aaj kal rapes bohat hote hai sambhal ke rehna chaahiye”, “people are not good, they will see through”  – have made her so scary that she can not even think to buy a top without sleeves. Can anyone guarantee that if a girl is wearing a top with sleeves she is safe? Or no boy will look at her? I think no one would guarantee that.

girl wearing sleeveless

I do agree that boys have their own fantasy but this doesn’t make a statement in the society to ban girls to show their armpits. This is the high time when everyone has to think twice before saying “no” to a girl. Wearing sleeveless is just a type of fashion which is no different than a boy wearing a “baniyan” in public. Armpits are just another part of the body and there is nothing sexually erecting in that! Why can we not give a choice to a girl to wear whatever she likes to wear? Why we always look at her clothes like she just wants to expose? If she can not wear, he must not as well!

girl in clothes showing armpit

This is the time when every father, brother, husband and boyfriend needs to change the mentality. A girl is like a flowing water; don’t try to stop the flow. She knows what to wear and when to wear. She knows if she is wearing sleeveless, she has to clean the armpits and apply a good perfume; just to avoid the raising eyebrows of men around her. She is a girl of the 21st century and if she can not express her freedom, no one on this earth is eligible to express his freedom. Let her live and wear whatever she wants to. Don’t judge her character if you see her in sleeveless. Jermaine Kearse Womens Jersey


Kid Boyfriend Act As A Best Stress Buster For Any Girl

Isn’t it sound weird that every girl must have a kid boyfriend? Is there any sense of making a boyfriend who is just a li’l kid? Is he going to give blushing smile on your face? Is he going to give what she wants (in every sense!!)? Well, this topic is something which you will never find anywhere on internet as we girls in neighbour sharing our experience.

It is obvious that because of handy technology and blessing of internet, many people comes to know about your relationship status, isn’t it?  To be very frank, as a common girl and working in a company I do not find time to do chatting with friends on any social media. Being a mature girl (or tend to be one!), I do not even slip over a flirty and flattery talk of guy so easily. So, sadly I’m single because I do not have the same age guy as a boyfriend who can always stay there when I am wrong and tell me that you’re right even if I’m wrong and with whom I can share my every single thought (but believe me, I am not at all sad!)

But that’s not the awful moment of my life because I have more than having same age guy, a boy who makes me smile. Yes, I can say that physically I’m single but heartily and mentally I’m with cute li’l boy who is just 5 and half years old. I don’t even remember when my heart fell for that boy but luckily I found the cute li’l kid with full of maturity and his ‘maturity’ only is the reason to fall in love with him! Most beautiful thing for me is that even his parents give me the nick name of ‘Bahurani’, ‘Mrs. Sheth’ and ‘Daughter-in-Law’.

Well, below are the reasons that why I could not even imagine breaking up our cute relation even if I am getting married with other guy:

  • As I questioned in starting of the blog that is there any sense of having li’l boyfriend? Here, I can say that just don’t feel ashamed of having company of kid boyfriend. You can shower your love to him without any in-return expectation!
  • Yes, of course I love his notorious talk and funny flirty nature. And believe me, it makes my day!
  • It directly touch to my heart when he is crying. How can you see a cute little boy cry?!
  • Once my mother-in-law told me that your hubby revealing to some relatives that ‘Hu and siddhi didi lagan karwana chhie’ (Me and Siddhi didi are going to get married) Isn’t it cute?
  • He don’t like when I speak in my mother tongue language ‘hindi’ because he is ‘shuddh gujarati’.
  • It really bring cute smile on my face when I am thinking about him and even when I am driving, his single thought leads to get blush on my face.
  • He is so much spontaneous. As he find out anything so easily and as a mature kid in early age, his talk is like beyond imagination for me.
  • What I am wearing really matters to him. Occasionally, he always notice that what I wore and how I look.
  • Sometimes he act like he is my ‘typical’ husband but it makes me more impressed.
  • It make me feel jealous when he is dancing on floor with his classmate girl!

Well, these are the few things which always impresses me about him. But here you must be aggressive to know who that lucky boy is? Even I don’t want to create the suspense. His name is… is… is… ‘Reyansh Sheth’ (Reyu). I am totally lost over his cuteness.

If you also have the kid boyfriend, then you’re welcome to write the name of that lucky boy in the below given comment box. Believe me, every girl must have a boyfriend like him to stay happy in the life. Matt Duchene Authentic Jersey


Different Moods Require Different Types of Music To Enjoy The Moments

Some girls might possess the type of nature that she can get easily attached to music which played around her whether it is a sad song, a rock song or romantic song. She starts placing some moments of her life with that song. If this is the case with you also then you have landed on the correct blog. If the songs change your mood you shouldn’t worry because there are hardly any girl to whom songs do not affect.

After many research, scientists have found that growth and behaviour of plants and animals also get affected by music. If animals and plants have the effect of music then why a human being cannot have?

Well, what are the different situations when girls love to listen to songs? We can consider few situations like – when everything goes wrong with her or even when someone hurt her or she has some issue with near ones. Girls also love to listen rocking songs when she receives some good news. When she is taking the bath then she just loves to listen to romantic songs. She gets into more soft numbers when she gets love dose from her boyfriend. She again goes inside the playlist of sad songs when she misses him during a rainy night. Even girls like to listen to different types of songs when she is all alone at home and wants to fulfil the period of loneliness.

Many girls turn to sad and broken heart songs after breakups, started keeping herself alone in corner of the dark room, play her favourite sad song playlist and starts crying. You’re not alone if you belong to the same category because there are many girls who pass from the same situation. That situation is not so easy to come out from but not so hard if you’re ready to come out from it. The only effort you need to do is start keeping yourself busy in any noble activity, join some cooking-knitting-sewing class, start interacting with those friends who brings blushing smile on your face, be in company with people who motivates you for your bright future and then you have to do the most difficult task – deleting the memory on your phone – which reminds you of those moments you spent with him and delete your favorite sad song playlist for a while. Song has the deep effect on those girls who are soft-hearted and emotionally very weak.

When girls are overwhelmed with feelings, she only enjoys peppy numbers as she wants to share her happiness in any case with others. There is a huge effect of the season also on the type of music girl chooses. Out of all the seasons, rainy season is known for the most romantic time. Many girls might love to have cup of hot coffee the in chilling cold atmosphere and loves to stare at drops of water from window side. With cup of coffee and rainy atmosphere, she also loves to enjoy romantic songs or hindi and urdu ghazals.

Music has the power to turn the mood in a moment for any girl. Music can be as soft as cotton balls that it can heel her day and also sometimes the heart touching lyrics can drift her mood in other direction as well. No matter what you are going through these days, choose the kind of music which can bring a smile on your face! Carson Wentz Jersey


Why You Should Not Make a Boyfriend in the First Meeting

So you are a teenage girl and you are still single?! You might be studying in a college and still, you sit in the canteen with your girls’ gang?! You still bunk the class just to go out for the movie with your girls’ gang?! There are other girls who laugh at you when you are not going anywhere with your boyfriend and you feel ashamed with that! If this is the case, then you are not an abnormal girl, you are just a normal girl who has a good brain and great thought process!! Cheers!



The trend of keeping a boyfriend is not a new one. Even before 2-3 decades, the trend was there but girls were shy to speak about their boyfriend or to declare the name of the boyfriend. We are living in 2017 and thanks to the smartphones and cheap internet that every girl can see the pictures of other girls with their boyfriend on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. You must be feeling “incomplete” while you see those pictures. Your fantasy to have a hunk, good looking handsome boyfriend must be on top of the world! This is a very normal phenomenon if you have this type of fantasy. There is nothing wrong to fantasies about your boyfriend but the fantasy should not be converted into desperation.



Many a time you will feel like some boy in the first meeting itself and the desperation to make a boyfriend would be on its climax. You cannot take a quick decision to propose the boy to become a boyfriend. The definition of ‘boyfriend’ is very different for the boys than the girls. Your purpose of becoming a ‘couple’ would not be surrounded by the physical intimacy or smooching but the same you cannot guarantee for the boys. The first meeting can never give you a clear understanding of the background, history and nature of the boy. You must give some time to yourself before jumping to the conclusion to move ahead with him. He can be a gentleman but how will you come to know in the first meeting? Meet him few times, try to know him and then if you feel to move ahead, don’t hesitate! Danny Etling Womens Jersey