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4 Ways To Find Your Dream Internship This Summer

In spite of the fact that the odd semester of the college is going to begin, it will be over in the flash before you know it! Before long you will ideally be setting out on a quick paced and profession upgrading summer internship. How would you get that fantasised placement for your choice of career? Here are some tips you can use to find your choice of college internship this summer.

Create the list of the companies you are interested in joining. Take few days to think.

1. Search online: There are few sites like which provides you with a platform to choose the company of your choice for your internship in your area. There is as such no guarantee of stipend given by any company but you should not bother for that. Just go for it – your objective is to learn, not to earn at this stage.

2. Use social Media: You might be using many social networking sites till date for entertainment mainly. This is the time you must start using it to your advantage. LinkedIn is the kind of SNS which can help you to find your kind of internship. Connect with the HR of different companies and send them in mail inquiring the opportunities for internships. Also, follow your target companies on LinkedIn to know any update regarding internship if they are posting or not. You can also use Facebook to connect with the HR or Entrepreneurs of your liking of industries.

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Discuss with right people for your liking of internship

3. Your network: You must not have wasted your past two years in college, isn’t it?! This is the time to use your network you have built in the last couple of years. Contact with your network and check the possibility to enter in their company. Check with your friends’ father if he can help you in this matter.

4. Take help from your faculties: Irrespective of your good or bad terms with the faculty members of your college, go and ask them if they can help you in searching for the kind of internship you are looking towards. You can also approach your placement cell or HOD. Make sure about your choice of the industry before meeting them.

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Take help from faculties

The right selection of the company for the internship will help you to get the job either in the same company or may be the same industry. You should not take college internship lightly. Spend few months in the company and learn as much as you can then future is all yours, girl! Miami Dolphins Womens Jersey