12 Days Paid Period Leave for Female Staff in Surat

Surat (Gujarat) [India], a Surat-based digital marketing company, iVIPANAN, said it would give 12 days of paid period leave per year to the woman employees working in the firm. Being women led company, founder of iVIPANAN Mr. Bhautik Sheth announced 12 days of period leave per year for its female staff with immediate effect.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and it has total 8 female employees working there. Mr Sheth has always applied “People First” policy for his company. Following this policy, he has taken thoughtful decision for his staff & has set great example among other small to big size organizations.

He said, “Menstruation is still a taboo in Indian society. Even today females working in offices become conscious of taking a bag, purse, or a plastic bag in a hand while going to the washroom. We want to break this stigma and send a strong message to all small-size businesses in India to understand the biological difference between males and females. We have taken this step so that women do not have to deal with the discomfort of coming to office during periods.

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A Pizza restaurant in Surat installed Sanitary Napkin vending machine and gives it for free

In the 21st century where people have gradually started talking about periods and taking initiatives for women’s menstrual health. Considering this thought, a pizza restaurant called La Pino’z at Pal – Adajan in Surat has installed a Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine.

Initially, when the machine was installed in the restaurant’s washroom, they used to take minimal charge of 5 Rs. Now the restaurant has decided to provide sanitary napkins for free. According to the restaurant owner Divyesh Kania, “We are the first restaurant in Gujarat to have a Sanitary Pad Vending Machine. Initially, we used to take a minimal charge per napkin but now we are not charging anything. Any female can use the vending machine and take the out the sanitary pad for free.

Kania said, “This initiative was taken to support women’s health & hygiene and spread awareness about the same among others. Females, when going out to restaurants with friends and families may suddenly need a sanitary pad. This can become a very awkward situation for her if no medical store is around. We took this initiative last year to promote sanitary napkin vending machines at every restaurant and public places. We hope more food joints and public places will come forward and install the vending machines.

We all need to come together to break this taboo that society has made. Every individual’s support in this movement can bring change. It’s great to see every size firm are coming forward to support this movement.

The restaurant operators Mrs. Hemali Kania & Mrs. Bhavini Tamukawala said, “Many females come at the end of the day when we are about to close our restaurant. They don’t come to order pizza, but they request us to use the sanitary napkin vending machine. They feel blessed to find such machine nearby when not able to find a medical store. This gives us a great sense of satisfaction.

recently, a Surat based digital marketing agency – iVIPANAN – declared 12 days paid period leave to the female staff members. We hope more such organizations will come forward with such policy to the workplace.

It is also notable that on this Independence Day, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also mentioned the importance of sanitary napkins in his speech. The progress of the nation is only possible if society adopts the change.

It’s high time to break this stigma and contribute to the country’s progressive development. Let’s not just make females feel special on women’s day but do something that actually helps her to grow.
When women of this country will work in comfort, the nation will succeed automatically. By doing this, we are being fair to equality.

Meanwhile, if you are craving for lip smacking pizza you can visit La Pino’z Pizza, Pal – Adajan.










periods sustainable

6 Ways to Make Your Periods Sustainable

Periods or menstrual cycle is something which comes every month and smashes your thrilling plans as it comes with uneasiness, cramps, stress, hormonal shuffle and mood disorders. Every female has various stories to tell on the plans which were canceled due to monthly cycles. Still one has to gulp the pain and smile as it is not treated as an excuse anywhere. Well, Including this tips in your lifestyle can help you reduce those cramps and be more energetic and cheerful even on those 5 days.

5 Days of Period Cycle
1. Drink Lots of Water: Having more of Liquids and water before a week of your expected date will help you maintain the PH balance in the body as well as keep you hydrated. This hydration in the body manages the flow resulting in reducing the pain.

Drink lots of water

2. Increase the Intake of Fruits: Fruits help in giving us essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals which maintains the core’s health and detoxifies your body. Increase the Intake of fruits before a week of your expected date of your Periods as it will clean your gut thus reducing the waste which results in reducing the amount of waste in the body. Now you feel less pain on your menstrual cycles as your body is clean beforehand and can process easily.

Increase the intake of fruits

3. Avoid Junk Food: As they say, if you eat right you would not feel pain during your periods. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout but make sure you avoid Junk food specifically a week before your Period date. This will surely make your periods bearable and you will suffer less.

Avoid junk food

4. Avoid Consuming Alcohol: Alcohol has surely become a part of celebrations nowadays but its consumption before a week of cycles and during cycles could decrease the PH balance of the body, lower down the hydration and cause discomfort during periods. Minimizing the intake if necessary could be an option if could not avoid completely. Make sure to detoxify its effects to reduce the agony during cycles.

Avoid consuming alcohol

5. Exercise More: Increasing the intensity of the workout before 5 days of cycles helps in keeping the stomach and body active. This functional body can tackle the extra effort body needs to do which helps in maintaining the routine with a genuine smile and not the one which is hiding the pain.

Exercise more

6. Keep Yourself Happy and Motivated: It is normal to lose your calm, get irritated easily during that ‘time of the month’ but it is equally important for us to keep the mood uplifted. Do whatever makes you happy like eating dark chocolates, talking to someone you are close to or watching a movie. Keep yourself busy so that you do not think about pain much.

Keep yourself happy and motivated

This ways are easy to incorporate into the daily lifestyle and can work like magic on those 5 days. This little changes and you are ready to dance on your toes even during your periods. Jimmie Ward Authentic Jersey