10 Tips For Girls To Keep in Mind While Travelling Alone

A girl going on holidays “alone” sounds weird. But it’s amazing experience. A girl enjoying her own company is considered to be the happiest girl on the planet and why you cannot be that girl?!! There is nothing to fear about in travelling alone for a girl; whether it’s a domestic trip or an international trip. But it is advisable to take safety precautions to avoid hurdles in your trip.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind while travelling alone.

1. Keep your money scattered: Never keep all your money or plastic money at one place or in a single bag. Keep some money in socks, some in pants and in different bags so that if any of your bags gets robbed, you won’t end up losing everything.

2. Never let anyone know that you are travelling alone: Don’t share it with anyone that you are travelling alone. You need to communicate tactfully. For Example – If someone asks you “Is this your first trip to Goa?” – your reply should be “No! we often come here, we love to visit this place”. This makes the stranger feel that you are not completely unfamiliar to the place.

3. Know where you are going: Plan your route before leaving home. Always review your travel route & travel plan before leaving your hotel. Always make use of GPS system to ensure that you aren’t following the suspicious route.

4. Don’t loiter: Never hang out unnecessarily around the airport or highways. Move on to the next step as soon as possible. Because moving target is harder to hit, so keep moving. 

5. Try to be Normal: Don’t let anyone know from your body language that you have more amount of money/luxurious stuff. So avoid overloading yourself with expensive jewellery. Don’t be too familiar with anyone. Instead prefer to have a light conversation, so that you can move quickly.

6. Be in touch: You should be in touch with at least one of your family members or friends on a regular basis; so as to keep him/her informed about your whereabouts and where you’re headed. This will help you in your critical times.

7. Choose your accommodation carefully: Select the chain hotel or group hotel, which has its presence at several places. To stay safely, prefer the middle floor of the hotel.

8. Safety in hotels:

  • Check the hidden camera behind photo frame or bathroom and such sceptical points.
  • Keep the television or radio at the maximum volume; so that no one can make out that you’re alone in the room.
  • At the time of check-in, use the word ‘Mrs.’ in your introduction to pretend that you are accompanied by someone.
  • Ask for room service only if you really require it. And whenever you ask for a room service; be careful to not open the whole door, instead open half-door and take your food. 

9. Beware of new friends/acquaintances: Long day conversation with someone may bring intimacy between you and that person. But never go too close to a stranger by putting blind trust on him/her. Because judging anyone within very short span of time may turn out to be quite risky.

10. Self-defence: Many organisations provide self-defence classes for women. Before going on the solo trip, try to attain such classes as a preventive measure to stay safe. Keep one KNIFE and RED CHILLI POWDER in your hand bag, which will help you in any difficult situation. 

Travelling alone is not a big deal girls. Plan your next tour alone, find the destination, pack your bags and just go for it! Jamison Crowder Womens Jersey