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How to Become Backbone of the Company Within First Year of Your Job

Imagine the first 6 months of your job. No matter if that is your first job or 10th job, the anxiety, and nervousness remain the same during the probation period. Everyone wants to stay cool and calm during the initial period of the job and wants to get the eyeballs of the management. While it is very challenging to get the attention of the top management on you being the newcomer in the company, it is not so difficult too! To become backbone of the company must be an agenda of a newly joined employee in the company not only to survive but to sustain and grow professionally!

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How to become an important part of the company in the very first year of your job? Is that anything one needs to do special? Is it more challenging for the female employee than the male to get the confidence of the top management? The fact is, irrespective of the gender biases if a person makes everyone his/her presence felt in the company,  the people of the company start involving that person as a core team member.

Being a female if you are feeling nervous, insecure, anxious and skeptical about your job during the first year, there is nothing new and you are just like other female professionals who also feel the same. But then, you have to come out as a winner by winning the heart of the team members and management of the organization. To that, here are some important tips:

1. Focus on your strength instead of involving everywhere: One mistake most of the newcomers do is poking their nose into many things during their early days. You must be knowing your strengths and must focus on utilizing it. Nurturing your strength will help you in coming out with better outputs.

2. Try to maintain a good and healthy relationship at the workplace: Make sure you are not becoming the part of the groupism or politics in the office. Keeping yourself away from all these things will help you build a good bonding with everyone in the office.

3. Keep the tendency of learning from your senior: Working under the senior will give you the opportunity to learn new things. Try to understand the nature of your senior and cope up with his/her ups and down. The more you will understand his/her working style, the easier you can give the desired result.

Become Backbone of the Company

4. Spread the aura or positivity at the workplace: No one likes to work with negative people. Your positivity will attract even your haters. Your charming personality will definitely win many hearts.

5. Show hunger to learn and grow: There is no end to learn. Develop the nature to learn new things and implement in your routine work. Every leader looks after the people who are willingly ready to take new challenges. If you are learning new things, you can accept the challenges.

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6. Use Social Media very smartly: Social Media is a great tool for career and to engage people. You must be using it for personal reason but make sure you are not using it heavily during your working hours. To make a better utilization of it, use your social media platform to promote the content of your company. Engaging in promoting the content will always fetch the eyeballs of your management.

7. Show your subtle character: You have to make certain changes in yourself to adjust in the different situation. Starting from the first day of the job until the 365th day, you can not remain the same. Your character must adjust the situation and you have to adjust to the difficult people too!

There will be many other challenges for girls in the new company but with your self-commitment, courage, and concern for career development, you have to come out as an ultimate winner. Go, girls!


Make Your Colleagues Jealous with Enhanced Office Makeup Look

If you ask a girl of today to compare pre-millennial and the post-millennial the way they carry themselves in office, the latter will inevitably win. Women of today have given themselves a powerful platform to showcase their infinite potential. The scales of women working and earning independently have gone so high that it has left paradox communities, especially men dumbstruck. Offices in India and elsewhere in the world are overflowing with more number of women applying for jobs and high posts every day. The competition in the professional arena is at its peak! Office makeup is one of the most essential things a working woman must understand.

Wondering if the red lipstick and smoky eyes cost you your job? You are somewhat right. These are the major turnoff for any employer you want to get employment from. So, buck up girls, it’s the time we sway our boss away with the perfect office make-up face!

office makeup

Like any teen parent who always nags about what not to do, we’ll look upon the DON’Ts.

  • AVOID using foundation. It makes your face heavy for long working hours. You don’t want to enter your office with a cake-face.
  • AVOID heavy smoky eyes. It becomes probably too much for the office. You must keep your elf decent and a bit of heavy smoky eyes can spoil your identity in the office.
  • AVOID applying bright lipstick shades. Rather than talking about your work, your colleagues will talk about your overdo. You may face some cheeky guys in your office who would like to talk to you as they might get misunderstand your character.

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  • AVOID fancy nail styles. They will certainly not match your simple yet elegant office look

nail art in office

  • AVOID using a dark-colored blush. You don’t want to look like a clown with red cheeks. Such makeup also becomes the talk of the office among other girls and you don’t wanna be the reason of gossip!

Only by avoiding the things mentioned above, you will improve your overall office look to a great extent. But if you don’t want to miss a single chance to establish a solid impression, here are some DOs.

  • Begin by applying BB cream. It hides your dark spots and blemishes to a great extent and gives your face a light look. Some of the best BB cream companies are Maybelline BB cream and Physicians Formula Super BB cream.
  • If your skin is flawless, you need to apply concealer, but for many unfortunate girls whose dark spots are not hidden by the BB cream, concealer becomes the must. Maybelline and Mac concealers are the best for the new trendy make-up.
  • Apply a light colored blush (mainly pink or peach) or use bronzer to give yourself the trendy appealing tan look.

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  • Work your lower eye-lid by Kajal- black, brown or grey in color and your upper eye-lid with a long-lasting waterproof liquid or sketch-pen eyeliner. Colorbar eyeliners will be perfect for you.
  • Give your lips a light shade preferably light pink, peach or any other light shade. Lakme and Maybelline provide you a variety of light lipstick shades which are perfect for your office look.
  • Maintain your figure. If not for the others, at least for your self. A good body shape increases the self-confidence. Eat nutritious food, maintain the body toxin and hit the gym regularly to keep your self in shape and fit. If not able to go to gym, do some regular excercise at your home too.

sexy figure increase confidence in office

  • Lastly, complete your look by wearing a light-colored watch, small-sized earrings and a thin chain with a pendant around your neck (only if your neck looks empty in case of a deep neck)

You are ready to move the journey from a fresher to a pro. Follow these office make-up tips and dazzle everyone, complimenting you for your flawless office beauty! Eddie Robinson Authentic Jersey


How To Make Your Colleague A Good Friend At Your Workplace

You spend most of your life in the office and still, you are not developing the relations which are very important in your life. If spending 9 hours a day at the office doesn’t give you a smile on your face than imagine you are wasting most of the time in a day! You must know how to make your colleague a good friend at your office so that you can really enjoy your work in lighter and happy mood. Here are some tips to convert your next desk colleague in a good friend.


1) Show your witty side: If you work seriously whole day even she must be doing the same. You need some space for your self where you can show your witty side to her. Find some moments in a day where you can crack easy-to-digest jokes on other office members or may be to the situation in which you are dealing with the clients! Believe me, your neighbour colleague will notice it and laugh at it!

2) Become her helping hand: You never know when will you need a help from your colleague at work. Putting aside the professional help, you can come to a rescue if she needs personal help. Offer your lunch if she has come without her own or give her a lift at the end of the day to drop her at her home. This can be the first step towards friendship.

3) Go out for lunch or dinner: Going out for lunch or dinner is a great idea to know her choice and taste. You can also go for a shopping if she wishes to buy something which you understand better than her. Help her in choosing the right product for her. You can also share your lifestyle with her so that she also can know about your choices.


4) Share your good memories with her: You always want some one to listen to your old memories, don’t you? If you can find a good person in her then you must share your old memories with her. Remember, don’t share your heartbreaking story until you are not sure about her nature and you have not so much trust on her.


5) Connect with her on social media: This thing you must do at first. Social Media will help you to clear your hesitation. This will create an environment to know her well. Go through her activities on Facebook and Instagram and try to know her likings and dislikings. You can write some comments on her posts and like the posts as well. Discuss the same with her next day to initiate the first talk.


Your workplace should not a boring place for you to work and that’s why you must have your friends. This will be a great morale booster for you and when you are feeling down at the office. So go girls, make your new friends and make your workplace the most happening place for you!

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Office Clothing Styles A Girl Next Door Can Adopt Easily

If you want to make the world a better place to live and to work, take a look at yourself and make the change fits in yourself. Dress yourself to create your identity and dress for success.  People will judge you by the way you look from the outside. Have your own style! To make yourself different from others in the office, give attention to your dress code.  So be ready for “Stylish Dressing”.

Your office dressing should be fashionable, stylish and comfortable. Be in trend with the latest fashion. Let’s have look on different clothing styles:

1. Jeans/Pants/leggings/jeggings with kurti: In today’s time, the majority of working women prefers to wear kurtis because in that there is no need to carry dupatta or heavy sarees.

You can put on cotton silk short or long kurtis with Jeans/pants/leggings/jeggings and dressed up smartly. This dress looks formal in the office atmosphere. It will give elegant look within normal budget. It is also very comfortable dressing in any season.

2. Formal shirt with Jeans:  This shirt will give you the best professional look. Slim girls can “in the shirt”   while healthy girls can opt for “out shirt”. Shirts can be plain neutral colours or striped shirts also gives a very smart look. Colours which the girls like are normally baby pink, sky blue, off-white, etc. Sometimes you can try dark colours too to have different look.

3. Blazer and trouser/jeans: Though our climate does not make us comfortable in this clothes but if you work in the chilled office atmosphere, you can try this occasionally. It will boost your confidence and leave in impact on many office mates.

4. Skirt: If you want to look stylish in the office, try a neatly fitted skirt that will look very beautiful. Single colour long skirt with contrast plain shirt will also look cool. You can also try different types of skirts such as pencil skirt, straight skirt as well as a simple fitted shirt. Other than these skirts, wrap around skirt or Rajasthani umbrella skirt will also look very beautiful.

5. Frock suit: Different types of frock suits are available in the market. They are available in different sleeves length such as three-fourth sleeves, full sleeves, half sleeves and sleeveless. You can also try long frock with or without patches which is available in the market. They are also available in Rajasthani prints.

6. Saree: Sometimes according to different occasion saree with designer blouse looks very pretty. Normally simple and sober sarees look good in the office. Georgette, chiffon and cotton sarees are very comfortable in the office. You can also try south cotton sarees, leheriya or bandhani chiffon sarees or even plain red or black saree also gives beautiful look.

Saree in office

7. When you want to look different: Try long Nehru jacket of knee length with palazzo. Sometimes tunic also looks sexy. On a special occasion, you can also put on off shoulder or single shoulder dress.

Accessories will give new look to your dress. Different necklace, bracelets, earrings with beads and stones will add style to your dressing. So don’t wait girls! If you are going to join your first job, this is the time you must change your college wardrobe to office wardrobe! Carson Tinker Jersey