Make Your Colleagues Jealous with Enhanced Office Makeup Look

If you ask a girl of today to compare pre-millennial and the post-millennial the way they carry themselves in office, the latter will inevitably win. Women of today have given themselves a powerful platform to showcase their infinite potential. The scales of women working and earning independently have gone so high that it has left paradox communities, especially men dumbstruck. Offices in India and elsewhere in the world are overflowing with more number of women applying for jobs and high posts every day. The competition in the professional arena is at its peak! Office makeup is one of the most essential things a working woman must understand.

Wondering if the red lipstick and smoky eyes cost you your job? You are somewhat right. These are the major turnoff for any employer you want to get employment from. So, buck up girls, it’s the time we sway our boss away with the perfect office make-up face!

office makeup

Like any teen parent who always nags about what not to do, we’ll look upon the DON’Ts.

  • AVOID using foundation. It makes your face heavy for long working hours. You don’t want to enter your office with a cake-face.
  • AVOID heavy smoky eyes. It becomes probably too much for the office. You must keep your elf decent and a bit of heavy smoky eyes can spoil your identity in the office.
  • AVOID applying bright lipstick shades. Rather than talking about your work, your colleagues will talk about your overdo. You may face some cheeky guys in your office who would like to talk to you as they might get misunderstand your character.

lipstick in office

  • AVOID fancy nail styles. They will certainly not match your simple yet elegant office look

nail art in office

  • AVOID using a dark-colored blush. You don’t want to look like a clown with red cheeks. Such makeup also becomes the talk of the office among other girls and you don’t wanna be the reason of gossip!

Only by avoiding the things mentioned above, you will improve your overall office look to a great extent. But if you don’t want to miss a single chance to establish a solid impression, here are some DOs.

  • Begin by applying BB cream. It hides your dark spots and blemishes to a great extent and gives your face a light look. Some of the best BB cream companies are Maybelline BB cream and Physicians Formula Super BB cream.
  • If your skin is flawless, you need to apply concealer, but for many unfortunate girls whose dark spots are not hidden by the BB cream, concealer becomes the must. Maybelline and Mac concealers are the best for the new trendy make-up.
  • Apply a light colored blush (mainly pink or peach) or use bronzer to give yourself the trendy appealing tan look.

makeup in the office blog

  • Work your lower eye-lid by Kajal- black, brown or grey in color and your upper eye-lid with a long-lasting waterproof liquid or sketch-pen eyeliner. Colorbar eyeliners will be perfect for you.
  • Give your lips a light shade preferably light pink, peach or any other light shade. Lakme and Maybelline provide you a variety of light lipstick shades which are perfect for your office look.
  • Maintain your figure. If not for the others, at least for your self. A good body shape increases the self-confidence. Eat nutritious food, maintain the body toxin and hit the gym regularly to keep your self in shape and fit. If not able to go to gym, do some regular excercise at your home too.

sexy figure increase confidence in office

  • Lastly, complete your look by wearing a light-colored watch, small-sized earrings and a thin chain with a pendant around your neck (only if your neck looks empty in case of a deep neck)

You are ready to move the journey from a fresher to a pro. Follow these office make-up tips and dazzle everyone, complimenting you for your flawless office beauty! Eddie Robinson Authentic Jersey

rajasthani mojari

Why Rajasthani Mojari is a Must Have in Your Footwear Collection

Rajasthani Mojari (Khussa or Saleem Shahis) is one of the remarkable examples of handicrafts in India. Basically, in the old era, the royal families used to wear Mojari. Their mojaris were well-decorated with gold-silver thread, precious gems and pearls. Mojaris are traditionally made by artisans mostly using tanned leather. As the time passes, artificial decorative things became cheaper and affordable. It was not limited to royal families only and the common people of villages also started to wear. The new generation mojaris are made with the left-right distinction which was not the same before.

Three pieces are still used to make the Mojari, which is an indispensable part of the process of making footwear. Mojaris are available in various types and shapes in the market such as – Round Toe, Small Toe and Pointed Toe. One should avoid wearing it in the monsoon because the genuine mojris are made from animals’ skin.

Not all the modern days mojaris are made from animal’s skin. Some of the modern style mojaris such as loafer shoes for men and women are available in artificial leathers as well. The genuine and traditional mojaris are made from the leather. Thick cotton thread, Bakram Lining (Stiff Lining) or thin goat leather is used in Rajasthani Mojari. There is no doubt that many designers have given new style and new shapes in its traditional design. If you see, these Mojari most of the time goes easily with traditional costume, but the contemporary fashion adopted by the new generation has given this style a new look by wearing with Indo-Western or even Western outfit. The adaptation of mojaris on indo-western dresses has given the new fashion statement.

Mojaris are such footwear that one can include it in routine dressing to match with the formal or casual clothes. Mojaris mostly are paired with Formal Dress, Punjabi suit, Traditional Skirts, Kurtas, Lehenga-choli and Indo-Westerns too! It adds an instant Indian ethnic feel to the look! The certain reasons for wearing the mojari are:

–           It solves the purpose of flip-flops and shoes because of easy to wear and last long strong sole.

–           It is pocket-friendly.

–           It perfectly goes with any occasion or any outfit.

–           These are made by our Indian craftsmen, who keeps our Indian culture alive.

Go fashionable this summer with the bright colored clothes and preserve our Indian tradition by pairing with the variety of mojaris! Enjoy the look and comfort of royal sassy mojari. Phillip Dorsett Authentic Jersey

Exclusive Lingerie Showroom Now in Surat

PrettySecrets Now in Surat – Trendy and Sassy Lingerie Showroom

Surat is one of the fastest growing city in India and known as the Textile hub. The fashion trends in Surat city are following the trends of Mumbai and hence people here are choosy about the brands and they know what they want to wear. The selection of branded clothes is not limited to the Indian and Western wears but it beyond that. Females have become more selective for trendy lingerie selection and they have become more brand conscious too!

Lingerie is not more an alien word for them and they travel outside Surat too to buy branded lingerie. While Surti females are choosy about the brands, they also look for comfort, design and varieties in the range of lingerie. Whether it is bras, panties, nightwear or even swimwear, they all look for design and comfort along with the class. The good news is here! Girls of Surat do not need to travel anywhere to buy trendy and sexy lingerie because India’s topmost Lingerie brand PrettySecrets has now opened their showroom in Surat!

PrettySecrets in Surat
PrettySecrets showroom in Surat

PrettySecrets understands that great comfort and fit are essential when it comes to innerwear. This reflects remarkably in the brand’s lingerie & nightwear that not only fit & feel great but also are uncompromising in style. The brand’s portfolio consists of 1200+ products at value for money prices across Bras, Panties, Nightwear, Activewear & Swimwear.

Being India’s fastest growing lingerie brand, PrettySecrets constantly innovates and develops products to upgrade the Indian lingerie market by providing umpteen choices to its customers – Be it lingerie or nightwear, prints or a burst of colours! From everyday cotton lingerie to smoothing seamless to push-ups to pretty lace favourites, there’s something unique in every product. The nightwear range features a perfect mix of remarkably soft cotton for lazy lounge days and dreamy satin because a little indulgence can go a long way!

Bloggers team of GirlinNeighbour at the PrettySecrets showroom
Bloggers team of GirlinNeighbour at the PrettySecrets showroom

Team GirlinNeighbour visited the opening ceremony of the PrettySecrets showroom on 10th October at VR Mall in Surat to check the exclusive range of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwear. Our team had a great fun out there and the in charge of the showroom was too, very excited. According to her – “We believe Surat is the fastest growing city in India and women here have become brand conscious. We are committed to delivering the best fitting and classy range of lingerie to them and hence now they don’t need to go to the city like Mumbai for the shopping of exclusive range of lingerie.”

Girl in Neighbour team at PrettySecrets
GirlinNeighbour team with in charge of Pretty Secrets showroom in Surat

Our team also inquired what expectations the company is having from the fashionistas of Surat? The company believes that Surat girls and women are so sure about their choice and they are brand followers. The showroom is also situated in the most happening mall of Surat – VR Mall which makes it easier for the girls to shop for their choice of lingerie.

GirlinNeighbour Team after their visit to the PrettySecrets Showroom
GirlinNeighbour Team after their visit to the PrettySecrets Showroom

PrettySecrets is offering some great deals on the varieties of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwears which you can buy from the showroom.

#RedefineBasics Everyday

It’s time to give your black, white and nude lingerie a break. Go on, experiment with the vibrant hues currently splashing through our collection, only on

Posted by on Thursday, 12 October 2017

You can take the assistance of the Showroom in charge and her team to select your choice and fitting of lingerie. The staff of the showroom is so helpful and they have the knowledge to fulfil your desire!

Buy trendy lingerie from PrettySecrets website
Buy lingerie from PrettySecrets website

Visit the showroom once and I am sure you will fall in love with the design, comfort and varieties of bras, panties, nightwears and swimwear. The address is:

PrettySecrets, 207, 2nd floor, VR Mall, Dumas Road, Surat.  Robin Yount Jersey


Denim on Denim for the Sexy Cow Girl Look on Any Occasion

Have you ever observed a girl in printed top on printed bottom? Or same kinda fabric for top and bottom? This combination must be weird for many but there is a choice of fabric material which looks stunning on top and bottom at the same time! The girls like to go all with denim at any occasion and who doesn’t like to show herself in the cowgirl mode? Denim clothing is an evergreen fashion for teenage girl or for those who loves to go out with their fiancée. 

Every common girl knows that adding a denim to her wardrobe is an instant way to make her look trendy. The all-season clothes are not out of fashion and thanks to your pair of jeans and that ripped jeans jacket for that. Nowadays, denims are in for college girls and they are wearing not only at bottom but also as a top wear. It can be one of the most comfortable and versatile apparel which a girl can carry at any occasion. As we know all fashion items have specific time and place to carry but girls can choose denim at any time or anywhere without any hesitation. Even girls can wear it with different combinations of top-bottom colors. Whatever style of denim girl chooses will definitely give signature look to her style.

You find the varieties of denim like jeans, short top, short jacket, long jacket, skirt, gown top, palazzo pants etc. A normal girl might not purchase the jeans top or bottom so frequently due to the limitation of the budget but that is the beauty of denim! Use your denim with different combination to give the old one a new look. It is natural to have at 4-5 denim bottoms in her wardrobe capsule. Life of denim fabric is longer compare to other routine fabric so girls can enjoy the company of denim for a longer time and fashion of denims will never go out of trend. Denims are like wine. The older it gets, the precious it becomes!

Denim combo looks sexy in the winters but not so in the summer. Don’t make a hasty decision to wear it in hot season because of its thicker fabric. Denim pair looks amazing when it is correctly paired, but one silly mistake in choosing perfect combination can mess girl’s overall look.

Few style out of so many, girls can select any for her denim on denim get up:

  • Choose different color combination of denim for bottom and top.
  • Try to select darker shade for bottom and lighter shade for top as it helps her to get perfect body look.
  • If girls like to try something different, then she can select palazzo pant from denim with high heels and short tight crop top.
  • Girls can even choose denim pants with free top and add long jacket on whole apparel.
  • Tuck-in denim shirt on denim for formal appearance.
  • Wear knee length high heel shoes to look hot and wild!
  • The classic blue on blue denim is all time hit for any size girl.

Hey girls, these are not the only tips to follow because we are living in the era where fashion changes every second. You can create your own creative combination of denim top and bottom. If you have more ideas, then we would like to know new paring tip for denim from your side too. Connor Barth Jersey

Cool Sexy Summer Tops For Girls

Fashionable and Sexy Tops to Stay Cool in Hot Summer Season

It’s almost end of the May and it is still getting warmer. As the temperature rises, every girl needs to change her wardrobe according to the season. But sometimes it may not be affordable to every common girl just to make shopping for the special summer season. By looking at her monthly spending out of her pocket money, she cannot even think to buy different clothes for different seasons or different occasions. If she is creative and has li’l knowledge for mismatching her clothes, definitely she could be a trend setter for every common girl in her group. Try some sexy cool tops this summer to stay in trend.

Summer top
Twisha in all summer mood wearing the bright color tops


hot tops in summer - fashion blog


summer wear india fashion blog

By applying her creative mind for clothing, she can save hundreds and thousands of money out of her pocket spending. Creative idea can be-

  • First, only make shopping of 6-7 shorts in this summer and take out all those last year’s short you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Second, go for shopping of some sleeveless top wear in this summer which matches easily with the shorts.
  • Third, if you are smart, do only street shopping (Branded?! No need all the time) of both and of course shopping must be in pre-decided budget only.

blue top summer wear


summer wear for girls - fashion blog of india


summer clothing for girls - fashion blog of india

Tops play most important role in your day to day routine wear. Other girls will laugh at you if you choose to wear the tops which are non-cotton or some jackets on any top. So wise selection of any top will become the most crucial part when it comes to summer season clothing. Girls can also choose cool open top on any designer palazzo so as she will get the comfiest look.

Girls can choose any pattern of the top for her shorts but cannot choose all kinda fabrics.  The selection of the fabric also becomes vital before while choosing the top. Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Silk, Chiffon, Polyester, Jersey, Chambery and Lycra are the best suitable fabric for her summer season clothes.

summer top and shorts - fashion blog india


cool fashion for girls in summer


cool sexy fashion for summer

If we common girls put all things together, I just want to convey a message to you that it is a continuous process of season change. You should prepare a proper checklist and follow the process like – explore your wardrobe, prepare a list on what to buy so that it will cover your two or more seasons, decide the budget and stick to it (as all girls are always tempted for shopping), decide place from where to buy, etc.

fashion in summer for girls in India


cool shades with sexy top in summer - fashion blog india

Girls, if you want to say something on this topic, you are most welcome to comment in the comment box. But make sure you are not leaving this summer just like your last one. Stay fashionable and not to shy away being a next-door-girl. Buy cool and sexy tops to match it with sexy shorts. Clayton Keller Authentic Jersey

office clothing

Office Clothing Styles A Girl Next Door Can Adopt Easily

If you want to make the world a better place to live and to work, take a look at yourself and make the change fits in yourself. Dress yourself to create your identity and dress for success.  People will judge you by the way you look from the outside. Have your own style! To make yourself different from others in the office, give attention to your dress code.  So be ready for “Stylish Dressing”.

Your office dressing should be fashionable, stylish and comfortable. Be in trend with the latest fashion. Let’s have look on different clothing styles:

1. Jeans/Pants/leggings/jeggings with kurti: In today’s time, the majority of working women prefers to wear kurtis because in that there is no need to carry dupatta or heavy sarees.

You can put on cotton silk short or long kurtis with Jeans/pants/leggings/jeggings and dressed up smartly. This dress looks formal in the office atmosphere. It will give elegant look within normal budget. It is also very comfortable dressing in any season.

2. Formal shirt with Jeans:  This shirt will give you the best professional look. Slim girls can “in the shirt”   while healthy girls can opt for “out shirt”. Shirts can be plain neutral colours or striped shirts also gives a very smart look. Colours which the girls like are normally baby pink, sky blue, off-white, etc. Sometimes you can try dark colours too to have different look.

3. Blazer and trouser/jeans: Though our climate does not make us comfortable in this clothes but if you work in the chilled office atmosphere, you can try this occasionally. It will boost your confidence and leave in impact on many office mates.

4. Skirt: If you want to look stylish in the office, try a neatly fitted skirt that will look very beautiful. Single colour long skirt with contrast plain shirt will also look cool. You can also try different types of skirts such as pencil skirt, straight skirt as well as a simple fitted shirt. Other than these skirts, wrap around skirt or Rajasthani umbrella skirt will also look very beautiful.

5. Frock suit: Different types of frock suits are available in the market. They are available in different sleeves length such as three-fourth sleeves, full sleeves, half sleeves and sleeveless. You can also try long frock with or without patches which is available in the market. They are also available in Rajasthani prints.

6. Saree: Sometimes according to different occasion saree with designer blouse looks very pretty. Normally simple and sober sarees look good in the office. Georgette, chiffon and cotton sarees are very comfortable in the office. You can also try south cotton sarees, leheriya or bandhani chiffon sarees or even plain red or black saree also gives beautiful look.

Saree in office

7. When you want to look different: Try long Nehru jacket of knee length with palazzo. Sometimes tunic also looks sexy. On a special occasion, you can also put on off shoulder or single shoulder dress.

Accessories will give new look to your dress. Different necklace, bracelets, earrings with beads and stones will add style to your dressing. So don’t wait girls! If you are going to join your first job, this is the time you must change your college wardrobe to office wardrobe! Carson Tinker Jersey


Let Your Eyes Look Sensuous with Kajal

You wouldn’t disagree if I say that out of so many makeup product varieties, Kajal is the most appealing one; because it brings out eternal beauty & charm on the face if even a li’l line of Kajal is applied to enlighten your eyes. Kajal has its importance not only in India but also around the world and among the people of different cultures across the world. Most commonly used synonyms of Kajal are ‘Kohl’ and ‘Soorma’ and the list goes on. More often Kajal is applied by Women as well as male in some parts of locality. Kajal is also applied to the infants because it is believed to have been protecting him/her from evil eyes. Kajal is popular not only among the high class people & celebs from Bollywood/Hollywood but also among the tribes of Africa, India and many more other interior areas of the world.

Kajal is the cheapest cosmetic (if you can prepare it at home) & quite handy for transforming any ordinary look into an attractive one. Kajal used to be made from camphor, vegetable oil and ghee during the initial time period, but Kajal Manufacturing has become a commercial activity. However, very few Kajal brands , available in the market are organically made and are less harmful to the eyes. With the increased demand of Kajal, the manufacturers have started using unreliable products in making of Kajal; which directly affects the eyesight and eye muscles.

For any Indian woman, makeup is incomplete without using Kajal. And now days the Bollywood stars as well as common girls have invented innovative ways of applying Kajal; so as to get more attractive look for eyes. The latest trend set over a year ago is that the eyeliner and eye pencil has replaced the use of Kajal. There are many techniques for applying Kajal but applying it properly depends on the shape & size of eye. Apart from this there is one famous and evergreen style of applying Kajal called ‘Retro Style’ with any bold color lipstick to get vintage and royal look.

Applying Kajal is not enough but there has to be something eye catching. li’l makeup around the Kajal to help your eyes look more gorgeous, especially when you are attending any festival or party occasion. Something with bit glittery effect around the Kajal applied eyes will be perfect during the day time, whereas the off glitter makeup around the Kajal will be suitable for night functions.

And of course, applying Kajal has its own set of benefits for your eyes too. But that again depends on the type of Kajal you are using whether it is organic or non-organic Kajal.

So girls, this is all I had to tell you about the evergreen beauty enhancer cosmetic – Kajal. If you want to share anything about Kajal then you’re most welcome to comment in the below comment box. Jerome Baker Womens Jersey

Blue Denim

Pairing Blue Denim with Black Top to Get Sassy Look

Are you fed up with your routine wear? Color combo? Regular Clothing Style? If yes, then we have an awesome color combination for your regular boring life. And we assure you that it will definitely adore you.

Today’s modern girl can’t imagine a single day in a month without wearing denim. While figuring out what to wear with the denim can be confusing, black is an ideal match for your blue denim jeans. From a normal girl to the fashion freak lady, black is everyone’s choice. Wearing blue denim with any casual black colour top surely gets you a lively bold look. Girls can also try the same blue denim with a variety of black tops. Following are a few points; which you can consider while choosing a black top for blue denim.

1. Plaid Shirt or Flannel Shirt: Plaid Shirt with different style looks is the best pick for fall and winter. The plaid shirt is so flexible option that it can be worn in a million different styles and these flannels are so cozy and affordable too. Adding an extra flavor of black color with flannel undoubtedly gives you a gorgeous look. You can try different styles like – black color spaghetti top with a plaid shirt in jacket style; carry your flannel shirt under black sweater and let the collar and sleeves pop out from layer of sweater; or add open plaid shirt with black summer sun dress or you may play with different shades of color with plaid shirt to get sassy look.

Plaid Shirt or Flannel Shirt

2. Vibrant Color Scarves with Black Inner Spaghetti: Every girl wants to look as hot as summer even on sunny days! Try simple black color spaghetti with various prints of the scarf on blue denim and get the eye catcher look. If black is considered as the fast heating colour during hot summer, you can also try vice-a-versa style (i.e. wearing bright colour spaghetti with black color printed scarf to get wonderful look)

Vibrant Color Scarves

3. Black Colour Overcoat: A black color overcoat always adds a touch of style and class on your high-waist blue denim jeans. Girls can carry this style anywhere from shopping with a friend to a disco party. The kind of fabric used in designing an overcoat (i.e. whether it is thin sweater fabric or leather touch fabric) decides your overall look.

Black Colour Overcoat

4. Black Crop top: A black Crop top with any kind of print/without any print are so modish these days and they are not only available at the branded apparel stores but can also be spotted at the street side shops at the pocket-friendly rate. The crop top can be considered as the most appealing & the coziest outfit during hot sunny summer. And it can make any girl look cool when it is paired with denim blue folded bottom jeans. Even the girls who don’t prefer to show their full tummy can wear this crop top with high-waisted pants. Plus the combo of High-waist jeans and a crop top can give the sexiest look to amazingly long legs.

Black Crop top

5. Black off shoulder top: The latest trend of wearing off shoulder dresses is one of the hottest trends this season. Designs of off shoulder dresses are so versatile that girls can find it in maxi, crop top or any casual dress. It looks utterly stylish if a black color off shoulder top is worn simply with cropped blue jeans. This is a perfect style and can be worn with an overcoat jacket during winter season too.

Black off shoulder top

However, one thing I would like to highlight here is that be it a crop top, Jacket or any other top; it doesn’t make much difference whether you buy it from a sophisticated branded showroom or a street-side fashion vendor. Because sometimes the look & feel which a street shopping can give you will not be the same as the look of showroom’s clothing.

But at same is not the case with buying jeans from the roadside temporary shops, because the size, length, fitting, color combination and fabric of jeans are up to the mark at such local shops. As a common girl, the price of any apparel does matter because it might hurt the pocket money but at the same time, style & fashion also need to be taken care. A girl should smartly allocate the budget for buying a decent pair of Jeans and stylish tops/tees from different markets (worked out from the experience & research) for managing to save money and also look gorgeous. Tyler Bertuzzi Authentic Jersey

clothe budget

Budget Sets No Bar to Get You a Stylish Look

‘I am running out of new clothes, I badly need to go for shopping’ – is a feeling majority of the girls have every now & then. And sometimes this feeling is also backed by the myth that one needs to spend heavily to look classy. However applying some simple styling tactics can help you break such stereotype because budget can’t really set any criteria to look fashionable.

While there are countless ways of proving that budget isn’t quite a barrier to your getting an eye-catching, stylish look; here are few handy & pocket-friendly tips to get a stylish look.

Revise your old clothes: Bringing out a new look with the old dress, which is otherwise lying idle, is possible with a li’l bit of redecorating & revising it creatively. For example, you can reuse your old long layered skirt to make a chic short dress out of it with a simple trick. All you need to do is to cut the uppermost part of the skirt which has elastic and replace it with a lace. The same lace can be used to stitch the shoulder straps of revised dress. To add more detailing to it, you can also add another horizontal layer of same lace at the waist. And you’re ready to flaunt your cute short dress!

Must have Classic outfits for your wardrobe: You need to properly spend only once to get a worthy plain white shirt (ideally in the quality cotton material) and a plain black top/t-shirt (preferably thick & durable fabric). Both these versatile outfits can work at formal as well as informal events. For instance, a white shirt with formal blazer gets you perfect elegant office wear. The same white shirt, when paired with a denim jacket gets you cool look for the outings. If you still need to make your plain white shirt more versatile, it can be worn with a handcrafted embroidered jackets/koti (ex. Choli Jacket with Kutch embroidery) as well. The same way you can stylishly match a plain black top/ t-shirt with jackets/overcoat/shrug or any such suitable outfit. Know how ‘Mix & Match’ matters: Trying mix & match fashion ideas are all about knowing how you can make the most of the stuff already owned by you, to set diverse themes as per your mood & occasion. Simplest trick is to choose a branded piece of cloth with the routine/not so costly outfits – such as branded jeans with street side tee/top. The Same trick can be applied to the accessories as well. If you have an eye for good design (i.e. not very common) and if you spot it with a street side vendor or roadside shop; it is advisable not to miss it. Because such piece of accessories can also be clubbed smartly with a variety of outfits. Likewise, you can brainstorm & work out such fun mix & match ideas. Lastly, don’t miss to share these styling tips with your college peeps. Evgeny Svechnikov Authentic Jersey


Cool Frocks You Cannot Miss to Wear in The Hot Summer Days

Summer, for any girl can be the most irritating season, as the girls face many problems during scorching summer days. Especially the skin Problems like rashes, allergy, sweating and smelling problem and the Diet problems. But from all these, the most difficult problem to deal with during the hot summer season is the clothing issue. Choosing an appropriate dress that looks stylish while making one feel relaxed on sunny summer days is a mammoth task.


As we know that summer is in full swing, what more does a girl need to complete her summer wardrobe than a cute maxi gown? ; Which keeps her cool when the temperature outside is shooting up. And for that, there’s undeniably no better option than a comfy summer frock to get a chic look with comfort feel. Of course, the girls are luckier than boys because of having wider options of clothing to choose from. If a girl has an eye for fashion & style trends, then she can smartly continue with her winter wardrobe during summer also to get a classy summer look. As a common girl, it is difficult to separately invest in the dresses for every season; and that’s where she has to use her creative & intelligent ideas for shopping clothes which can be worn regardless of the weather barriers. Plus the clothes selection should also be pocket-friendly.

Comfy Frock for Summer

The frock is considered to be the sexiest dress, which is versatile enough to be flaunted in style at several occasions – from a formal event to a casual function. Frocks can be worn round the year (i.e. summer as well as winter season). However, the focal point of consideration is to keep on switching up the fabric and the color choice as per different occasions & seasons. For example, one should choose darker color & thicker fabric such as velvet for the chilled winter season and lightweight cotton fabric in a bright color with flowery prints for warm summer.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Best dressing style also depends on the body shape because a particular style which suits one body type may not suit the other. Last but not the least, styling the chic frocks with a variety of footwear, jackets, clutches, jewelry and other accessories can complement the overall look of your frock. Tug McGraw Womens Jersey