How To Make Your Colleague A Good Friend At Your Workplace

You spend most of your life in the office and still, you are not developing the relations which are very important in your life. If spending 9 hours a day at the office doesn’t give you a smile on your face than imagine you are wasting most of the time in a day! You must know how to make your colleague a good friend at your office so that you can really enjoy your work in lighter and happy mood. Here are some tips to convert your next desk colleague in a good friend.


1) Show your witty side: If you work seriously whole day even she must be doing the same. You need some space for your self where you can show your witty side to her. Find some moments in a day where you can crack easy-to-digest jokes on other office members or may be to the situation in which you are dealing with the clients! Believe me, your neighbour colleague will notice it and laugh at it!

2) Become her helping hand: You never know when will you need a help from your colleague at work. Putting aside the professional help, you can come to a rescue if she needs personal help. Offer your lunch if she has come without her own or give her a lift at the end of the day to drop her at her home. This can be the first step towards friendship.

3) Go out for lunch or dinner: Going out for lunch or dinner is a great idea to know her choice and taste. You can also go for a shopping if she wishes to buy something which you understand better than her. Help her in choosing the right product for her. You can also share your lifestyle with her so that she also can know about your choices.


4) Share your good memories with her: You always want some one to listen to your old memories, don’t you? If you can find a good person in her then you must share your old memories with her. Remember, don’t share your heartbreaking story until you are not sure about her nature and you have not so much trust on her.


5) Connect with her on social media: This thing you must do at first. Social Media will help you to clear your hesitation. This will create an environment to know her well. Go through her activities on Facebook and Instagram and try to know her likings and dislikings. You can write some comments on her posts and like the posts as well. Discuss the same with her next day to initiate the first talk.


Your workplace should not a boring place for you to work and that’s why you must have your friends. This will be a great morale booster for you and when you are feeling down at the office. So go girls, make your new friends and make your workplace the most happening place for you!

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mother's day

12 Ways To Make Your Mom Your Best Friend This Mother’s Day

Mom a Magician! Without saying a word she understands you i.e., what you want, what happened to you, why you are happy, why you are sad? irrespective of your age, gender and status in society. And talking about daughter and mother relationship or mother in law and daughter in law are the best among all the relationships. Whether you are married or unmarried girl, near or far, distance does not make any difference. How to make your mother or mother in law your best friend?

Siddhi in leisure mood with her mom | Mother’s Day

Use these 12 ways to make your mom your best friend on this mother’s day:

1. Hang out with your mom: When we think about hanging out, we think about college friends, school friends or kitty group but hang out with your mom will give some different and unique feeling! You can go to a movie, restaurant, coffee shops for a hangout and enjoy your time with her.

2. Talk to her as a friend: Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. Be frank with her. If she shows you any fault in yourself, accept it and try to resolve the matter. And at times, if you find some unusual thing in her mood, tell her in a manner that she does not feel bad. But for that you need to be her friend first.

Unnati enjoying trip with her mom | Mother’s day

3. Discuss recent topics whether politics or beauty or fashion: Never think that she being old, doesn’t know fashion or politics. Discuss magazines, newspapers, online shopping fashion with her. She will love it because she also goes through all such stuff regularly and update herself.

4. Listen to her: Sometimes a person needs someone who listens to her. She may have many problems, health issues, social issues in her life. Although by listening to the issues you cannot solve it, but at least she can lighten herself by talking to you.

Isha imitates her mom with matching color during holidays | Mother’s Day

5. Make her use the latest electronic gadgets: Make her use internet. By using internet she can give wings to her hobbies. For example, if she likes to listen old songs, she can download the songs or make use of the apps available. She can even play games or explore new topics. She can do online shopping too.

6. Never say “You don’t understand”: Sometimes it happens that she does not understand many things, may be due to different education stream or may be due to lack of knowledge about that particular issue. Never insult her by saying that “You don’t understand” instead try to explain her about that topic in easy way in which she can understand better.

Shruti going out for shopping with her two best friends | Mother’s Day

7. Motivate her to adopt styles: She being a mother never thinks about herself. For her, everything is fine whether it is stylish or not. For moms, the happiness of their family is everything. At that time you should make her adopt style so that she can live for herself also.

8. Always cherish the moments you spent together: Always relish your moments that you had spent together whether in childhood or teenage that makes her feel happy and satisfied.

Tenu kala chashma jachda ae | Mother’s Day

9. Don’t give counter Reactions: Due to age she may annoy you without your fault, be patient don’t over react as that anger may be temporary

10. Arrange the party with her old friends: Everyone would love to spend time with their old friends. Make plan for her to meet her old friends that will make her happy.

Unnati’s mom is like her elder sister | Mother’s Day

11. Seek her advice: Being your mom she is more experienced than you, seek her advice when needed, she will definitely give you the best path as she knows everything about your strengths and weaknesses

Isha’s aunty is like more than her mother | Mother’s Day

12. Let her know about all your friends: Being your mother she has the right to know everything about you. Talk to her about your friends so that she can understands your company and guide you if you are wrong. Sometimes your best friends may become your mom’s best friend.

You never need mother’s day to celebrate for your mom. Make every single day a mother’s day by making her best friend and then you see, the life will be so beautiful! Mike Webster Jersey