Stomach Health

The Secret To Keep Your Stomach Healthy

The stomach is also called “second brain” of the body. Also called the enteric nervous system in the scientific language. Our stomach is home to 300-500 different kinds of bacteria referred to as microbiomeThe stomach microbiome plays various important roles in our body. It affects our Mood, metabolism, immune system and lot more.

Diet is responsible for what kind of bacteria flourish in our stomach. So it is up to you if you want HAPPY MEAL FOR TUMMY OR MEAL THAT MAKES YOUR TUMMY HAPPY, So be precise while selecting your Diet or hiring a dietician can be advantageous for your Healthy Lifestyle.

Stomachache Solution


  1. Immunity– Good bacteria act as a physical barrier to intestines.
  2. Nutrition– Good bacteria play a direct role in the synthesis of vitamin B & K. They also help in the absorption of calcium & iron.
  3. Metabolism– Metabolic action of gut flora allows the body to utilise food that would otherwise not be digested.


  1. Obesity– Gut bacteria of obese people vary significantly from normal people.
  2. Inflammation– Shortage of good bacteria leads to the development of Irritable Bowel Diseases & colitis.
  3. Autism– Decrease in gut bacteria diversity has been linked to Autism.


Keep Stomach Healthy

Proper consumption of the right types of food decides your stomach health. The two food groups playing an important role in our gut health are Prebiotics & Probiotics.

Imagine your stomach is a garden. Probiotics are like SEEDS that flourish the microflora in the Stomach, and Prebiotics do the work of FERTILISER that helps stomach microflora nourish and grow.

PREBIOTICS They are special kind of dietary fibre that are favoured by the gut bacteria. Some of the best naturally available prebiotics are-  beans, garlic, bone broth, turmeric, banana, apple cider  vinegar

PROBIOTICS They are live bacteria naturally created by fermentation of foods like- Yoghurt, Idli, Cheese, Paneer, Kimchi, Pickles, Kefir.

Optimum consumption of Prebiotice and Probiotics will help you maintain perfect stomach health.

Quick Tips :

  1. Do not go hard on prebiotics all of sudden if you are aiming to improve stomach health. As a sudden increase in prebiotic fibres can cause pretty intense fermentation leading to bloating and gases.
  2. As explained in my last blog, start eating mindfully. Avoid overeating, too spicy food, harsh medication, or anything that irritates the stomach and cause acidity, bloating, constipation, burping, etc.
  3. There are many who get wrongly inspired by commercial ads and think it is mandatory to have antacid tablets or sodas to digest heavy, oily, spicy meal they have. But using too many antacids (in powder or liquid form) is very harmful for the stomach because it contains salts of magnesium & aluminium which cause a laxative effect (wash off good bacteria).
Common myths

Common Myths Related to Diet & Weight Loss

  1. Jaggery is a good substitute to sugar: Both come from the same source i.e., Sugarcane. Jaggery is made traditionally whereas table sugar is bleached & refined which is why it is crystal clear. But both are SUGARS!!! 1 gm of glucose (be it sugar/jaggery) has 4kcals. So, don’t swap jaggery for sugar to lose weight/control sugar levels.
  2. Slimming belts & creams burn the body fat & make you fit: Slimming belts generate heat on skin surface leading to sweating. The body gets dehydrated because of water loss in form of sweat. Slimming creams are messaged on target areas like tummy, thighs, arms for “Spot Reduction”. They work on the same mechanism as slimming belts. They dehydrate the skin and “InchLoss” is seen after water under the skin is lost.
  3. More sweat = More calories burnt: Not at all!! Sweating is the body’s mechanism to maintain right body temperature. It has got nothing to do with burning fat/calories. So, STAY AWAY from products like “Slimming Belts and Creams” which promise you a healthy and fit body.
  4. Warm lemon water is the best thing to have an empty stomach in the morning: The warm lemon water has nothing to do with burning up the fat. It has negative effects on the body instead!! The molecular composition of lemon water at warm temperature pulls out the calcium from the bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Also, people drinking warm lemon water in the morning are diagnosed with lower serum calcium levels.
  5. Brisk walk post meal aids digestion & weight loss: NO!! It doesn’t After meal our stomach starts digestion (breakdown & absorption) of food for which it needs a maximum blood supply. When you rush for a walk hoping to digest all that you had in the meal, you are actually obstructing the process of digestion by diverting the blood supply to your arms & legs. Just do some light roaming within the house (not more than 100 steps) to feel easy after a heavy meal if you feel.
  6. Cutting carb intake is the best way to lose weight: All carbohydrates are not responsible for making you overweight. The carbohydrates are categorised in 2 types:

a. Bad Carbs (Simple Carbohydrates)

  • They lack fibre & low in nutrients
  • They have empty calories. Which, if in excess, get stored as fat in the body

Example: Cane Sugar, Refined Bread, White Rice/Pasta, Bottled Sauces, Cakes, Biscuits, Sodas, etc.

b. Good Carbs (Complex Carbohydrates)

  • They are high in fibre and nutrients.
  • They are calorie dense (i.e. the feeling of fullness in less calories)
  • They naturally stimulate

Example: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Whole Grains, Quinoa, Beans, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds.

SO, DON’T ELIMINATE WHOLE CARBOHYDRATE GROUP FROM YOUR DIET. Just stop having simple carbs & feel the difference.

Get all your myths cleared which might hinder your fitness journey.

Connect to Dietitian Srushti Bothra personally and get started with Fit YOU for the coming year.

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8 Dos and Don’ts of Eating Habits to Follow This Diwali

Diwali is the time we can’t contain our excitement. be it for shopping, new clothes, crackers but the main thing that tops our Diwali excitement is food. All the Diwali delicacies are amazing. Especially, homemade. But nowadays we avoid having them like we used to have a decade ago.
The craze has gone down because of two reasons:

1) No time to make at home
2) The items are mostly sweet or deep fried

But is it really right to do so?
Is avoiding Diwali delicacies going to help you stay slim? The answer is NO!!!


1. Make food items at home: Making them at home is going to give you a good workout the process of grinding crushing and skillfully making the items really requires a lot of calorie burn so the ball is in your court if you think about workouts

2. Follow Grand mother’s recipe: It is true that old people were quite wiser. All the exclusive ingredients that are used in food during Diwali have special nutritional value they are high in micronutrients and act like special treat do your otherwise “micronutrient depleted” body.

3. Most of the sweets are made by adding ghee in it. So the diabetic people don’t need to completely stay away from it, they can enjoy a small portion for satisfying the taste buds. But mind you, the sweet has to be homemade & in pure ghee.

4. Same applies to namkeen items. There is no harm in having these. Don’t count calories in terms of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Look at how rich is the food in nutritional value.

5. Eat nuts and dry fruits. They are going to help you stay strong during the winters.


1. Don’t have chocolates: Forgetting the laddoos and Barfi, we have started this chocolate exchange trend on Diwali. But it is the worst thing you can feed your body under the name of Diwali gifts. Our traditional sweets stand on the top in terms of “health benefits”!!!

2. Avoid ready-made items: Because you never know how they are fried or in which ghee or oil they are made. We don’t reuse the oil for frying at home. But outside items don’t come with that guarantee. And it is very harmful to our health.

3. The thing that makes us put on Diwali weight is not Food but Lifestyle. So, stop blaming the traditions.

  • Alcohol: It has become a trend under the name of Diwali party to consume alcohol, which is one of the reason that liver metabolism slows down & you don’t burn fat efficiently.
  • Late Nights: Sleep pattern is completely disturbed because of late Nights we spend drinking and playing cards. Also, we end up eating more in the time period we were supposed to sleep.
  • Going for a fat-free and sugar-free substitute: These only suppress our guilt and increase the body’s craving for REAL food. Better have a piece of the sweet or fried item rather than a big portion of fat-free or sugar-free replacement.

So, in short, celebrate your Diwali in the way you have been celebrating since childhood. Forget the calorie count because our body needs nutrition food rich more than lower calorie food.

If you still worry about whatever you have consumed during Diwali and the holidays after Diwali, it is always a good idea to go on a light food or Detox diet for a day or two before resuming healthy routine.

But go for any diet only under the supervision of a dietitian. You can connect to me (Dt. Srushti Bothra) for the same.

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List of Activities Which Make a Weekend Beautiful For a Working Woman

Who says that a working woman should have a plan only for the weekday work? If the working ladies have to stay tuned to life, they have to literally prepare an agenda for the weekend too! The life of the working women is not so easy and the continuous challenge she faces is to maintain the work-life balance. While most of the young girls are becoming career-centric, they need to learn how to make a balance between work and personal life from their early age. Let’s have a look at a quick list of the activities which make a weekend worthwhile for a working woman.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: Plan a movie/lunch date, meet an old friend/family (if you’re staying away from home), go to a live concert, learn some skill, explore nearby places or visit an art gallery. Do whatever it takes to get over the stress of your office work. The book lovers can get hooked on all their unread stuff (except work related material) on weekend. In short, take time to do anything you enjoy; it will surely give you a refreshing break from your routine. Plus stealing such ‘me-time’ will surely prove to be your productivity booster.

personal life blog girl india

Self Care: More than anything, a weekend is the ‘pampering time’ for working ladies. As the working women have to take special care of grooming; a regular visit to the beauty salon is a must for them. Generally weekend gives them enough time to schedule an appointment for their hair – skin treatments. Isn’t it a great idea to relax and rejuvenate too? Alternatively, sparing time for practicing Yoga will help you to do away with your mental mess.

girl lifestyle blog india

Shopping: Be it a grocery shopping or shopping of matching accessories with your new dress, nothing works better than the shopping therapy for ladies. Keep your buying list ready, check out the deals/Discounts during weekdays and let weekend shopping work as a ‘mood enhancer’ for you.

shopping blog india

Pending work: It’s important to have fun during the weekend but it’s equally essential to set aside some time to do your pending work (no matter how simple or meager it is) because it will keep you get going for the whole week ahead. i.e. get your laundry done, arrange the cluttered cupboard, plan your work wear for the week, cleaning your room etc.

working woman

Though working women can always plan their weekend in such a way that they can make the most out of it, they should keep a room for the unplanned/ non-scheduled things for the weekend – like helping your child with his school project.

We’re approaching a weekend in two days with a special day for the mothers. So this weekend, celebrate it with your momma the great. Happy Weekend! Derek Watt Authentic Jersey

body cleansing

5 Tips for Body Cleansing To Get Miracle Result This Summer

Let’s beat the heat with healthifying yourself this summertime! Call it detox or cleansing or weight management, summer can prove to be the best time of year to detox/cleanse your body. Whilst the temperature be high we naturally tend to eat light, which ultimately dealt to make the body cleansing process easy. Cleansing of the body needs to be done for better health, fight obesity and illness. Removing toxins/cleansing the body can be done through perspiration & urination.

Here are some of the best and most effective ways that unlock the power of food and drinks to detox or manage weight during summertime.

1. Water Hydration: Hydrating your body is best done with water. Summer means a great necessity for water and to keep it maximum hydrated drinking water is essential.

As people say ‘you must drink as much water as possible’,  you must consider this fact and you should at least drink 3-4 litres water a day.


2. Healthy Food: Watermelon, cucumber, lemon, spinach, and mint are some of the selected food items and that are most advised and recommended for summer. Rich in nutrients and low in calories and are also easily available in the market.

Increase the intake of fruits

3. Detox drinks or Infused Water: The combination of different fruits and spices can make some healthy and delicious drinks to enjoy the whole day. The flavorous water is easy to drink for those who cannot drink normal water. Combining lemon, ginger, mint & cucumber in a jar and keep it aside for 6 hours and then drink it. You can try fruits like sliced apple flavoured with a cinnamon stick.

4. Mouthwatering Juices: Juices of beetroot, carrot, cucumber, green juice (made out of mint, coriander, spinach) are enriched with fibre and full of nutrients. [Believe it or not but the green juice actually tastes like pani-puri wala pani :)]

5. Positivity & Excercise: Exercise, peaceful mind and positivity can always be cheery on your cake. Food and drinks can help release toxins out of the body through urination, exercise can help release toxins through perspiration and healthy means you also need to keep your body involved in some physical activity.

Try these tips this summer and also let us know how some of your mantra for detoxification. We would love to listen to your experiences if you can share with us in the comment below! Mario Lemieux Authentic Jersey

periods sustainable

6 Ways to Make Your Periods Sustainable

Periods or menstrual cycle is something which comes every month and smashes your thrilling plans as it comes with uneasiness, cramps, stress, hormonal shuffle and mood disorders. Every female has various stories to tell on the plans which were canceled due to monthly cycles. Still one has to gulp the pain and smile as it is not treated as an excuse anywhere. Well, Including this tips in your lifestyle can help you reduce those cramps and be more energetic and cheerful even on those 5 days.

5 Days of Period Cycle
1. Drink Lots of Water: Having more of Liquids and water before a week of your expected date will help you maintain the PH balance in the body as well as keep you hydrated. This hydration in the body manages the flow resulting in reducing the pain.

Drink lots of water

2. Increase the Intake of Fruits: Fruits help in giving us essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals which maintains the core’s health and detoxifies your body. Increase the Intake of fruits before a week of your expected date of your Periods as it will clean your gut thus reducing the waste which results in reducing the amount of waste in the body. Now you feel less pain on your menstrual cycles as your body is clean beforehand and can process easily.

Increase the intake of fruits

3. Avoid Junk Food: As they say, if you eat right you would not feel pain during your periods. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout but make sure you avoid Junk food specifically a week before your Period date. This will surely make your periods bearable and you will suffer less.

Avoid junk food

4. Avoid Consuming Alcohol: Alcohol has surely become a part of celebrations nowadays but its consumption before a week of cycles and during cycles could decrease the PH balance of the body, lower down the hydration and cause discomfort during periods. Minimizing the intake if necessary could be an option if could not avoid completely. Make sure to detoxify its effects to reduce the agony during cycles.

Avoid consuming alcohol

5. Exercise More: Increasing the intensity of the workout before 5 days of cycles helps in keeping the stomach and body active. This functional body can tackle the extra effort body needs to do which helps in maintaining the routine with a genuine smile and not the one which is hiding the pain.

Exercise more

6. Keep Yourself Happy and Motivated: It is normal to lose your calm, get irritated easily during that ‘time of the month’ but it is equally important for us to keep the mood uplifted. Do whatever makes you happy like eating dark chocolates, talking to someone you are close to or watching a movie. Keep yourself busy so that you do not think about pain much.

Keep yourself happy and motivated

This ways are easy to incorporate into the daily lifestyle and can work like magic on those 5 days. This little changes and you are ready to dance on your toes even during your periods. Jimmie Ward Authentic Jersey

girl in neighbour team saves water in surat

This Summer Enjoy CuttingPaani to Save Half A Glass of Water for Others

World Water Day on 22 March this year proved to be the most effective water day we have seen in last many years. With the power of social media, people have literally spread the message to save water. Many states in India are already facing a scarcity of water in the very starting season of Summer. The message of ‘Save water’ is not limited to one day only and we all must become serious to save water till the monsoon season arrives in India. The recent campaign by Livpure is spreading the message of ‘Save water’ by promoting the campaign CuttingPaani.

The campaign is spreading the message on the social media to drink water as per the need. The hashtag #cuttingpaani is also getting popular on Twitter. This initiative is making all of us think about saving at least half a glass of water when we go feel thirsty. The bottom line is not to waste the water if our thirst is half.

save water by girl in neighbour

cutting paani campaign by girl in neighbour

Our team of Girl in neighbour decided to support this campaign and started using a half glass of water only if they are not so thirsty. At our office, we have started serving the half glass water to the clients and guests. If they want more then only we are offering more water. The point is not that we don’t want to offer more water but we believe if the person needs more water to drink, he can definitely ask for more.

Committed to save water in surat
Team Girl in Neighbour enjoys Cutting Paani
The cuttingpaani party
The cutting paani party by team Girl in Neighbour

The campaign by Livepure has some beautiful videos too which are shared on Youtube channel. These videos make us thinking about how can we save the water at home, office and at restaurants.

We all have taken a pledge to save water at our office and at our homes too. We are already facing water issue in our city Surat, Gujarat and hence this campaign automatically comes near to our hearts. The concept of Cutting Paani must reach out to the maximum people and we all must save the water in any possible sense. Let us all enjoy “Cutting Paani” this summer! Cheers!!

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How To Make Your Routine Life Easy In The Monsoon

Monsoon comes with a relief from scorching heat, high temperature, and a lot of sweat. But it comes with mud pools, unpredictable rains, dirt, diseases and hair fall which may act as a problem or barrier in their daily routine. Now as the rainy season is about to say us “good bye”, there are some essentials which must be kept in mind and incorporated in daily life to make the life easier even in this challenging season.

1. Carry big bags:  As this season requires some extra things to be carried with us a small or medium bags becomes inconvenient and unorganized. A big bag with some pockets and internal bifurcation in them makes it easier to use and saves time as well. A big bag could be spacious enough to carry all the essentials even if it’s a long day at work.

Big Bags In Monsoon Are A Saviour
Carry Big Bags This Monsoon

2. Always have a sanitizer:  Cleanliness is important to be kept this season for saving us from harmful germs and bacteria in the environment. Thus having an instant hand sanitizer is a must in this hail weather. It can help you during emergencies when you have to use public toilets while travelling, before and after consuming anything when you are on-the-go. This essential should be used on frequent intervals to keep your hygienic and your hands clean and germs fee.

3. Using water absorbent footwear’s:  Avoiding shoes and fancy slippers is advisable in monsoon. Water absorbent footwear’s helps you maintain balance on puddled roads and also drains out that annoying rain water which gets collected in the shoes and keeps you uncomfortable the whole day leading to cold also. This footwear’s are easy to shop on, comfortable to wear the whole day and also gives you advantage of vibrant colors. Some fashion experiments could also be done with this cute pair of slippers to have some fun on weekend.

Water absorbent footwear's must be used this monsoon
Water absorbent footwear’s for monsoon

4. Keep your makeup minimum and waterproof:  Keep your daily routine of makeup minimum and use gel based products which are waterproof in nature so that you don’t get scared to step out in rain and waste your time to let rain go off. Also not using a waterproof makeup can lead to melting of your normal makeup and put you in some really embarrassing situations.

having minimal makeup this monsoon can make routine life easy
Minimal makeup is the new makeup trend

5. Energy bars: Keep some energy bars in your bag to munch on if you get stuck in traffic caused by any reason. This energy bars comes in different flavors and prices which helps to fulfill your daily dose of nutrients. Also they keep you full thus avoiding you to munch on street foods which can be harmful due to low cleanliness.

Energy bars are easy on pocket and to carry as well
Energy bars are pocket-friendly

6. Rubber bands: Having extra rubber bands help you tie your hair and make a hair bun easily to avoid damage to them if you get drenched in the rain anytime. Nobody likes to get wet during the start of the week as you cannot afford time to wash them. Thus tying them in a bun can help you manage them easily.

Rubber bands helps in making manageable hairstyles
Buns look cute and are in fashion as well

7. Napkins/Hand towels:  This essential is important to carry with you every time you step out of the house whether it’s cloudy, clear or rainy outside. But keeping them extra in number is important in thus drenching weather so that you can wipe out yourself and also damp your hair if you get wet anytime. This practice not only keeps you clean and comfortable it also makes you ready to go anywhere even after you do get wet. Because you don’t have to wait to let your hairs dry and then proceed to the desired destination.

Hand Towels and napkins should be kept in multiple numbers in bag
Hand towels are such a neccesity

8.Umbrella/Raincoat: A very basic yet an important essential to always carry with you to keep yourself dry and keep moving.

Umbrellas and raincoat are a must to be kept
Basic yet necessary to carry

A working lady is always motivated and doesn’t stop because of challenging weather conditions. Being beautiful doesn’t require high brands clothes and makeup which gets spoiled in the rains. Keep it simple, dry and hygienic this season and attract positivity from all arounds. St. Louis Cardinals Womens Jersey

rainy season

How to Take Care of Skin During Rainy Season

Rainy season is said to be the most romantic Season. To make your season more beautiful and colourful we need to take care of our skin.

Let’s make our Skin healthy in this rainy season:

1. Avoid dampness: Rainy season increases the moist in the weather which increases the dampness and it leads to various diseases such as fungal infections, ringworm, etc. Thus try to avoid wetness and keep your skin dry.

2. Water for glowing skin: Drink plenty of water during the rainy season to avoid dehydration. At least have 8 glass of water during the day, helps to make your skin shine and healthy.

3. Lip care: During rainy season your lips get cracked. To make your lips healthy apply rose water or milk cream twice a day.

4. Hair care: Wash your hair every alternate day during the rainy season because in the rainy season there is more sweating in the hair and the dirt of hair will have a direct effect on the skin, it may lead to skin infection and sweaty hair will smell very bad during the rainy season.

5. Keep an eye on your diet: Rainy season is said to be the season of “bhajiyas” which contains lots of oil which will definitely have an adverse effect on the health. Consume fresh fruits and vegetable juice in plenty which will definitely make your skin fresh and healthy.

6. Make–up: Instead of using dark makeup, opt for waterproof light makeup which will give you a very elegant look.

7. Routine skin-care: Have regular manicure and pedicure during the rainy season in order to get rid of dry skin and get the shiny and soft skin. Try to avoid bleaching during monsoon in order to avoid skin irritation which may persist during the rainy season.

8. Face Cleaning: Last but not the least, wash your face at least three times a day with non-soapy face wash and use natural shining elements such as papaya, tomato, Kesar ubtan, Aloe Vera gel, besan scrub, etc. to make your skin glow.

Now, lets enjoy monsoon to the fullest! John Stallworth Authentic Jersey