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Beat the Heat with delicious Coolers and Stay Hydrated

It is summertime and all we need to hydrate ourselves. Only drinking water is not enough and in fact, it is very boring. So make your summer firm with different ‘coolers’ in different ‘Beautiful Jars’ that keep you happy & cool. So here are some healthy summer drinks in be cute contains will help you beat the heat.

1. Aam Panna

An absolute lip-smacking drink that is made with our favorite king of fruits-mango. This refreshing summer drink is prepared using mango pulp and blinded with cumin, jeera and mint leaves. This drink does not only keep you refreshed but also energized in Sunny Days.

2. Buttermilk (Chass)

Buttermilk popularly known as chass is an amazing curd based that is undoubtedly an Indian favorite. Chass is a brilliant digestive and the addition of spices like jeera only enhances the benefits it has to offer.

3. Nimbu Paani or Lemonade

A quick drink to make and amazingly delicious, this drink is prepared using mint leaves, lemons, sugar, salt & water. You can also add spices like cumin, powders and black pepper.

4. Melons Juices

Best summer fruit juices are watermelon and muskmelon juices. It is super refreshing and its hydrating properties help keep your body hydrated and fresh.

5. Berries Juices

Berries juices such as crane berries, blueberries mulberries are rich in vitamin e and said to be anti-oxidant that keeps your body hydrated, energized and fresh throughout the day. Tens of all berries are available ‘online’ from which is eve can prepare juices.

So, lets make our summer ‘cool’ with these delicious drinks. Markus Golden Womens Jersey

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9 Yoga Aasanas You Must Try This Summer Season

Summer is hitting boundaries and sixes and it’s time to take care of your health and feel energetic. Summer is the time to put your woolens away and put your cotton on for dressing up in lighter shades of yellow, white and blue. It also means you keep yourself well hydrated and protected from the heat. Summer is also the best time of the year to practice yoga. Our muscles are comparatively warm in this season so they are easier to stretch and relax during the summer. Also, as we practice yoga during summer, we perspire more which is good to get rid of the toxins from the body and open the filled pores of our skin. A girl must keep her lifestyle good and healthy during the summer season. The yoga during the summer makes the skin bright and radiant with a long-lasting glow. International Yoga trainer Vibha Pranaam who is the founder of  Trance Yog Fitness in London, United Kingdom suggests us the 9 Yoga Aasanas all the girls must do this summer to keep oneself fit and healthy are:

1. Padmasana:

Place your right leg over your left thigh and left leg over your right thigh. Bring your feet close to your groins. Straighten your spine. Keep a mudra (Gyan Mudra: the first fingertip touching the tip of your thumb) and both the hands resting on the respective knees. Keep your spine straight. Stay steady with focus on the even breath. Practice it with closed eyes for better benefits of the asana. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.

padmasana - vibha pranaam - fashion blog india

2. Janu Sirsasana:

Sit in the position of Dandasana (extended legs in front). Bend your right leg, press the sole of your right foot against the inner thigh of left leg. Exhale stretch and fold forward, grasp your left foot. Rest your fore-head, chin on your knees or you can use a cushion to support your fore-head to rest on. Stay steady with normal focused breathing. To come out of the asana, inhale and gently roll up. Repeat on the other side, by alternating your legs. Duration: 1 to 3 minutes, on each side.

Janu Sirsasana - Vibha Pranaam - Yoga for girls india

Janu Sirsasana - Vibha Pranaam - girl blog india


3. Paschimotanasana:

Sit in Dandasana. Inhale and raise your hands upwards and lengthen your spine. Exhale and stretch forward and hold your feet or big toe. Loosen your shoulder, rest your chest on your thighs and your head on your knees. Close your eyes and just relax. Stay steady with focused breathing. To come out of the asana, inhale and gently roll up. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.




4. Vajrasana:

From dandasana, bend both your legs and come to kneeling position, sit on the heels with the calves beneath the thighs. Stretch your lower legs backward and keep them together. Your big toes should cross each other. Let your buttocks rest on your heels and your thighs on your calf muscles. Spine erect, place your palms on your knees and gaze forward, eyes closed. Stay steady with normal focused breathing. Duration: 1 to 8 minutes.


5. Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose):

Adjust yourself into table-top position (Come on the floor on your hands and knees), palms in a line of your shoulder, knees in a line of your hips, feet flat on the ground. Gently, walk with your hands out as you drop your chest down towards the floor, rest your forehead or chin on the floor. Keep hips in a line with the knees and arms shoulder-width apart. Stay steady with normal focused breathing. Duration: 1 to 3 minutes.


6. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog):

Adjust yourself into table-top position (Come onto the floor on your hands and knees), exhale and lift your knees away from the floor. Keep the knees slightly bent and the heels lifted from the floor. Lengthen your tailbone. Lift the sitting bones up towards the ceiling. Palms grounded onto the floor with figures spread. Gently push chest in towards the thighs. Stay steady with slow focused breathing. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.



7. Shashankasana:

Sit in Vajarasana (sit on your knees with the legs stretched backward). The big toes will cross each other while heels parted from each other. Lower your buttocks in such a way that your heels touch the hips. Place your hands on the thigh, keep the arms straight and Inhale, raise them parallel to the thighs and further, above the head. While you exhale stretch and fold forward from the trunk, straighten the spine and rest your forehead onto the floor. Close your eyes, stay steady with slow focused breathing. To come out of the asana, Inhale slowly raise the arm above the head, while exhale bring the arms down. Duration: 1 to 5 minutes.



8. Viparita Karni or (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose): 

Come in supine sleeping position, hands by the side of your hips, palms facing the floor, inhale slowly raise both the legs to a 90-degree angle from the floor. Raise your waist and hips from the floor and take the legs back over the head. Place both the hands below the waistline to support and straighten the legs. Toe pointed to the ceiling. The trunk of your body should be at 45-degree angle from the floor. Steady gaze your toes and stay the asana. Stay steady with slow focused breathing.


9. savasana (Relaxation):

Lie down on your back and relax your body and mind to gain the benefits of this asana. During this pose, close your eyes, breathe naturally, and practice eliminating tension from the body. Experience your inner self with closed eyes and focus. Ideally, this posture lasts for 10 to 25 minutes. However, even a few minutes of Savasana is said to have powerful benefits.

Yoga Aasanas

Yoga is good for health but it is good for health even in summer! Go ahead with the above-mentioned yoga asanas to beat the heat. For any query related to yoga, feel free to contact Vibha on her website Trans Yoga Fitness or send her email at vibhapranaam@gmail.comJaleel Scott Jersey

body cleansing

5 Tips for Body Cleansing To Get Miracle Result This Summer

Let’s beat the heat with healthifying yourself this summertime! Call it detox or cleansing or weight management, summer can prove to be the best time of year to detox/cleanse your body. Whilst the temperature be high we naturally tend to eat light, which ultimately dealt to make the body cleansing process easy. Cleansing of the body needs to be done for better health, fight obesity and illness. Removing toxins/cleansing the body can be done through perspiration & urination.

Here are some of the best and most effective ways that unlock the power of food and drinks to detox or manage weight during summertime.

1. Water Hydration: Hydrating your body is best done with water. Summer means a great necessity for water and to keep it maximum hydrated drinking water is essential.

As people say ‘you must drink as much water as possible’,  you must consider this fact and you should at least drink 3-4 litres water a day.


2. Healthy Food: Watermelon, cucumber, lemon, spinach, and mint are some of the selected food items and that are most advised and recommended for summer. Rich in nutrients and low in calories and are also easily available in the market.

Increase the intake of fruits

3. Detox drinks or Infused Water: The combination of different fruits and spices can make some healthy and delicious drinks to enjoy the whole day. The flavorous water is easy to drink for those who cannot drink normal water. Combining lemon, ginger, mint & cucumber in a jar and keep it aside for 6 hours and then drink it. You can try fruits like sliced apple flavoured with a cinnamon stick.

4. Mouthwatering Juices: Juices of beetroot, carrot, cucumber, green juice (made out of mint, coriander, spinach) are enriched with fibre and full of nutrients. [Believe it or not but the green juice actually tastes like pani-puri wala pani :)]

5. Positivity & Excercise: Exercise, peaceful mind and positivity can always be cheery on your cake. Food and drinks can help release toxins out of the body through urination, exercise can help release toxins through perspiration and healthy means you also need to keep your body involved in some physical activity.

Try these tips this summer and also let us know how some of your mantra for detoxification. We would love to listen to your experiences if you can share with us in the comment below! Mario Lemieux Authentic Jersey

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How to Smell Good Even If Weather is Sweating You Whole Day

Who likes stinky people sitting beside you or travelling with you in the same car when AC is on! Nobody likes to stink whole day, even after she comes out taking the bath in the morning. The weather in India in this time of the year cannot allow you to stay fresh all the time and stops you sweating out. Your body tends to sweat and you can not stop yourself sweating, but at least you can stop smelling bad. Try these different methods to smell good in sweaty season.

1. Take a good shower in the morning: Use good soap bar or shower gel to start your day. Clean your underarms and other parts of the body with good fragrance body soap or shower gel. The fruity fresh smell will stay for a long time on your body. Clean your body well with a towel, especially your underarms.

girl taking shower

2. Create the layers of fragrance on your body: Starting from your hair and then on your skin, create the layers of good scent which compliment each other. A good fragrance shampoo can be used with good body lotion or body butter. The lotion can be covered with matching scent or body deodorant.


3. Use perfume or deodorant: It is necessary nowadays to apply deodorant on the body or perfume on the clothes. You are living a hectic life which demands the good smell of your body. It helps you to stay fresh and give the energy to work. You co-worker would also love to work with you if your body smells good. Spray perfume on your  pulse points on your wrists, behind your knees, onto your chest and behind your ears.

4. Keep your underarms clean: Scared wearing sleevless because of stinky underarms? Shave your underarms to get rid of those hair. The wet underarms with hair grows the bacteria which then stinks. Apply good deodrant on shaved underarms to keep your self covered with good fregrance and do not hesitate to show it off!

smell good

shaved underarms

5. Don’t wear the same clothes again: Change your clothes for several times in a day. Also change your innerwears, lingeries twice or thrice. Do not wear the same clothes again once you have alreade wore. It will help you in not developing the bad clothes smell.

Season is not going to change. It can be hot or humid but you have to keep going with your routine work and also smell good. Only a fresh and good smelling body can increase the level of energy which you can manage. Your fashion statement should not kill by your self with stinky body. Jake Fisher Authentic Jersey

Cool Sexy Summer Tops For Girls

Fashionable and Sexy Tops to Stay Cool in Hot Summer Season

It’s almost end of the May and it is still getting warmer. As the temperature rises, every girl needs to change her wardrobe according to the season. But sometimes it may not be affordable to every common girl just to make shopping for the special summer season. By looking at her monthly spending out of her pocket money, she cannot even think to buy different clothes for different seasons or different occasions. If she is creative and has li’l knowledge for mismatching her clothes, definitely she could be a trend setter for every common girl in her group. Try some sexy cool tops this summer to stay in trend.

Summer top
Twisha in all summer mood wearing the bright color tops


hot tops in summer - fashion blog


summer wear india fashion blog

By applying her creative mind for clothing, she can save hundreds and thousands of money out of her pocket spending. Creative idea can be-

  • First, only make shopping of 6-7 shorts in this summer and take out all those last year’s short you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Second, go for shopping of some sleeveless top wear in this summer which matches easily with the shorts.
  • Third, if you are smart, do only street shopping (Branded?! No need all the time) of both and of course shopping must be in pre-decided budget only.

blue top summer wear


summer wear for girls - fashion blog of india


summer clothing for girls - fashion blog of india

Tops play most important role in your day to day routine wear. Other girls will laugh at you if you choose to wear the tops which are non-cotton or some jackets on any top. So wise selection of any top will become the most crucial part when it comes to summer season clothing. Girls can also choose cool open top on any designer palazzo so as she will get the comfiest look.

Girls can choose any pattern of the top for her shorts but cannot choose all kinda fabrics.  The selection of the fabric also becomes vital before while choosing the top. Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Silk, Chiffon, Polyester, Jersey, Chambery and Lycra are the best suitable fabric for her summer season clothes.

summer top and shorts - fashion blog india


cool fashion for girls in summer


cool sexy fashion for summer

If we common girls put all things together, I just want to convey a message to you that it is a continuous process of season change. You should prepare a proper checklist and follow the process like – explore your wardrobe, prepare a list on what to buy so that it will cover your two or more seasons, decide the budget and stick to it (as all girls are always tempted for shopping), decide place from where to buy, etc.

fashion in summer for girls in India


cool shades with sexy top in summer - fashion blog india

Girls, if you want to say something on this topic, you are most welcome to comment in the comment box. But make sure you are not leaving this summer just like your last one. Stay fashionable and not to shy away being a next-door-girl. Buy cool and sexy tops to match it with sexy shorts. Clayton Keller Authentic Jersey

internship for girls

4 Ways To Find Your Dream Internship This Summer

In spite of the fact that the odd semester of the college is going to begin, it will be over in the flash before you know it! Before long you will ideally be setting out on a quick paced and profession upgrading summer internship. How would you get that fantasised placement for your choice of career? Here are some tips you can use to find your choice of college internship this summer.

Create the list of the companies you are interested in joining. Take few days to think.

1. Search online: There are few sites like which provides you with a platform to choose the company of your choice for your internship in your area. There is as such no guarantee of stipend given by any company but you should not bother for that. Just go for it – your objective is to learn, not to earn at this stage.

2. Use social Media: You might be using many social networking sites till date for entertainment mainly. This is the time you must start using it to your advantage. LinkedIn is the kind of SNS which can help you to find your kind of internship. Connect with the HR of different companies and send them in mail inquiring the opportunities for internships. Also, follow your target companies on LinkedIn to know any update regarding internship if they are posting or not. You can also use Facebook to connect with the HR or Entrepreneurs of your liking of industries.

Girl internship
Discuss with right people for your liking of internship

3. Your network: You must not have wasted your past two years in college, isn’t it?! This is the time to use your network you have built in the last couple of years. Contact with your network and check the possibility to enter in their company. Check with your friends’ father if he can help you in this matter.

4. Take help from your faculties: Irrespective of your good or bad terms with the faculty members of your college, go and ask them if they can help you in searching for the kind of internship you are looking towards. You can also approach your placement cell or HOD. Make sure about your choice of the industry before meeting them.

internship surat ivipanan
Take help from faculties

The right selection of the company for the internship will help you to get the job either in the same company or may be the same industry. You should not take college internship lightly. Spend few months in the company and learn as much as you can then future is all yours, girl! Miami Dolphins Womens Jersey


Cool Frocks You Cannot Miss to Wear in The Hot Summer Days

Summer, for any girl can be the most irritating season, as the girls face many problems during scorching summer days. Especially the skin Problems like rashes, allergy, sweating and smelling problem and the Diet problems. But from all these, the most difficult problem to deal with during the hot summer season is the clothing issue. Choosing an appropriate dress that looks stylish while making one feel relaxed on sunny summer days is a mammoth task.


As we know that summer is in full swing, what more does a girl need to complete her summer wardrobe than a cute maxi gown? ; Which keeps her cool when the temperature outside is shooting up. And for that, there’s undeniably no better option than a comfy summer frock to get a chic look with comfort feel. Of course, the girls are luckier than boys because of having wider options of clothing to choose from. If a girl has an eye for fashion & style trends, then she can smartly continue with her winter wardrobe during summer also to get a classy summer look. As a common girl, it is difficult to separately invest in the dresses for every season; and that’s where she has to use her creative & intelligent ideas for shopping clothes which can be worn regardless of the weather barriers. Plus the clothes selection should also be pocket-friendly.

Comfy Frock for Summer

The frock is considered to be the sexiest dress, which is versatile enough to be flaunted in style at several occasions – from a formal event to a casual function. Frocks can be worn round the year (i.e. summer as well as winter season). However, the focal point of consideration is to keep on switching up the fabric and the color choice as per different occasions & seasons. For example, one should choose darker color & thicker fabric such as velvet for the chilled winter season and lightweight cotton fabric in a bright color with flowery prints for warm summer.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Best dressing style also depends on the body shape because a particular style which suits one body type may not suit the other. Last but not the least, styling the chic frocks with a variety of footwear, jackets, clutches, jewelry and other accessories can complement the overall look of your frock. Tug McGraw Womens Jersey